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Look at his jaw structure. He is definetly taking HGH and some other drugs.

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I wonder to what extent NFL teams take into consideration whether a player "looks like" they are on 'roids. They can really get burned if these guys test positive. Or are they all on 'roids?

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And I hope they nail USC and give Illinois the Rose Bowl win from a couple of years ago... Go Illini!

Steve Sax

To be fair, his dad was 6'2", 245 and his uncle 6'5", 305, so it's not hard to imagine this is, you know, genetic steroid use.

jesse rack

they are all on steriods and i love brian cushing, hes my boy


"... They can really get burned if these guys test positive. ..."

Really? How will they get burned? Do you mean in the way Shawne Merriman's positive test led to a Pro-Bowl selection? :)


I played baseball in high school and later at a Division I college. In my senior year of high school, I was 6'3" and weighed 148 pounds. Four years later, with weightlifting, Creatine, and protein shakes, I was 6'3" and weighed 226 pounds. I never took anything illegal. I just worked REALLY hard at becoming stronger. I don't appreciate the underlying message that in order to get bigger quick, the ONLY way you can do it is through cheating. It's just not true.


Joe, stop taking steroids, they'll kill ya.


Clay wasn't that obscure a recruit as a high school senior. My recollection is that he showed some interest in Notre Dame (maybe it was his mother's influence?) and ND made at least a half-hearted play for him. But legacies usually wind up at dad's alma mater. The photos of Cushing (another top recruit that at one early point seemed headed to ND) and Matthews gives one pause. In fact, a long, fat pause. My measurements for basketball in high school my sophomore year (15 years old) was under five feet and 88 pounds. I boxed in the ND Bengal Bouts at 127 pounds at 18 years. Grew to a skinny six feet in my early 20s. And only filled out to 175 around 30 years. Football players today must be be using drugs at least in the wider sense and stuffed with food like geese in Peregord.

bob hackler

My best friend in H.S. was about 6'1" maybe 175#. He had a great arm and it was our big dream to play baseball (anywhere). He blew his elbo and that was that. He enrolled at U.C IRVINE. I did'nt see him for about 4or5 years. I COULD'NT believe his size when we met.We were about 22.HE was 6'5" and 255#. This was the middle 60's and we did'nt have a clue about steroids.I'm not saying they did'nt exist just most of us in the sports world had"nt heard about them. You put in the work as JOE said and you get stronger and 90% of the time larger.


hey bob just because u did not know about steriods dont mean ur friend didnt

jim hardee

i played senior year HS football with Clay #57 Cleveland Browns,
(not to brag but) in the last half of the season he went both ways as linebacker and fullback..there was this drill we called the "bow out" where the fullback gets a 5 yd head of steam as the def end (me) had to give him a forearm shimmie to tackle the the running back. I was pitted against Clay twice in a row that day and put him on his ass each time. I said "Clay you must be hitting the books too hard, get some sleep" as I helped him up. Great guy, led by example. Varsity magazine voted him "best linebacker of the year". He was the real deal. Word I heard was his ol man wouldn't let him take a job over summer...he was told to lift weights instead. As a bears fan now i'm conflicted about da bears and packers.
My plea is that Clay Jr/ Browns makes the "Hall" like his brother Bruce said on his induction "I wish it was my brother Clay jr. going in first" Bruce always looked up to his older brother. I joke around that Frank Gifford was such a fan of Clay on Monday Night games "here's classic linebacking job filling the hole to make the tackle" ...he must have been his Best Man when he got married?
Put Clay III down for 19 years in the NFL.

Jim starting def. left end New Trier '74 football season '73.


So you're suggesting that he couldn't possibly have grown two inches in height and gained 80 pounds in SIX YEARS (beginning of junior year in HS to end of senior year at USC) without taking 'roids. Right?

You know, some guys are just late bloomers. I had a HS classmate who wasn't an athlete and didn't work out at all who shot up about five or six inches and put on 20-30 pounds or so his senior year of HS. For whatever reason, his natural hormones just kicked in a lot later than most guys'.

Clay's grandfather, uncle and father all played in the NFL. The height, etc. is genetic - it just took longer to kick in for him.

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he was not, Clay Matthews have the ability to have impact for the Packers.And he was the hero of the Packers in '09 season. I believe in him


To be fair, USC also listed him as 6'4" for his soph and junior year, before putting him back down to 6'3" as a senior. So either he grew another inch and then shrunk before his senior year, or these measurables aren't exactly accurate.

Heck, everyone on my HS football team had their reported weights increased by about 10-15 pounds and height by an inch or two, I guess to try and gain a mental advantage over an opponent that might see the program roster.

I wouldn't be surprised if Clay's "225" in '05 was actually more like 210 or 215.

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He is the best Rockie ever I can't believe all that he did the past season


I found this site because seeing him on TV this weekend, His face screamed steroids! He has muscles on his forehead and his jaw. Can you say CRO MAGNON? Test him NOW and often! They say cheaters never win, but sometimes they don't get caught.


I just came upon this site by doing a search after seeing him on MNF. I haven't followed him closely, but looking at his face is all I need to see. Look at his forehead. Reminds me of Mark McGuire in the early days. I know he denies it, but I would bet dollars to donuts that he is on the juice.


Love Clay Matthews #3, he's a hitter. Watched his dad back in the day. BUT... all you got to do is take Clay Matthews profile and put it next to ANY WWE superstar and compare. As of this date, the NFL has no test for Human Growth Hormone.


bullshit i was 185 and 6'3 my senior year in high school and in my sophomore year of college i am 6'4 230 without even trying hard........ call it genetics or steroids but all i know is some people don't get horomones and some do so hate if you want but yall that are hating are short dudes prolly.


Look - this whole testing thing is a bunch of BS. If you want really testing you would begin in highschool at least last 2 years. You would do this by having hair samples and urine stored but not tested to save money. Once a player is selected first for college or later drafted into the NFL - all samples would get tested. Secondly get rid of all the stupid extraneous tests - who cares whether the guy took a sudafed or smoked a joint - the real cheaters who we need to nail are the roid and HGH users - save the money and test for the real stuff. The lifestyle testing should be left up to the clubs - not the NFL. As far as stimulants go - every player should provide a urine sample at the end of each game - randomly these could be tested with the remainder stored. If you have positive test - you back track. Anything other than this is just lip service. Test or allow it - that is the decision. Right now it is still under the table. I mean answer this - how many players are tested off of each team each season and how often does it happen?? I have never seen that question answered. If every player is not subject to at least 12 tests each year ie one a month then the chances of catching somebody is pretty rare.


Clay's forehead (brow) resembles a medical condition known as acromegaly, which is a result of the pituitary gland producing excess HGH because of a tumor.

Tony Boselli also has a very prominent brow, but I doubt that either he or Clay has ever had a pituitary tumor. The link below shows Boselli delivering a speech with a very powerful and positive message, but the appearance of his brow is disturbing to say the least.


Never too old to learn.*


Never too old to learn.*


your mom has acromegaly


Clay says himself in an interview that he was about 215 pounds when he arrived at USC. It's called hitting the weight room.

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Alas!!! I finally have somebody who has written just the way I think. Though a bad luck that I cannot write equally well like you, but you did it on my behalf and I am thankful of you to have understood the problem and written on as there are as many of people who undergo the torture just like me.


I'm a registered Pharmacist in PA. One thing that sticks out at me that SCREAMS that he is, at the very least using HGH(which is still difficult to test for) is the definite facial signs of Acromegaly(which is a disease in which your body naturally overproduces HGH)in his jaw and forehead - these are DEAD clinical giveaways. The almost 100 lb weight gain in less than 8 years without a comensurate increase in fat and/or water weight(the guy's cut to shreads) also points to the high possibilty of some type of anabolic as well as either clomiphene or HCG(human chorionic gonadotropin - Profasi, Pregnyl, etc....)to reduce fat /water gain.

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Anything other than this is just lip service. Test or allow it - that is the decision. Right now it is still under the table. I mean answer this - how many players are tested off of each team each season and how often does it happen?? I have never seen that question answered.


I'm 165, 6'2 and a senior in highschool. Throw 83 and run a 6.8 60. Maybe with some clay mathews special training I could be throwing 94 and run a 6.6? Lmao hook me up clay!


Hi, my junior year I was 6'1 170lbs and by my senior year I was 6'2 220lbs. It can be done without steroids. Personally I drank a lot of beer and at many Whoppers.


100% Latern head. Just like Bonds & on & on. The meat heads on here running to back em up because they are juicing too. A giant frat of knucke draggers. It ruins the game and is just plain cheating.

John Doe

Yea it can be done but its good to be skeptical and question people since they are so many dirty players... it would be wrong if one did not question Mathews... He kind of did gain all that weight in a short period of time... he must be juicing or taking something that the league has not been able to catch up too yet... so he is probably a step or two ahead of them...


It's one thing to go on a growth spurt and pack on 20lbs and a few inches once. It's a wonderful chemical awareness program to let you do it on call each summer til you have smashed 30kg on your body of pure muscle without losing speed. It's not in a white mans genetic makeup to do it without assistance. If he were a Pacific Islander it could be possible they have crazy genes for lifting.


Approx 30-40 perfect of NFL players are using some type of illegal substance.

The testing is too lax, the testing schedules are well known ahead of time and lastly the commission wants the use to bolster ratings & profits.

On the flip side, there are many life-threatening risks- heart attack, pressure, tumors, not to mention that you will be shit on once you are indicted.

Let me introduce Barry Bonds, M.Maguire, Manny Ramirez, and the whole Yankee organization...

Hideo Matsuki.., take alook at his MVP year, prior to trading out of the lime life.. Thats the quick way out.



As an experienced user of a variety of anabolic substances, it's my opinion that this athlete started off using testosterone in high school and was soon introduced to HGH, which would best explain the additional 2 inches. Testosterones(enanthate, cypionate), Hormones, (deca/nandrolone, trenbolene, equipoise, winstrol V, primobolan) and orals, such as anadrol, d-ball, halotestin, anavar, stanzolol would NOT change his height. HGH in conjunction of both of a powerful injectable and oral would produce phenomenal results, especially to an elder teen who is very active and who already has potential to make good gains using nothing at all. HGH will not only add height to a person, but it will enable them to gain more muscle because their frame has more bone mass. There's little doubt that this athlete will continue to make good gains within the next few years. Don't single this player out. It's evident that over 90% of the NFL players use. As they age, they wouldn't be able to compete with the younger athletes entering. They'd just be recycled before they hit age 28. We, the viewers, want to see those super fast moves, knockout hits, and incredible plays. They are there to entertain us. Their health and well being is not of our concern. Does it really matter how they do it?

noah osswald

you guys are all dumb asses just because you're fat ass blobs means his shooting up? no hes probably taking protein and creatine just like everyone else in the NFL and College Football today

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What's the big deal. I gained 80 pounds myself during college.


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il est trop jeune pour prendre des stéroïdes. Il n'est pas un idiot de tuer son état de santé des jeunes.


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i gained over 20 lbs of muscle in my upper body in 1 month from using creatine & just doing push ups & did my back & shoulder workouts with a 35 lb weight every morning & night with 2 days off to rest & drank equate plus protein shakes from walmart on the off days.. immediately after workouts i ate 4 hotdogs & would drink a liter of chocolate milk after every workout. i was 5'10 149 when i started & at the end of the month i was 173 with abs & gained 2-3 inches on my chest & my bi's went up from 13 1/2 inches to 15 & 1/2... my dad is 5'2 150 lbs... my brother is 5'6 145... if i can gain that much solid weight only in my upperbody without great genetics or a gym that fast, then i dont see y he couldnt gain that much weight especially if he has a dad that understands nutrition & how long to rest between workouts.. now i kno ur not supposed to workout as much as i did without rest to rebuild my muscles but i was dedicated.. so i can see him gaining weight that fast with his family background.. & keeping his speed is pretty easy if u hit the lower body workouts the correct way & lift for speed & power instead of strength. i dont like the guy & i really wanna believe he took steroids bcuz he definately looks like it in the face.. but its possible i guess he did it..... james harrison & woodley r still better pass rushers than him tho! go steelers! lol


Great article...If you are taking PED's YOU ARE A CHEATER: .a dishonest person who uses clever means to cheat others out of something of value.

Because of cheaters like this honest athletes who REALLY work hard and dont cheat have little or no chance to play big time football (and other sports) and that sucks. BTW None of you would be admiring these guys hopped up on HGH and other peds if they weren't using cause they simply wouldn't be playing big time football. Without drugs he could not make the team. WAKE UP -STOP ADMIRING CHEATS

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Andrew Ansel

After a track workout and getting over being sick my brother weighed 138 lbs. He played basketball and ran track in HS and it will be about 10 months since he weighed 138 and he is 6'1 and is weighing 180. He did not drink protein stuff, he just lifted and played basketball, and quite frankly he could have lifted a lot more than he had. He put on a solid 40 lbs. in 10 months, not even lifting the way Division I athletes do (will be D1 athlete next year). This can happen through hard work and the protein stuff only helps.

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The guy is a beast, but I agree with Dustin above, Woodley and Harrison are better pass rushers. Go Steelers, it would be nice to play Packers again in a SB rematch.


81 pounds is a lot of muscle to put on in 6 years. I guess with the right genetics, diet and strength program you can do wonders.

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Douglas Kramer

William Clay Matthews III (born May 14, 1986) is an American football linebacker for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

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I love Clay MAttews He is the Best Football player ever in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You Clay Matthews!!!!! <3


I think Clay MAtthews is the Bom he is the best! Keep on rockng Clay Matthews!!!!!


I hate clay matthews he's white

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Not saying that Clay is or isn't using but a couple of examples on the side of his being an honest committed kid. My best friend in high schol was a true late bloomer. This was in a place and time before drugs ,at that level at least (early 1970's). He had essentially no mature male chracteristics like pubic hair ,or facial hair and was about 5'8" tall and 140lbs like me. He was a fine athlete and worked very hard at several sports. He developed during his sophmore year of college and grew to 6'1" and 210lbs lean, with growth and lifting. He walked on at a small college in PA , later starting as a linebacker later still just missed the final cut with the dolphins.

My son plays high school football now as a freshman at 180lbs and 5'11"(14 years old in june) but was 5'7" 150 last year 5'3" and 130 the year before. He has been lifting and training for speed and agility with a local Nike SPARQ facility and has improved agility and 40 times all along the way.

I'm certain my son has committed nowhere nearly as much as Clay likely did with his family background and history. I believe he could have made this happen with late growth like my friend and hard work.

Does this mean he has ...I can't prove either way.


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I gained about 25 lbs in 3 months just by watching what I ate and lifting and running. Hard work does pay off and I believe matthews knows a lot about that. I began working out at 5'7" 285 lbs. Super chubby. Grew to 6'1" and around 220 then I began lifting vigourously 3 times a week with an expert. Ate healthy. And now I am 6'3" 255 lbs. This happened over 3 years. Its not unreasonable tto see huge gains or loses in some people. You have to remember how small clay really was in high school. Steroids are for cheaters. And there was no way it got past usc coaches, nfl coaches, or his family who is extremely dedicated to football. I can't have creatine without getting yelled at. Let alone any other substance.


i have tonnes of friends that have awesome genetics. they sit at around 220 naturally. and are fuckin ripped and strong as hell. they work out daily and eat shit loads. they have all been the same size as they were in highschool. clay matthews was undsized in comparison to his family and did what it took to keep his family line as a competitive family. he juiced and whatever else it took. this is a fact. but hey look hes an nfl allstar. so why hate? we should just all juice it up too!

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