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This is a very interesting look at the history of steroids before they were highly publicized and how they affected the life of this Olympic athlete.


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We firmly believe that the Olympic spirit is the essence of human civilization and the Olympic flame is the symbol of peace and friendship

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I quote this part here,

"... during the 1968 Olympic trials, many athletes “had so much scar tissue and so many puncture holes in their backsides that it was difficult to find a fresh spot to give them a new shot.”"

That's a really sad thing, that human beings are willing to go to such low and dangerous levels in their lives just because of temporary and, most importantly, empty glory.


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wern't the original batches of Dianabol made as 5mg tabs which could explain why a two tab dose of these Steroids did very little for Harold.

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It's so sad to know these informative. It is now clear to us that steroid has done nothing useful to us rather it kills us. Thanks for sharing!

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The recent news of Lance Armstrong's alleged use of steroids has brought it to the forefront of the media again. Kids should know if steroids are a danger or not. I found a great website ( ) that answered many of my questions.

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It's so shocking, may he rest in peace.


Nice idea!!There are not even the preliminary studies on these drugs to begin to delineate the benefits and risks.

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I couldn't agree more...I feel the use of PED should be soley up to the individual. I know that they have harmful side effects but from working in the industry, what doesn't? Peanuts can cause people to die of anaphylaxis and yet we still sell them. I am not sure who gave anyone authority to declare certain things wrong but other things okay. Virility Ex...John


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Well it really hurt to heard the news that Harold Connelly dies who is a Olympic champion and early steroid pioneer... It is now clear to us that steroid has done nothing useful to us rather it kills us. Thanks for sharing!

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Well great post..He started with one or two 10-milligram tablets a day of Dianabol along with proteins.When that had no discernible effect, he moved on to Winstrol and other drugs in “stacking” combinations...Thanks

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it's good to know about a great athlete and their struggles. As an aspiring athlete, i can learn from them and not make their mistakes.

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WADA boss John Fahey says major league baseball's new HGH testing program needs to grow some. Fahey criticizes MLB hard for dragging feet on PED use.

Not to mix apples and baseballs, MLB and other professional sports owner to different music than the Olympic sports. Owner, unions, and local authorities all complicate the pro sports PED testing.

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