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This guy should be banned from competition not because of cocaine charges but for getting drunk the night of a competition.He is a disgrace to every sportsmen. Only Lebanese people are so abnoxious to go party the night of a competition. Actually he should have never been there competing. The Lebanese ski federation like all sports federations in Lebanon is corrupt. They just pick their cronies to have a free trip abroad wasting government money.

tennis roids

That is one of the worst excuses I've heard yet and, let's face it, there are some really lame excuses used by those who test positive.
Joe, let's leave the racist comments at the door.

Selin S.

well to start off this guy shouldnt even be competing because he gets drunk the night before a competion. Also his story is practically BS because he probably didnt want to get into any trouble and not compete the next day. Its very wrong to take any type of drug because u are ruining your life and others around you. the family of his must be worried about what happnd that night... Also how could he be jepordacying his career for a few minutes of pleasure..really isnt worth ruining his life for a little bit of "FUN" in some addicts words. A lot of people have enemies but those people who have enemies watch their own backs so they wouldnt be gettin into any trouble like he did. so in other words this story he cooked up is not a very belivable one. He isnt even fooling the austrian press agency or the reporters. I dont know about you but if this was me i wouldnt want to lose what i would have had you know so ya thats all i have to say..

We would have blamed the Chinese...

cleveland steamer

c' you've never taken something a stranger offers you in a bar when you're drunk. you've probably never slept with anyone you shouldn't have either. buncha prudes. the guy is a skier. this is pretty typical. dang, i hate being stuck in my desk job.

cleveland steamer

BTW, I thought this site was steroid nation. i can't find the place to order anywhere.


All of you who are judging him, you have no right to do that it's none of your business if he takes drugs or not and who cares if he has been drinking the night before the competition as long as he is participating the next day so mind your own business you bunch of nurds!!!

the real prince

what nobody kows is that someone called the fis and said test all lebanes skiers because they take drugs .... and the fis against all rules tested them ... normally its a draw who to test .... so there was fro sure a set up .... or they saw him take something o2 man 2 woman that day .... someone gave it to him mixed iit in or whatever .....
georges salameh however drunk he might have been ... and he was only drunk because the race did not really matter .. since the fis ... made a ridiculouse qualification race where he could not qaulify in one million years ....... but he is not such a fool to find cocain in val disere the night before the race buy it and take it .... sorry but i was there .. and it was not around ......

so george should get a fair hearing and the fis should say who tipped them off and why he knwe he had this in his body ... thats my opinion ....

the real prince


I hope that all of you read this carefully and be logic and more scientific.
Is there anyone of you who knows this guy?
I read a lot of articles about this issue and here are some facts:
1- he was drunk just before the race and "someone handed him a pill"
(if you are a competitor you are not supposed to party the night just before your competition, you can party some other nights)
2- the president of the ski federation is supporting him because he is a member in the IOC and cannot afford such propaganda about his athlete he might lose some ego.
3- its the israelis who handed him those drugs (being enemies of lebanon)
if someone is clean he should have no enemies!!!
too bad he couldn't do it again and escape with it this time!
to the real prince: the FIS are no dumb at all and they have the right to test ANYONE if you have ever competed in any international event the rule is to obey and have the test anytime you are asked.
the matter is not to qualify, its HOW to qualify !
banco: go take a line and leave sports and people who don't do drugs alone, and thanks for our respect !
This excuse can pass VERY EASILY in lebanon I guess but it didn't pass in the FIS !!!
I just wish that one athlete will admit taking drugs! just for being honest!
If he doesn't care about the race, why he is denying taking drugs?

What a shame and such embarrassment !
4- there was an article posted in the NY magazine on the 6th of march stating that Georges Salameh didn't enjoy the training camp held in the U.S. because there were no night life and he can't order hookers in. (his american coach said that)
5- this guy is a typical BAD lebanese (I know some great Lebanese and athletes also) but Georges Salameh is not an athlete and this test should have been done long time ago.
6- we all party and we all know that taking anything from a stranger in a bar is never a good idea, not even accepting a drink, and at 33 y.o. the guy is not dumb!
7- I bet if we ask some of his friends or other lebanese athletes they all agree that this was not "saboteurs" if anyone hands him such "goods" he cannot refuse the offer.


C'est une honte pour le Liban... je l'ai vu un soir sortir d'une boite de nuit et tirer sa petite amie par les cheveux avant de la jeter par terre dans la de lui dire des gros mots, puis se tirer tout seul, l'abandonnant en plan... quel sportif aurait cette attitude et ce tempérament ? vraiment, j'ai honte, honte.....

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All of you who are judging him, you have no right to do that it's none of your business if he takes drugs or not and who cares if he has been drinking the night before the competition as long as he is participating the next day so mind your own business you bunch of nurds!!!

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