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There were a couple of things that stuck out in my mind.

1) An appeal for his career to be judged as a whole, rather than a part- specifically pointing out his "innocence after 2003". I thought that once that needle goes in, that innocence is given up forever. Unless he subscribes to the the belief of born-again non-steroid users. My opinion is that once that hymen of non-steroid use is ruptured, that you can never go back. What, can he give up the muscles and timing and reflexes gained by steroid use and go back to being human? I think that is the topic of a superman comic, not a superstar baseball player. But really though, how can one measure the positive gain by steroids? 10%? 20%?

2) He didn't give up any names, and he ducked the question of where he got the roids. He answered the questions by saying that GNC has pulled ingredients after players failing tests. Well we know that he didn't get the roids from GNC, so that is not relevant at all! Our culture wants names, dammit, somebody has to be the one giving or recommending these drugs!

3) So Marx tells us to blame society for our problems, and Science tell us to blame our parents for our genes. A-Rod tells us to blame the "culture of baseball" for steroid use. Does that indirectly mean the fans? So, rationally, are we fans, and the "culture of baseball" also to blame for the Yankees spending enough on 3 free agents to buy a nuclear submarine? I don't think the fans were the ones handing out the steroids.

As we are still dealing with the aftermath of the steroid era, nobody can be sure how this will play out, only time will tell. But there is a body count: 104. How many other names will be released, now that we have the best player confirmed, as all the others will be seen as less significant? I would like to see some organizations be held a little more responsible, as they certainly knew what was going on. Balco was out there on the West Coast, Texas was 'Roid Central, and then it made it to the East Coast- The Yanks and Orioles are two on my mind that were very accepting and tolerant of steroid use.

Also, A-Rod just gave Selena Roberts the best press available for repping her book!


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