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It just doesn't matter to the players; they have a different attitude toward PEDs than we fans. Just look at all the high-fives being dished out to admitted/suspended drug-cheats like Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez this MLB post-season. Not to mention Andy Pettitte. Winning helps assuage most hard-feelings associated with drug-cheats. A lot of players today came up in the midst of that culture, and I think they truly understand why some guys turned to performance enhancers. Today's players understand that it was a different era - the money was there and everybody turned a blind eye to what was necessary in earning it. I think most players today don't have a problem with the so-called "Steroids Era," because, truth be told, they'd use too, if they just wouldn't get caught.

Let the Mark McGwire image rehab begin...


See their proff Pettitte took PEDS no more then a couple of times in 2002 and A-Rod was Hall of Fame worthy before steroids.Even Ortiz and Manny can hit the ball but not as good as when they took steroids.

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I think its cool, that his back...


Big Mac has been unfairly criticized ever since that appearance before Congress. The man saw that for what it was - a witch hunt. The whole idea of that meeting was to discuss what steps could be taken to clean up the game, not point fingers at who was doing what. McGwire has always been sensitive to the fact that he's a role model for children, and I felt he was taking the correct approach in trying to move forward and demonstrate what not to do, not 'come clean' so kids would say 'Well, Big Mac does it, so I will too'. And unlike Sammy Sosa (who suddenly lost the ability to speak English), and laughably Rafael Palmeiro (put that finger down, man), at least McGwire did not lie and deny.
Now, it's quite obvious that McGwire was using PED's, but to be villified for his appearance at that committee, and also berated by the HOF committee, while current players like A-Fraud and Manny Ramirez continue to use and deny and makes me sick.
I applaud the Cardianls (and La Russa) for bringing a knowledgable, decent man back to the game - he deserves it.


Brian McRae -- you were a so-so journeyman who was blessed with speed, put together a couple decent seasons, and flamed out early.. stop hating on ppl who had talent. And your dad (class act btw) will be fine, so quit crying for him.

Wess Smith

Why does the u.s. government have any business in ENTERTAINING sports any way. I say let teh MLB NFL NCAA POWERLIFTING BODYBUILDING , PGA , Who ever runs these outfits worry bout these problems, We have a nation on the brink of depression , money being spent by our government hand over fist to question a man playing baseball, PLAYING being the key word. Its all entertainment to me , cut and dry , So now our government thinks it needs to waist millions of dollars investigating Mark Mcguire, Arod, so on so forth . This is a game , let it be played, and let the MLB worry bout its problems , our government has men and women alike dieing everyday fighting for its freedom. Put your focus where it should be .

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I do agree with you that he was taking the correct approach in trying to move forward and demonstrate what not to do.


Everybody deserves a second chance, IMO there are worse problems in sport than the steroid abusers

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That would keep him on the right track. Keep it up Mark!

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