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5 minute break to change clothes, brush teeth, okay, 30 minutes? Too much time.

Jon S

It's probably a safe bet that he washed his hair while he was in the shower!


Now we see, the stories I sent Steroid Nation which were probably thought originally beyond the scope of this news blog on the Italian football players severely punished by CAS on appeal by WADA for showing up late to drug tests now, is of importance because it does indeed show CAS/WADA have acted severely on athletes even for "turning up late to take drug tests." The Italian Football Association, WADA thought gave out "cream puff penalties" of suspensions for only about 20 days of being banned from the sport. CAS acted on appeal and the sentence went up to a ban of up to 12 months for the two players. In an action supported by the Italian football federation, players held a protest of starting their games 5 minutes late.

So, to emphasize, the moral of the story is that WADA/CAS have acted on this issue of being "late" for drug tests and must have their reasons.

tennis roids

Well, you have to come up with something specific he did that could thwart the test. If he used some special shampoo on his hair, for example. In that case, though, it could probably be detected and he probably would have used it a long time ago, anyway. I think that Lance has used PED's in the past, but it's hard not to call this a victory for Armstrong. I'm actually surprised that they found nothing. I'm sure the Frenchies were pissed.
The only thing I can think of that he could do in a matter of a few minutes is to set up an IV and give himself enough saline to negate an unusually high blood count if he is blood packing . That seems a bit far fetched. Depending on how well he is observed, he could set up a little urine bottle with a tube like Tony Mandarich described, but you would still expect the blood test to be postitive. Can anyone else think of anything you could do to help pass a drug test in a matter of minutes?
In any case, Lance wins another round.


Tennis 'Roids:

I don't know if Lance wins this. My post is about how CAS/WADA have struck serious penalties and bans on athletes showing up late to tests and it did not matter that the athletes passed the tests as well.

See, that's why those stories were important as I reiterated the information on the two Italian soccer players.

That said, I have never taken rencor to the French but I do know, that is the angle some Americans use in this scenario.

I am as always for "Fair Play."


Here is the story, apparently though in subsequent events, the judgement has been lifted while "other evidence" is looked at. I just went through some stories and don't endorse the "slant" of this blog article.

"WADA, in its neverending quest to make sports less fun and the lives of athletes more miserable, has struck a new low today after their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport on the cases of Napoli midfielder Daniele Mannini and Brescia’s Davide Possanzini. You see, the duo were late - just late - to a drug test last year while both were with Brescia after a game against Chievo. So the Italian Olympic Committee saw it fit to hand them a 15 day sentence. Stiff for being late to a test they both passed.

Well WADA didn’t like that and appealed to the CAS. CAS ruled in their favor, because if you know anything about WADA you’ll know Vlad the Impaler has nothing on their draconian punishments, and now the duo, for being late, and despite passing the tests, have been banned for a full year."


So, per CAS and WADA, even being late could possibly be problematic, as I said, I don't know their reasoning.


Your article forgot to mention the fact that Armstrong was given permission from the tester to have a shower etc...


Armstrong asserts he was given permission.

The tester also asserts Armstrong "acted strangely."


Athletes are so far ahead of the testers. My guess is that WADA and other testers have no idea what athletes are doing to thwart tests. If WADA did know what methods athletes were utilizing to beat the tests, they'd simply be catching them.

Does anyone out there reading really think that Yesalis, Catlin, Wadler or Pound are smarter than a guy like Ferrari? Think about all the revelations in regards to PEDs. Most of the info we have learned is the result of criminal investigations; not positive tests. Read "Bloodsports" by Robin Parisotto and "Breaking the Chain" by some guy who worked for Festina. And when you read "Breaking the Chain" think about how old the Festina Affair is and ask yourself if athletes who use PEDs learned from this.

Steroid Nation

Sorry about not being able to publish all stories we read or are sent. We simply cannot cover all the various steroid and PED stories out there.


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