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Okay, the article has it's points.

I built up and one of the things that built me up was push ups.

Check this out: "While in the marines, he (Gordon Smith) set the intermilitary Marine Corps record for the most pushups in 1 and 1/2 hours: 2,010 pushups." (and the guy is a concert pianist, speaks a bunch of languages, etc. from this article) - John Marino's Bicycling Book, page 123, published 1981

You've got people using whey, lots of things are out there for people to bulk up.

Unless he's got acne on the back, I think this isn't an important story except maybe "nepotism", the kid's ol' man, the newscaster, getting him on the team is the story but not 'roids.

Imagine if one could do those 2000 pushups, what kind of body one would get. Guys at the gym, the author of this story would wonder about.

steroidea (from Sager’s MYSPACE.COM profile) indicate, he’s certainly taking conditioning seriously. Very seriously.

It seems he is using high quality steriod bloating shits


If you think without a doubt that this kid is on steroids you haven't touched a weight in your life. He is in good condition and added some muscle to a skinny frame.


Anyone who says the kid is not on the juice needs their head examined, and has no clue about males that age who are thin and how hard it is to put on that kind of bulk.

Jesus how much more obvious could it be???

Added "some muscle" to a 6'2 170lb frame??? Are you kidding? I guarantee he is every bit of 225 in that pic. You don't just add 50 plus pounds of muscle like that on a rail thin frame without some serious help. And I mean serious, that can't be just a low amount he is using he must be stacking and definitely knows what he is doing.

All these college kids are doing it, they have access to the juice and information we could only dream of in our college years. This kid is no different, he seems to either know someone (you think Craig Sager Sr has ever come across a trainer or two in his day hmmm) or has done his homework.

Craig Sager click on the link. I know high school my stats were not good, but that is why I am where I am now.(Justice..haha) I know you guys think I did steroids or something, but it is not 1970. THE NCAA does drug test.haha That is just some work and knowledge of proper lifting. I have had two shoulder surgeries the past two seasons from banging around on kickoff return and scout team. My 40 time is 4.42 I ran it at our combine and ran a 4.50 the year before. I benched 225 24 times 5 months after shoulder surgery, and have a 38 inch vertical. I got voted Top Conditioned Athlete last season after the offseason only20 players on the team get it. If you want to criticize someone you should talk to my high school coaches. I am entering my last season and hopefully will have a role on special teams.

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Vincent Margott

ESPN has to make the NBA Playoffs sound like Days of Our Lives because no one's watching. Well, the core viewers are still watching, but not the fringes. LeBron has taken over the league.


He doesn't really look like Craig though. He should dress like Craig if he wants to win.

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