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Tiger's recent cover of Vanity Fair was shot a few years ago and on it he appears less muscular and with almost no pecs. More recently, he looks like Superman in some of the tighter short sleeve shirts that he wears and his pecs look as if they have grown from A-cups to C-cups.

Steroids UK

I would put money on him being on TRT and using HGH ( on prescription of course ). It will all come out during that Canadian's Doctors trial.

Steroids Blog

I'm sure his wife will use everything she knows ( proof of AS and hgh usage etc ) against him in court to force him into a huge divorce payout.


I really feel sorry for Tiger Wood.


Actovegin mentioned in the story: if this is the same substance David Walsh wrote about in from 'Lance to Landis,' some cyclist's team in the book was caught with Actovegin but a staff member for the team was able to say it was for his diabetes so the team got clearance on it. One would need to consult that book to learn who the cyclist was, I believe I remember correctly but I am not positive. I think in the book Actovegin was used as a masking agent.

That's something how Tiger looks so chunky and use to be so thin before, I figured it was protein and working out. Maybe the doping with this stuff affected his mind.

To another book, 'Smoke, Mirrors and Muscles' (Volume I): this sounds like a real exciting book having to do with bodybuilding. Volume I basically covers the clean era with doping making a few appearances before 1960. Sounds real good. and this is NO plug. I just ordered it. The proprietor of this website if he was not familiar with the book should read it and review it.

Pattaya Girls

In ten years time HGH and male TRT will be soo common that we will look back at today's prohibition and laugh.


In 10 - 15 years a lot of the heavy users will be bald from their bodies converting excess T into DHT. They may also maninfest serious health issues with their hearts, livers, kindneys, testicles, tendons, and ligaments. I do not expect the results of male HRT to be any different from female HRT. Cancer rates among women on HRT spiked 10 - 15 years after the therapy became widely prescribed. The natural aging process and common sense tells us that the human body can only tolerate high levels of andorgenic hormones (E &T) for a relatively short period of time.

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i used to love tiger woods, he was sort of inspiring. but now, he's not. i really feel sorry for him.

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Dont hate the playa hate the game.


Nothing new, another super star caught with his pants down. I can't understand though why the suddem need for stating that he is not using PEDs. No one has accused him f that. Unless he is afraid of something and when that happens there are dark secrets waiting to be revealed.

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Why superstars would like to use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs, I think that it shows their unconfidence for their athletic skills, and also, it is a kind of cheat for the publics who love and support them.
What i would like to say at last is, though you don't care about others' thinkings, after all, performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) had bad impact for your health.


I feel really very bad for tiger woods. (The online steroids pharmacy)

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Tiger Woods really disappoints his fans. I hope that he can change the attitude about life and career himself a little bit.


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When will celebrities be praised openly after they have remained faithful to their partners for decades? One only hears and reads about the unfaithful.

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Speculations arise about the relationship between his use of steroids and his problems with infidelity.



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Det mesta av det du pekar ut är förvånansvärt legitimt och det gör mig att undra varför jag inte hade tittat på detta med detta ljus tidigare. Din artikel fick verkligen slå på ljuset på för mig personligen i den mån detta specifika ämne går. Men vid denna tid finns det faktiskt en viss position jag inte alltför bekväma med och medan jag försöker att förena det med ett centralt tema för positionen, låt mig se vad resten av dina läsare har att say.Nicely gjort.

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