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tennis roids

Out of curiosity, what is the basis for your statement: "Steroid use in the NBA is extremely rare."? I see a lot of very muscular NBA players, much more so than 20 or 30 years ago. Steroids might not make a guy a better shooter, but they would make him faster, stronger and a higher jumper, probably with more endurance. I'm assuming you are saying this because of a lack of postive drug tests in the NBA for steroids?


In an elite sport with an intensity of movement, huge financial interests, and a marked historical change in muscularity, as Tennis Roid states, the idea that what must be obligatory (performance enhancing medical intervention through various means including undetectable drugs)is "extremely rare" - preposterous.

Uncle Bruno

Ditto ditto.

Koku Yama

I agree - if you look at the young stars in the NBA, they are totally ripped. LeBron James, Ben Gordon, Dwight Howard, Lamar Odom, etc etc.. how did they get so big??
What is the NBA policy, and how do we know whether people are in compliance??
Shouldn't a thorough testing be done like in baseball??


Steroid use the NBA is rare? WTF, look at those guys. Compare them to players in the 1970s. Weight training didn't transform humans that much. Anyone over 6'7" used to be SKINNY, not just normal, but SKINNY. Now you have guys 6'10", 7'0"+, and they're built like bodybuilders.

I'd say steroid use in the NBA today rivals its use in MLB in the late 90s.


CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY its called hard work technology since the seventies have improved and so have the competion in the NBA. to say steroid use exists in the NBA is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take two 300lb human beings in dwight howard and lebron james. I think that it's possible to generate a large amount of power with the legs in a vertical jump, even with that mass. It's possible to get that big.(unlikely, but possible) What I think is the biggest tell tale of PED use is the way these guys move. Lebron... I think probably generates more momentum with his body in 3 steps to the basket (momentum = velocity * mass) than a world class sprinter can at the peak of his race. I don't know if that's right. Dwight Howard gained at least 60lbs since high school to first year (look up photos) and has only jumped higher, and moved faster. Every once in awhile there is a freak, but come on, there's a ton of guys in the NBA that are touching over 12feet, are over 250lbs, and can run. Before Jordan, there were a couple. Steroids doesn't necessarily mean a needle in the butt, it could be an inhaler (that's what they use) or a pill that negates the soreness of a basketball game after a night's rest. I mean I can't say that any one guy I mentioned is dirty... but to say the NBA is clean and the bodies and feats of NBA players are better due to human evolution, give me a break: Go read a biology book, see if human evolution occurs over a peroid of 20 years.

MLB had it's canseco, he blew it up for personal gain... wait for a guy like him (Rodman?) to come out with a scandolous book citing steroids... then we'll see what the new era dunk competitions are like..




And another thing, people attest all of the growth these players get to superior diets and supplementation.
Many will disagree... but here's the fact : No known substance (that is legal) is shown to increase or speed up muscle growth, or muscle strength. There are many statements to the contrary on the internet with things as simple as protein powder and creatine. Look up medical journals and actual published studies, the evidence is actually contrary that supplementation causes any gains. (if you get enough protein in your diet as is from natural foods) And if you think about it, it makes sense.
The idea of putting 200g of protein in your body for increased protein absorption is similar to putting 400g of carbs in your body for increased amounts of energy. You can only use so much of each, before your body actually just starts to gain weight because you're putting too much in.
Talk to a certified nutritionist, not a gnc salesperson who works on commission, they'll tell you what's what.
If there was a special legal substance that professional athletes used to perform better... the whole world would know about it, and athletes of all skills would use it

Buy Soma - Jasmine

I'm a Dwyane Wade fan! Those accusations were all lies! Wade's ex business partner is out of his mind. He's just envy to The Flash.

Gullible TV Head

I like the fact that there are posters here who have lived long enough to see the difference between now and 20-30 years ago. These 20 year old kids have no historical perspective at all. They think that what the TV tells them is true. TV is their reality. Its as if nobody on TV ever lies.

Of course most of the NBA is on steroids. These guys are gigantic. Most basketball players don't like lifting weights because it doesn't really help them much anyway. Its not as if the ball weighs more now than it did 20 years ago. There's no reason for these guys to carry so much extra weight. Basketball is mostly an aerobic sport. So you'd expect that the players would be skinny, like other aerobic athletes. And the guys in the past were.

But now the rampant steroid use in the NBA has changed all that. Wade and many other players are not just athletes, they have lots of endorsement contracts. The steroids are just as much for the commercials as they are for the game, to make these guys look more masculine and larger than life, to give the illusion that blacks are the most dominant males. Another black supremacy illusion, brought you by the good-ol' TeeVee. Its such a joke.

Teri R. Moore's Live

Hey this is a great post. I'm going to email this to my buddies. I stumbled on this while googling for some lyrics, I'll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing.

Discount Mbts

I loved them until the back strap broke just two months after I bought them. We'll see how well MBT does at repair!

hghgs hjgjhghkg

Steroid use in the NBA is rare??! AHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHH!! Yeh, I'm sure Pippen, Malone, D.Robinson, N.Robinson, L.J., Mourning, Webb, Oakley, Lebron, Wade, Howard, Fisher... all built their bodies up by playing bball for 2 hours a day and lifting weights for 3-4 hours a week. You fucking clueless fools.
MOST pro athletes use/abuse performance enhancing drugs. It's not hard to get roids off a so called "team doctor" or "personal trainer". Further more, you can then use them for a month or 2.. build 30lbs of muscle.. go off the roids.. then once your testosterone levels drop to below average soon after, go to a doctor and get your test. levels examined.. he then thinks your test. level is in the low range and then prescribes you with LEGAL STEROIDS. Heard of "HRT".. that's short for "I cheated the law and my doctor into giving me discounted legal steroids/hgh". That's why you hear all this "40 is the new 30.. and 50 is the new 40" talk. Because everyone is using drugs these days!
You idiots need to wake the fuck up. There is no such thing as a "naturally" big, muscular person. You're either small and lean, or big and fat. You CANNOT add 30 pounds of muscle in a lifetime, let alone in 1 fucking month like most athletes/actors/singers/bodybuilders do, WITHOUT DRUGS. Compare bballers of the 90's/00's with ballers from before the 50's (before steroids & hgh were invented). They were half the fucking size.
You can lift weights all you fucking want. Without excess (artificial) testosterone there is no excess muscle.

Truth Doctor

Nice to hear some thinking people here. The fact is steroids a,HGH and the rest of the PED's have infiltrated all sports. Greed and vanity are the main reasons. I have been training athletes for more than 20 yrs. I used to be a heavyweight boxer. I have been in gyms for over 40 yrs with power lifters and bodybuilders and I am quite clear about what is possible and what is not. Weight lifting is a wonderful way to enhance your performance and I have been lifting weight for 40 yrs.
It simply is NOT possible to build a massive body when you are running up and down the court for 2 hours on a daily basis. You certainly can increase your muscularity and strength but adding anything past 20lbs of additional muscle and keeping it on with the grueling NBA schedule and practices is not possible. It appears to me that 95 to 98% of ALL professional athletes are using drugs.
It is a SAD state of affairs that CHEATING has infected our sporting culture so completely while the commissioners sit back and collect the money. CRIMINAL


That just goes to show you, that in business there are never any friends. There are a huge selection of professional athletes that use PED's, but the leagues are set up to have these players on such high pedastol's that they have to perform at the highest level at ALL costs.


You guys are all forgetting the MOST OBVIOUS thing. These guys enter the league as kids and mature in front of us. It's just not that crazy to gain 30 lbs of muscle over the course of 6 years, from age 18 to 24. Especially when you're 6'8 and are a genetic freak. Lebron ran a 4.4 in highschool at 6'7. Its not like he wasnt the best athlete on the planet already.

I'm sure these guys cheat as much as they can, I'm just saying its clearly not that crazy to fill out as you go from a teenager to an adult. I'm 6'2 and gained 20lbs all muscle natutally during my early 20's.

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