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« Alyssa Milano on steroids in baseball and botox in actresses | Main | Clay Matthews: 6-1 165 high school junior to 6-3 246 NFL draftee »




I'm a senior in high school going to play college football, and cushing going from 165-225 naturally is not surprising to me at all. I've gone from 150 to 215 in high school and my other friends who are playing college football have gone from 140 to 250 (seriously and its not too much fat just hard work and puberty) 145 to 220, and 180 to 240. So I think 60 pounds in high school in 4 years is not too incredible for someone who is willing to put in a lot of hard work in the weight room, definitely achievable without steroids. However, do I think that Clay Matthews took steroids? absolutely. thanks


Actually, their picks have been rather good, at least under the current regime.

Obviously the prevalence of roids in sports at all levels will ensnare those who work their butts off, along with the true offenders.

Sooner or later we'll find out which camp to which Cushing belongs.


I think a 165-225 gain in 4 years of HS is not too crazy. I personally went from 135-185 or so gaining some fair amount of body fat, but also a lot of lean mass. I was not an athlete and did not train as one. I just "grew". Btw, I probably went from 5'9" to 5'11" over that span. I have a reasonably large build.

To take my situation, and simply add a good deal of weightlifting and smart eating targeted at gaining weight, I could have gained 60 lbs while ending up a lean, muscular athlete.


Although, I will add that the photo of Cushing in college is rather damning.


Freshman year in college (18)I went from 215 to 242 in 9 months. Why? No juice or anything, just the fact I went from my parents house eating a bunch of crap and working out in a lame HS facility to eating high calorie dorm food and lifting with trainers and other football players 4 hours a day in a sweet facility.

What I've also heard/read about Cushing is at the time he weighed 165, he was only 5'10. You grow 5 inches during 4 years, you're gonna pack on some weight regardless. Add his father realizing his son's potential hooked him up with nutritionists and personal trainers - doesn't surprise me at all.

The photo comparison - big deal - if you're injured, you're not lifting, you're going to get soft, that's the way it goes. The guy isn't built like a sprinter with red, lean muscle mass - it takes a lot of work to get and stay big.

I hope he has a great career.

Stanley Goscicki

Hello Brain Cushing, congradulations on your draft. My name is Stan, I have a son who is 14, and plays baseball. I have an interesting story to tell you. I am sure you are flooded with phone call and emails. If you ever have the time to write me, I would gladly share our story, Thank you for your time, good luck and God Bless


Cushing worked out with Defranco's Gym before going to USC

This should be enough to tell you that he hasn't taken steroids.

Joey Jersey

Don Bosco suspended him for steriod use.......USC suspened him for steriod use.....Stop fooling yourself people.
True he never failed a drug "TEST" but ask people at both schools if he screened postive for steriods.


Don Bosco? Are you joking lol I guess that comment you wrote tells us how credible you are Joey Jersey..


By the way he went to Bergen Catholic, and he was never suspended for steroid use, and I would know this because I went there when he did..and he didnt get suspended from USC either..and from freshman year to senior year he only put on 15 lbs a year, which is not really hard to do especially with the way he trains, and eats... plus no way he can be as agile, quick, versatile as he is if he gained more than that as a result of steroids


Cush is an animal who lives in the lift right right and get will pack on muscle....15 to 20 pounds of muscle a year can be achieved without using the sauce... stop hatin cas you cant be a beast and your a pussy



He is a user



Apparently, he IS a cheat. What a surprise.

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How stupid are people to think he's clean and doesnt do drugs?? He is an OBVIOUS case. Do you Cushing apologists ( family members?) believe Bonds? Clemens? Palmeiro? Sosa? Marion Jones???


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