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Going to that referenced website has a lot of comments.

We all know caffeine is used, what is real big right now, are these supplements like N.O. Xplode and others using "nitric oxide" I believe with a big caffeine kick too.

That might make an interesting article some time.

Caffeine really is the main ingredient in red bull, rock star, all of those along with the B-vitamins.


this article means that caffeine is used right before real pro gaames and races. if you took n.o. before a game you would have a heart attack! caffeine block a chemical from your brain to your body that makes you tired. it also speeds your heart rate so there is more oxygen and adrenalin through your body. and since caffeine stays in your system for four hours.


Adam: That's down right ridiculous. That's what N.O. Xplode is made for, to work out. Go harrass and try to get someone else in trouble.


Does No Xplode have prohibited supstances (doping)?

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