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« Female nigerian sprinter Amaka Ogoegbunam tests positive for steroids at Berlin world championships | Main | In the "What's Next' categor: Sportscaster's kids bulking up? Craig Sager's son looking big at UGA »



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Welcome back. Thought we lost you. I suspect the announcers are limited by their employers in that regard.


I check this blog everyday; good to see you haven't abandoned it! Keep up the good work!

ARoid's performance this post-season begs to be validated. He's homered in three consecutive games, making me wonder if MLB conducts testing before the playoffs? If not, they need to revisit their testing policy. What but testing would prevent an admitted drug cheat (especially given ARoid's failures in the post-season) from seeking some "extra help" at the most crucial time of the season? Granted, there's no testing for HGH, but still.

Let's just say I'm more than a little skeptical about locked-in he is.


Angels have certainly done themselves no favors with their play. Hoping they can come back but I admit, it's a longshot.


I used to follow this blog and I am happy to see you are back on the track. Wish you the best from now on, there are not too much blogs like this out there and this one was a good one.


Great to have you back! Keep on with good coverage and critical eye on cheating and overall development in human enhancement.


I really don't think A-Rod is jucing now.Unike McGwire,Manny and David ortiz A-Rod was a Hall of fame guy like Ivan Rodriguez,Clemens and Bonds before Steroids.

But A-Rod with the Texas Rangers and probaly half of he's Yankee carrer became better.A-Rod can still the ball out thec park but the days of 54 homeruns are over.

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A-Rod is a great player. Thanks for the update!


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Steroids or no steroids, A-Rod is a great player.

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