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i can just image the headline if bolt was caught smoking marijuana. karma????


Isn't it a bigger story the allegations that the US Swimming person bribed the News of the World not to run the story in exchange for getting some kind of super secret access to the fascinating world of Phelps?


Its obvious how phony and bias these people at steriod nation are....If Usain Bolt was caught smoking pot you wouldnt hear the end of it....But I said it ALL along if you guys wanna suspect that bolt is on drugs so is your good ole american boy MICHEAL PHELPS...Marijuana is a gateway drug right LMOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If Phelps smoked Mary Jane (MJ) back in November, then I am wondering about the items listed below....

- Has Phleps been tested out of competion since November?

- Did the MJ show up in out of competition testing?

- Is MJ tested for out of competition?

- If MJ is tested for and he passed, does this bring up a masking agent situation, or is it another example of just how phony and lacking urine testing is?


Honestly, people need to get over it. The kid is one of the most accomplished 23 year olds on the planet, and has won MORE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS THAN ANYONE IN HISTORY. Ever. I say all the haters should stop telling people how to live their lives from the comfort of their home computer, and let the greatest Olympic Athlete who has ever lived, enjoy a little pot. California has already led the way in taking steps to legalize the PLANT, and current president of the United States of America has openly discussed the possibility of legalization at the federal level. Instead, we should be showing support for the man:

Brendon Clarke


A young fan

i started swiming because of phelps. And now i feel like my spirit is broken. My ideal is broken.I use to think phelps shall always be the best

Southern Man

My understanding is that marijuana is not prohibited in out of competition testing.

I suspect Phelps could have fought the suspension and won but figured it did not affect his competitive plans for the year and probably both Phelps and USA Swimming were helped in public relations by him quietly accepting the suspension.

e cigarette

Phelps is the man!

E Cig

Phelps should win two gold medals... marijuana worsens athletic performance and he still won.

Your girl Mary :)

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