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« University of Miami (Motto: "Great is the Truth") names baseball stadium "A-Roid Park" | Main | Paul Kimmage's Lance Armstrong 'cancer' comments in context »




Though Kimmage's words seem a bit strong, Lance certainly took heavy offense. If Lance has nothing to hide, I think he would have been a bit more moderate in his response, instead, tasteless as Kimmage's words are, we wonder if Armstrong's responses are reminders of past bullying acts by the 7-time Tour de France champion.

Lance, hires once suspended Ivan Basso, Lance had as his doctor Ferrari who must be notable for EPO use, Lance chased two anti-doping cyclists down in different incidences to give them a piece of his mind, Bassons and in the second case, caught on tape, Simeoni. I mean the Simeoni incident is the reputed "zip it up" case, why would you do that to anyone? Furthermore, one can see Carmichael training systems ads on the internet. It goes to show Lance as the family man. I claim no moral highground but I'm sorry, I thought I read the guy left his wife and being unmarried is going to be a father again soon with that Olsen actress. If this is true, it is just part of the contradictory nature we are looking at with Armstrong all the time.

Kimmage, author of Rough Ride and some other books of note, was strong worded; but I've got to think, there are those out there, who are absolutely positive on even a personal level, that Lance doped so this in part could be reason for his bravery.

Steroid Nation

Kimmage obviously feels he was wronged in his career by the dopers. It is obvious he is on a crusade, which likely compromises his role as a journalist.

Not saying Kimmage's metaphor is appropriate; the cancer metaphor is not in great taste to describe Armstrong.

At the same time does Lance Armstrong want all the same groups he invoked, including he and his children to deal with doping? Does he think abusing EPO is any less of an issue than cancer? Is one disease more worthy than another disease?

As misplaced as the Kimmage metaphor was, the Armstrong tirade also was way out of line.


Irwin. Nice...


Did anyone else see the video made my LA's former personal assistant? This video was aired on a Local Community College TV Channel in my area, (Seattle, WA) in 2002. In it, this woman fully described when, how and why LA began taking performance enhancing drugs. To this day I wonder how such vital testimony could have been lost or removed from the public record.


The interesting point here is that ..... Kimmage himself was a doper ... by his own admission. Despite doping he could never as much as get close to the podium, let alone winning anything. So he left cycling and has been a bitter individual ever since. Now he is trying to reinvent himself, poacher come gamekeeper, and all he is doing is throwing mud and trying to smear reputations. It is unfortunate that a serious newspaper like the London Times has given provided him with a platform where he can spread his venom from.


durp da durp

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