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« David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez allegedly both on 2003 MLB steroid/dope list: Taints 2004 World Series | Main | Mikel Astarloza, 16th stage winner in the 2009 Tour de France, suspended for preliminary positive EPO test »



Busted Supplements

Weren't these tests anonymous? Wow. No surprises here, but hope everyone has learned their lesson about anonymous testing.


Must be some lawsuits flying over the non-anonymous test results and subsequent leaking. I would also think the bar would want to know who the lawyers are who're leaking. If baseball and the players didn't automatically take the opposite side of every issue (at least publicly), they should release that full list right now. It would blow over very quickly. A name here and there will make it worse for both sides in the long run.

Overall no surprise these two were positive - didn't Ortiz bloviate that ped users should get a year suspension. Wonder if his opinion has changed? Oh right, they weren't illegal in 2003 - well if laws outside baseball doesn't count.


Illegal drugs and steroids were banned by Fay Vincent's memo in 1991. Bottom line, use illergal drugs or steroids and you are subject to suspension... remember Steve Howe.


Hopefully, we will get all of the names on the list sooner than later. It seems like the information should be released under the Freedom of Information Act because the test results are evidence in a federal investigation(s). Not to mention the fact that some of those poor ballplayers, who want their anonymity, appear to have committed all of the crimes listed below, and possibly more.

1. Fraudulently obtaining prescriptions.
2. Obtaining controlled substances for non-medical reasons.
3. Perjury in Congressional and grand jury testimony.
4. Lying to federal agents.

Deja Vu

Rejoice NYY fans, as evidenced by the bat boy driving Manny Alexander's car in June 2000, this was not an isolated incident for the Red Sox!


If this Schmidt guy actively pursued information under court seal, he broke the law and should be tossed in prison.

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In my opinion, he has no sense of the equality of sport.

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