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anxiety attacks

YEah - guess he didn't really look that hard. Seems the IFBB is ripe with roid users - no need to look for the buy guys (or gals) just ask a few questions and watch for the paranoia!


One of the stories on this situation in Oklahoma read that one of the accused ordered the ingredients from China to make steroids.

I was once reading one of those "underground" body building forums, forget which and they talked about having to watch out for "impure" steroids and had pictures on the negative effects.

As if one wouldn't want to deal with the steroids in the first place, now we are talking about "impure" ones as well. Not very positive.

Bodybuilding, I guess it has a fascination with some out there, some guy had a dvd of some national bodybuilder. Doesn't attract me too much.


This is a joke right? Like that really is a guy in drag right?
PLease someone tellme that picture is a joke


Finally! Another steroid bust.

You know, maybe we should just have every professional athlete in every sport to admit that they're using steroids, then maybe the government can spend their time on things that actually matter.

Like, the war on terror, getting the economy back on track, feeding the homeless, finding the lost city of Atlantis, finding out where one of the Wiggles stashed the body of that hooker he killed back when he was in college, finding out why people actually find Dane Cook funny and, of course, finding Bin Laden.

Do you see where I'm going with this, people? There are literally hundreds of things the government can spend their time that's actually useful other than busting up steroid sales.

"Ooh, I think I just saw someone being kidnapped over there, but, you know, I think the steroid thing is much more important."


Oh, and by the by, Sherry Smith is attractive.


I think Sherry Smith looks great..
and I dont care if bodybuilders use steroids.. they look good when they get big. In my opinion, it's an insignificant 'crime' to use chemicals to bulk up your body & accelerate your workouts.
There are a lot greater issues facing our society, than a group of full-time athletes using juice to elevate their muscle development.
Arresting a firefighter (who is protecting the community) for using chemicals to get big is A WASTE OF TIME, and there is no net gain for the community at large, when money & resources are spent chasing steroid users.

Chris Cocaine

Rule no 1 idiots... Its my body and I can do with it as I wish. No Gov agency can and will dictate to me what I may or may not use.

90% of the medical field dont even know the true effects of steroids as they are to scared to touch it due to civil law suits. So get a life doc !


I completely agree with your Chris Cocaine. It's my body and I can do with it as I wish. Dame care to all.

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What's it the governments business if someone wants to use steroids?

This is an abuse of the Police Power that We, the People authorized.

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