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all you fucking hyprocrites bashing the guy just cause he beat all the other athletes on the track "fair and square", but consider this, the united states athletes, which I know most of you nay sayers are from, has had the honour of being caught on PEDs and steroids the most on almost every major sport in the world, the truth of the matter is Jamaicans have always been great performers in track (Quarie,Mckinley,Wint all held olympic and world class titles). Jamaicans were simply outshined by all you rhoided up yankees, now that the doping tests have become more sophisticated and rigorous, the playing field is much more leveled, and on a level playing field Jamaicans are simply better, I'm sure when Gay and Gattling had the world records all you buzzards didn't have this fanciful problem with athlete doping... you bastards are simply seeing the product of a sructured tracks program existing in Jamaica for over a hundred years where schools from the pre-school level all the way up to high school, compete with each other all over the country...affectionately dubbed CHAMPS...Bolt has been kicking ass and taking names since grade 7, you telling me 11yr olds are allowed to take steroids? The guy is the fastest in the world, he has not been caught doping (innocent until proven guilty originated in your constitution not ours) deal with it or don't, either way fuck off you southern, ignorant, red- neck imbred biggots.


and to the idiot that says humans havent changed in 4000 years, your an idiot and also did i mention YOU ARE AN IDIOT, humans have gone through considerable physiological change due to natural selection, and also a major change in the aquisition of knowledge and the revival of learning, a little thing I like to call, whats it called again? oh yeah the RENAISSANCE!!! heard of it? I'll give you a hint you dunce, its not a fair...prior to that people thought the world was flat as i no doubt think you still do moron, your arguement about how humans haven't changed in the last 4000 years, makes you look a like an IDIOT...


Was perusing the stats on top sprinters for last six or so years. Interesting to watch the Caribbean, mostly Jamaican, go from, I believe, one, to seven out of the top ten. Now, today, just saw stats on sub-9.85's in 100 meters. Vast majority Caribbean, and the vast majority of that, Jamaican.
The amount of varied PED's used and available, worldwide, is staggering. To see this sudden onslaught of 'sprintdom' in such a tiny populace is statistically a huge red flag.
Those who post angry comments about this type of observation being evidence of bigotry are sidestepping the real issue: this numerical binge is something real, something that must be examined, not avoided. My own take is that there is too much money and fame to be had. Hence, there won't be much in the way of truth on this until years have passed, and then it will be too late.

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