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How rich. So (I rhetorically ask) are you neutral in this in, let us see what happens and what the evidence shows? Nah, that's no fun. After all, you're an academic and clearly know more than the rest of us. Spare no expense and use whatever investigative techniques are necessary. We must bring down The Evil One.

Dr Gaffney, most of us know that Bonds took substances deemed illegal at the time, subsequently banned, etc. It's not that we (if you allow me to speak widely) don't care, although that's true of some, it's that we don't have a personal stake in destroying a freaking professional baseball player because we don't like him. Many can rightly question why a drug (or even a placebo) can make a baseball player feel like he's at his peak isn't excactly the worst thing in sports. What? Hell, if Curt Shilling can be lauded for doping up his ankle and pitching the game of his life or our heroes of yore remain so even thought many were doped up on speed all the time, is it acceptable to you that Bonds (or Giambi or Bart Miadich, etc) isn't such an anomaly? This issue is nuanced; hell, the EFFECTS are even debated. You know this, which is why you'll probably delete my comment again.

Steroid Nation

Why would we delete your comment? Just because you insult us with demeaning remarks...that's not grounds for deletion.

I would think everyone should be impartial in the trial. It serves no one to either distort the evidence or to convict someone who isn't guilty because of bad press.

We hope that readers recognize the difference between a therapeutic intervention (ala Schilling) and doping or cheating allegedly by certain baseball stars.

We have the feeling that we will all be sick of this trial in a few short weeks...

thanks for the comment

Martin White

I think the Schilling comment is very apropos. To call his case a "therapeutic intervention" - who decides that to be the case? How do we know the truth? The answer is that we, as outsiders, have a right to skepticism if warranted. The level of illegal, unethical, dangerous performance-enhancing medical "intervention" is at least as high as the stakes were for Red Sox Nation at the time. The level of doctoring is incredibly important in the outcome of elite sports events, and the team won't win if the players aren't playing. With the money, the pressure, the self-selected willingness to stitch the stars up and get them back, using whatever means, to the field, elite sports medicine is as horribly tainted as Wall Street. Check out what Dave Meggysey was writing 35 years ago, use a little systemic logic, and there you have it, as Eddie Rabbit sang: "Suspicions"...

UGG Greenfield

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