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« Chicago Sun Times writer Rick Telander points out Ryan Theriot epitimizes MLB steroid problems (but is NOT under steroid suspicion) | Main | Ex-San Jose State Spartan, ex-American Gladiator reveals steroid secrets »




Wait, who says Jim Rice is clean? It's pretty well accepted that the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s were institutionally juicing, so why not other athletes?

Steroid Nation

That is a good point Anon. However, looking at the stats and looking at Rice, he doesn't meet the visual test.



Manny is going to lose $8 million dollars. Well, yes, as long as you don't count the tens upon tens of millions of dollars he's made by managing to maintain a high level of performance well beyond a natural prime. Or even the other millions he's going to still make this season when he gets back. The reason they use the darn things is because the upside is far greater than the downside.

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