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tennis roids

I think the real question is why they aren't all testing positive? Clearly, most of the top MMA guys are on the juice. Maybe he and his brother Frank can have a Battle Steroid Royale.

tennis roids

I mean, is anyone going to make a case that Brock Lesnar is all natural?


Actually, the guy may be lucky he got caught,

This MMA doesn't need to go down the same road as Professional Wrestling.

I was reading wiki on some wrestler, I forget who but the guys father succumbed to a heart attack in the ring and I think that happened in 1967. It made me wonder if the father had used anything way back then. Of course, I understands steroids were available, amphetamines too.

Muay Thai

I have long argued that MMA is the purest sport because there are so few barriers to prevent anyone, regardless of location or social status, from becoming good at it.

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Oh no! that's wasn't nice.


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