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« New Jamaican track doping case: Stimulant detected before World Championships | Main | 'Greatest athlete of all time' -- Usain Bolt -- sets world record time of an 9.58 second 100M in Berlin »




I can't believe Angle did steroids. Well his theme song in WWE was right!! YOU SUCK!!! Shame on you KURT!!!

johnny caraballo

dam just when you think! it can't be everyone do roids! Kurt You SUCK BIG TIME

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When something like this happens, the first thing people should be asking is how these guys are passing drug tests when we now have proof that they were doping?


Let's not let it get lost either that this also looks like another abusive relationship in wrestling. Not the purpose of this blog but something to be wary of nonetheless.


Maybe all you people should try to put your self in someones shoes. We demand them to be bigger stronger and faster. Hit harder more homeruns. And as far as wrestlers you try to do what they do 340 days a year.


next time he should have it shipped to a po box and not carry it himself

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Consumption of HGH supplements is common among athletes but I think they should rely more on the natural ways of increasing HGH.


I would of thought most of them were on gear. Nothing too big here.

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Once they used the HGH, they should know that one day they will be punished by what they did. Here comes the punishment, although a little late, But I am very glad.

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He didn't find himself anywhere but in sport

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When this happens, people should be the first thing asked is how are these people pass drug tests, where we now have proof that they were doping.

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