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i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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i remeber ces filles de mon école qui a écrit po ils étaient white trash ... J'ai toujours senti si mal pour eux.J'aime cette équipe

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When wigan town of people, and turn over a pile of print newspapers, the most see above is the Manchester morning post, this is Manchester area is very wide circulation of a newspaper, the front page of the above and the second edition will always be the sports news.
And soccer, is the eternal theme in England, England's sports, of course, is little not football.
Today's Manchester morning post news news and usual different, at least for wigan for the people of the town is so of, because the theme of the home page is the only town wigan team-wigan athletic. miles austin dallas cowboys jersey
In the whole range of England, wigan just a serie a team of England, such a team worth the big newspaper headlines with report?
"At highbury in the background set off, a black straight hair, yellow skin, slightly handsome young man, dressed in a black and white a wigan away and shirt, standing in the Arsenal between players, he the sweat from his face continuously in the air, fists in a punch to the face looking at the sky, excitement, seemed to be a real melody." miles austin jersey
This pair of huge picture, dominate the whole of the first page of half a page.
But most wigan town people to this young people feel very strange, till they see the pictures below headline, truly some sizes--the magic hat trick, wigan youngster jonny glaring highbury!"
Originally this is small wigan players!
And yesterday in the almost impossible to win the race, he also played for the team scored three goals in the highbury stadium complete hat tricks.
Oh, so that's it!!!!!! miles austin thanksgiving jersey
The reaction come over later, many people immediately put the newspaper turn to the second edition, to look at the game about reports, although from home page title to see, wigan and didn't win, but a young players at highbury on hat trick, this really are too attractive, more important is, the young teenager or wigan players!
Make public also saw the newspaper.
See the Manchester morning post of the front page, his heart there is a kind of excitement and the excitement in the spread, and turn back the other newspaper news, which also more or less mentioned the game yesterday.
As The Times reports: "this young teenager is a German nationality Chinese young, he from wigan d-will in a game, scored three goals, glaring the highbury stadium. We should congratulations on him, because the three goals, let him really really made!"
"...... perhaps, this has attracted the eyes of all England."

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Yesterday the NBA announced the first around power ranking, their winning streak to five bucks from last week's 15 th comes to the 7 th. The reporter has interviewed local Chinese community center secretary-general song the awaken of spring, he told reporters, to Milwaukee nearly two months of yi, in the Chinese is not too much of the north American industrial city has gathered considerable popularity.
Gathered at home box office popularity increased greatlymiles austin cowboys jersey
The bucks at the Bradley center was established in October 1, 1988, row in New York and New Jersey Madison square garden continental airlines center after the third old stadium is the NBA. Because time is long built, most can hold 18717 spectators Bradley center of the facilities some old, the pattern of the players' changing rooms and even some not so reasonable.
However, China lads yi's arrival, Bradley center for the old stadium bring pure and fresh, how much of how much energy. According to the song the awaken of spring is introduced, yi the "topic rookie" Milwaukee in popularity. Because the greatest concern Milwaukee sports are football, NBA here has been in the attention by not cold conditions, but yi jianlian joined the bucks the days after this, the venue of the preliminary estimate attendance increased by 20% to 40%, with the bucks at home against the mavericks on Sunday of the game as an example, the NBA announced the number is Bradley center-to 16376 fans, attendance reached 87.49%, such Numbers in the previous season does not see more. miles austin dallas cowboys jersey
Fans snapping up the no 9 shirt once out of stock
Domestic television Sunday bucks and Dallas game, lens to appear some fans in many times the number nine shirt in yi gave a picture, it is reported, to put on this shirt is very not easy. According to the song the awaken of spring introduction, although is a overseas rookie yi jianlian shirt is very popular, and even reached out of stock. It is reported, now want to buy a yi jersey can only to Bradley center, local other sports shop cannot be bought, even if is the NBA's official website online shop will not buy, unless special reserve. In the nationwide, except Bradley center, only the NBA store in Manhattan to buy yi jersey.
Yi's jersey price proposed $62, more than the bucks boss reed, Australian draft the boggart $55 shirt are expensive, but are still in short supply. It is reported, yi jersey so difficult to buy, is mainly caused by inadequate supply. NBA spokesman matt gives the official explanation, "easy shirt is in his and the Milwaukee bucks after signing the start production. Easy until the end of August, and the only signed jersey born are have time plan, and this leads to easy shirt was affected. Listed"
Media olive fans chase led the NBAmiles austin jersey
Yi in local lifted the mania, and attract the local media attention, song the awaken of spring told reporters, yi to join the bucks, local media stepped up the bucks in the report dynamics, yi picture often will appear in the more influential media "sentinel Milwaukee newspaper" the front page of the sports pages, each to at this time, and his friend, the awaken of spring song will be very proud, some of his colleagues have also the United States will vote to admire eyes, even he is still at school children also will be the envy of the students.
According to he introduces, in Milwaukee's most influential movement is not basketball, and the strength of the bucks in the NBA in the downstream, so whether local citizen, or local media, for the NBA and the attention of the bucks are more generally. But yi in the 2007 draft a significant waves in the rookie of arrival, let more dense city people begin to pay close attention to the bucks. Song said the awaken of spring, his friend Tom, like most of the city before dense as a die-hard football fans, but since the yi to, he often see the bucks in the game.
At the beginning of the parents to fans contribution code to save moneymiles austin thanksgiving jersey
A few days before Thanksgiving holiday observance of the western tradition, debut in the NBA game of yi in the company of parents, the whole family for the first time in foreign the feast. Song the awaken of spring told reporters, and yi's parents arrived in Milwaukee in the middle of this month, they even had time to pour all the jet lag, came to Bradley center to watch the bucks and the lakers game. Song said the awaken of spring, came to the weather in the northeast like Milwaukee, had been living in the southern Chinese city of yi parents still needs time to adapt to the fort the cold weather, and gradually began to in local life, the local Chinese community will also provide convenient, for example, would drive them out shopping, and give them their acting as interpreter.
Interestingly, the reporter in song dynasty by spring by such as the fans club website found that yi, enthusiastic fans began the parents raised enrolled for yi, not only list to buy necessities inn name and address, and also introduces how to install a Chinese channel TV equipment, how to deal with medical insurance, where to go to buy Chinese food, even also introduced some shopping to save money in the private language. Believe that these ideas to yi of daily living parents bring a lot of help.

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Danke für das Schreiben dieses. Ich fühle mich, als ob ich so viel mehr zu diesem Thema, als ich vorher nicht kannte. Dein Blog wirklich brachte einige Dinge ans Licht, dass ich nie über vor dem Lesen gedacht haben. Sie sollten dies auch weiterhin, wäre ich bin sicher, die meisten Menschen zustimmen youve geschenkt bekam.


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i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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