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The woman in the picture has a tan, but the guy is a perfect example of a "purple people eater." I have seen this for years with known users like Todd S. with the Panthers and Rams and in my opinion, the redish or purpleish tint to the skin is one of several visual cues that someone is on steroids. Is it Winnie that causes the skin color to change, or is this a symptom for more than on type of steriod? Please advise. Thanks, JRock

Jack ass

purple tint caused by winnie ha thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard.... Its more of a reddish tint and it could be caused by MT2 which is a tanning agent used now days, being in the sun, tanning bed, or tingle factor tanning lotion... If anything gives you the reddish tint of your pigments it would be testosterone base steroids. Do research before posting dumb comments like that you just make yourself sound stupid

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Dear Jack Ass,

Maybe you should read and comprehend --spelling errors aside-- the entire post before making your own stupid comments about my comments, or you could just change your name to Dumb Ass! LOL!

1. I mentioned both red and purple tint in the original post.

2. The orignial post was primarily an interrogative --that means question for someone with your vocabulary and level of reading comprehension-- asking Gary to confirm which type of steriods cause the skin to exhibit red or purple tint.

Have a nice day and be very careful if anyone ever asks you to take an educated guess!

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