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I love my Steelers, but have no illusions about PED use in the NFL. Frankly, once it came out that Carolina's punter was using, I decided the whole league probably is. Lyle Alzado claimed to have started using steroids in the 60's, he won a super bowl also. The problem isn't confined to the offensive linemen of the 70's Steelers.

Martin White

I completely agree with your finding the punter's steroid use the ultimate point about the NFSL, though I also think about the team doctor for that team who I believe is doing time as we speak for that steroidal involvement, while the team doctors of the other 31 NFSL and 76 MLPEDB teams practice their craft hoping that nothing ever, ever comes out...


I've thought for a while with the number of players who get caught for steroids that what we have been watching is at least tainted. I've said that on here before.

I use to tell people, hey if 10 percent of players are using, that's still a rather large number when you add them all up. Then I'd get questions, when saying "used" do we mean habitual or at one time. Lots to think about.

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