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« 'Greatest athlete of all time' -- Usain Bolt -- sets world record time of an 9.58 second 100M in Berlin | Main | More injections upcoming »




The more who are caught, the better. I heard something about a North African-French connection with PEDs.. hm.


Well seems like those 104 names are gonna be kept secret(for now) since the courts favored the baseball union on those drug tests.


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America has a short memory!

Roids appears that a few years after Balco, it's business as usual in terms of the fact that dope is being done in all sports all of the time!

I watched the "Most Obvious Juicer", as named by Jose Canseco, get the game winning hit for the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday 09/02/09. As usual, he exhibits many of the tell-tale signs of a "juicer"; thick neck & jawline, purple/redish skin , unusual vascularity at an advancing age for an athlete, and the capper, some very natsy acne on his right bicep. He covered his bulging biceps with paddding during his at-bat, but his guns and the acne were on full display in the dugout and during. the post-game interview.

Paul Byrd was outed for usigng HGH while pitching against the Red Sox in ALCS and now he is a part of the smaller version of the "Evil Empire."

Football season is upon us and I am sure that all of those large, fast, and chisled men got that way by drinking milk! LOL!

Did'nt the intials RN and AC come up in the evidence for Operation Puerto? That's Nadal and Contador for those of you following at home.

Serena's teeth have always struck me as being very nice, but now I see that she is wearing braces. Hmmmm?

Oh, let's not forget the Jamacian "Wonder Bolt" that is destroying all of the records of the past juicers. And how about his sistas from da island...all of them are wearing braces!

the world is filled with morons!

don't know why you would mention giambi. he's old news. one of the first baseball players outed. mentioning david ortiz and his comical foot-in-mouth-caught-on-camera moment would have made an already informative post even better.

it's only a matter of time until nadal is exposed. on a sidenote, who's the last wimbledon champion to not defend his/her title? i mean besides nadal? probably no one. that must have been a pretty serious phantom knee injury. i don't really hate nadal to tell you the truth; i think he's more a victim of his uncle than himself. still, shutting up all his excruciatingly annoying fanboys (and girls) will be most welcome when he is exposed as the fraud he is. the spanish government can't protect him forever.


Runners will most likely dope, remember Ben johnson??

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I still can't understand why they do this if almost everyone of them will be caught

terimoore's Journal

Je lisais quelque chose d'autre à ce sujet sur un autre blog. Intéressant. Votre position sur elle est diamétralement contredit ce que j'ai lu plus t?t. Je suis encore contempler sur les points de vue opposés, mais je suis à bout fortement vers le v?tre. Et peu importe, c'est ce qui est si grande sur la démocratie moderne et le marché de la pensée en ligne.


Serena's teeth have always struck me as being very nice, but now I see that she is wearing braces. Hmmmm?

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