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Dave Russell

Kohl decided to "retire" once he was finally caught. NOW he is tired of living a double life of lies? Please.
He should be stripped of all his titles.

Unfortunately, he said the most disheartening thing I think I've ever heard from a pro athlete; “I doped VOLUNTARILY in a system in which you cannot win without doping. The clean sports hero we wish for is often fiction. Talent, training and tough discipline just aren't enough any more.”

Like Sammy Sosa and the so called greats of other sports, we are now stripped of our heroes and even the illusion of clean sports. Perhaps it's time for a clean sports league, and a dirty sports league, so we and the athletes who compete against dopers can at least stop being lied to all the time.

David Russell
Philadelphia PA, USA

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Definitely we are now stripped of our heroes and even the illusion of clean sports.

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That erases the bad tracks he's been through. Hope he gets straight now.


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