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tennis roids

The fact of the matter is that they not only didn't care about the steroids, they loved it. The hitters were hitting big, the pitchers were pitching big, etc. (and I don't assume the steroid problem has stopped). Fans were quite excited by all the home runs. They feel betrayed now, but fans seem to have short memories. At least that's what the Major League is hoping.


You just don't get it IMO.

tennis roids

Who? Me? Did you click on my website?


i am tired of hearing about taking a steroid is cheating at baseball. cheating at baseball is throwing a spitter, scuffing the ball or corking a bat, what these players are doing is cheating at making muscle, nothing more. who is to say how you acquire muscle? should players with naturally high testosterone be banned from baseball to level the playing field? the only way to level the playing field is to either ALLOW steroid use or do what youth leagues do when we grew up, have age/height and size restrictions.
give me a break

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Fans care about all life side of their idols!

Mahidhar Reddy

When someone in medicine is proven wrong, doctors often resort to the "my resume is bigger than yours" strategy of arguing. What is your point?

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Michael Quatrone

First of all you people don't know crap of how steriods cheats the game!! The fact is it only helps players heal injuries and build muscle mass! If you understand that to much muscle mass decreases flexiblity!! God gives players the talent to hit a fastball!! Drugs do NOT make you a better hitter!! So get all that out of your head!! What the coach is saying is it was LEGAL at one time so get over it!!! I will tell you Barry Bonds would have still kept hitting HRs without it just helped him play longer! The HR hitting talent was always there!!

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