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Franklin Mather

You say the comeback is about his ego etc. but surely it's to get publicity for his film career debut, a remake of the 1919 German movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Michele Ferrari is playing the lead and his zombie sidekick Cesare originally played by Conrad Veidt (later of Casablanca fame) will be Lance, who else. The young men who think the Doctor and Cesare are murderous criminals operating from a fairground run by characters played by Hein Verbruggen, Henri Leblanc and Pat McQuaid are to be played by lookalikes of Paul Kimmage and Filippo Simeone. In the end it all turns out to be a paranoid delusion by the young men, but they are quickly cured of their madness by the Doctor and everyone lives happily ever after. Quite scary in places but a lovely ending! Aaah!

Martin White

These are profound words, and Paul Kimmage is worthy of the highest respect. However, the sport of elite bicycling will not become "clean," at least in the minds of outside critics, because drug-testing has been shown to be easily beaten.


Please be reminded that Paul Kimmage used drugs. when he raced he doped himself. He is quite a hypocrite.


"... however almost every ending of the Tour de France appears to be very reminiscent of the ending of Ben Johnson's 1988 Olympic win: the finalists almost all doped."

Right, right, right! May you'd like to check our little "tour de farce"-table on

Hope to see you!


Kimmage has admitted to using amphedemines briefly during the latter stages of his episode of his life to which he: (1) admitted [not under positive] & (2) Displayed true remorse [Read his book : Rough Ride). To misrepresent this as hypocrisy, is to to shows a lack of knowledge of his background and character. The use of amphedemines in that era 70's & early '80's) certainly pale in light of the systematic doping that cycling has seen in the last decade...Should we mention Merckx also tested positive for amphedemines more than once (without admission) ...To Kimmage's credit, he admitted openly, honestly, and with shame. To call him a hypocrite is off base. He is trying to break the chain of Omerta the a certain LA continues to uphold.


The thing is is to not cheer and root for the winners: but appreciate all since cheating is so prevalent in sports.

That one classic rider admitted to using speed, maybe it was Coppi?

Stephen Shaw


You mean these words in Velonews?


A. Hernandez

To call someone a "cancer" regardless of the circumstance is an insult. To call someone "a cancer that is out of remission" especially when it almost took their life is not worthy of being spoken too. There is no place for it.

This is just like a police officer who thinks that he can drive fast a never get a speeding ticket. Just show your badge and you are free to drive how you please. For you it would be much the same. Show your journalism badge and you can say what you want and not face any retaliation. Maybe so, but in this case you got what you deserved. Nothing but a reminder of what your place is in the big picture. Remeber that although you may be recogmized as former great cyclist, reporter and interviewer...its just your opinion, much like this is mine.

Marcus Badach

I have read Pau'sl book,Rough Ride and actually injoyed it. However as previously said he was a doper and I believe he actually just cannot get his head around the fact that Lance may just be clean. He had to dope to keep up and it would be a little to difficult to admit others actually may not. He is the most tested athlete in the world and has had 44 tests this season alone, i suppose next Paul will write he paid everyone testing him as well?
VIVA Lance !!!


Paul, your reporting smacks of bitterness. Great athletes like Lance populate all sports. He was tested repeatedly this year and publicly posted his results. So, despite no "dope", only 10 months of training after almost 4 years of retirement and being 37 years old...he still finished the TDF on the podium. Brilliant! You need to find your happy place Paul and move on.

Jack Hunt

What damns Armstrong in my eyes is his mealy mouthed responses to doping. His reply to the question "Have you doped?" with the 'answer' I've never been tested positive' is particularly galling. This more than anything indicates a tolerance of doping and if there is a tolerance, then participation is only a hair's breadth away.

By comparison, look at the words and actions of Wiggins "Throw the wankers out".

Will the day ever come when Armstrong says that?

Hubert Rose

This guy, like all the other attackers, is trying to sell print! books paper etc. He is the one who is playing the martyr press writer. This article is nothing but insinuation because to say more would be libel. He is creating controversy to sell more print. Just like the rest. shame.

Jurgen Papa

If Lance has been tested 44 times in 2009 then why doesn't he publish those results? Only 33 test results since August 2008 has been published. And hey...Kohl never tested positive in +100 tests while on EPO, testosterone and hGH. Virenque didn't test positive either...

And how is Lance able to produce 400-495 watts for extended periods of time while his VO2 is just 5,9 l/min and his efficiency is 23-23,5%.

And why is/was Lance allowed to work with doping doctor Ferrari while others who are implicated of working with doping doctors are being harasses?

Too many questions with no real answers IMO.

Alan Walker

I have read "A Rough Ride" and found it to be a brutally honest account of the difficulties of a pro cyclist. Paul Kimmage is to be congratulated for his continuing crusade against drug use, although his vendetta against Lance Armstrong could perhaps be moderated. As far as controls go, why not take urine samples before the start of a race as well as at the finish ? It would be one extra obstacle for the dopers.

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What damns Armstrong in my eyes is his mealy mouthed responses to doping ?


Facts speak for themselves when it comes to the issue of Lance Armstrong and Doping. An athlete at an already elite level cannot improve their efficiency 8%, by training. As is the case of Lance Armstrong. The margin of improvement in an elite athlete can only be increased by a small margin of maybe 1% and less by training. In the entire history of sport an improvement of 8% efficiency has never been observed in any elite athlete other than Lance Armstrong. It just does not happen. Armstrong's physiology is the same as everyone else. Just because an Athlete has never tested positive, is not proof that they are clean, when there are ways of masking the PEDS that they put into their bodies. The quote "I have never tested positive" is nothing other than a smoke screen.

Steph of FAP Turbo

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I have read Pau'sl book,Rough Ride and actually injoyed it. However as previously said he was a doper and I believe he actually just cannot get his head around the fact that Lance may just be clean. He had to dope to keep up and it would be a little to difficult to admit others actually may not. He is the most tested athlete in the world and has had 44 tests this season alone, i suppose next Paul will write he paid everyone testing him as well?
VIVA Lance !!!

Clay Matthews Jersey

It's only an advantage if other competitors aren't doing it. You're assuming the "defeated athletes" are clean. It could be that Vasiloiu had a better pharmacist, or it could be that she was really better, or it could be that other runners were clean. That's the problem with pervasive doping--there's no way to know.


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FAP Turbo

In sports like cycling that are all about physical performance (track, swimming, etc.) and not much about strategy (baseball, football, etc.) it is very difficult to get rid of PEDs. When you are approaching the limits of human genetics there just aren't many options. I'm not saying it's right or wrong- just a thought.

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It's only an advantage if other competitors aren't doing it.

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