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hey be a fan of jeff novitzky. c'mon mate.


We will need a bunch of his ex teammates to nut up & tell the truth.
The fear of a Federal investigation may be the incentive needed for the witnesses to expose the fraud of LA...but will everyone plead the 5th, and stifle the truth(?)

The web of Armstrong, Livestrong, Nike, Trek, the UCI, US Postal is so complex, and so difficult to distill, people (and factions of the media) find it easy to take a small component and dismiss any scrutiny as a witch hunt. There is a tremendous amount of protection afforded to LA...if only for the boggling amount of money involved in his fraud (at so many levels). Many people have a lot to lose if he is exposed as a cheat & a fraud.

Pharmstrong has lived in a glass house of his own design for too long...he felt safe & secure in the shelter of the Livestrong shadow. His legacy is going to be tough to truthfully expose since it has been twisted to religious levels. His followers are vocal & bullying (learned from LA himself) yet naive...blinded by Armstrong's fed spin.
I've had more balance conversations with anti abortionists, than Armstrong zealots...
Good Luck to Novitzky.

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I am not advocating the use of performance enhancing drugs but, he is looking for something that may have happened almost 10 years ago. I don't know about the rest of you but, I would like my tax dollars going for something that is more needed. Sheltering the homeless, repairing roads so I can bike safely with cars etc. Trying to find out if a PROFESSIONAL athlete doped or not is just not a priority on my list. I mean it just doesn't effect me in any way. I don't think any lesser of that athlete. So LET IT GO!!!

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After hounding home-run king Barry Bonds for years and wringing a confession from Olympic sprinter Marion Jones, Novitzky is leading an investigation that has questioned sponsors and examined claims from former teammates of Lance Armstrong, the seven-time

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After hounding home-run king Barry Bonds for years and wringing a confession from Olympic sprinter Marion Jones

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