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Euro Peloton

Man, well said. If Armstrong isn't called to the carpet at the Amgen Tour of California Press Conference by someone in the media, then due diligence has not been performed. To benifit from all the positive publicity and then not have to face any negative press for backing out would seem unfair.


Hi...I read your blog often, and find it very informative, well written and thoughtful. I'm a fan.

However, in this article I feel you unfairly linked the current Astana team with the one that Vinikourev rode for. They are not the same, save for the sponsor. Also, there are enough Qs about the current team and its practices to make that reference unnecessary.

In my opinion this is not up to your usual standards, and I just wanted to comment...hope you don't get mad, as I emphasize, I am not a hater or a jock-er either...just an old man who likes to ride bikes as hard as he feels like on whatever day it is.



In spite of what this blog is about I urge everyone to read this article, the oldest Olympic male medal winner passed away at the end of January. Too bad, there is not a blog on just real sports heroes.

"At the age of 80, Mr Hill attempted to equal his own world record by seeing how far he could cycle in an hour. He completed 23.5 miles, falling just 1.5 miles short of the distance he had achieved as a 21-year-old. "

And there are other good quotes in the article, I know bicycles have evolved a bit since 1937 but still a track cycle is a track cycle. That seems phenomenal what Hill did. The rest of the story is just as interesting as he was in the same Olympics Jesse Owens ran in, the Olympics held in Berlin. I doubt if Hill ever could have juiced.

Now, you all go see how good you can match Harry's riding!

Steroid Nation

Thanks for your comment about the Astana team. Although we know something about steroids and PEDs, writing on pro cycling is not entirely 'natural' for us as basketball, football, and baseball would be.

Your comments are valuable. We hope we didn't paint Astana with an over-reaching broad brush. We will go back to examine what we wrote.

Thanks again


Hi...I really appreciate that you did not take offense to my comment, and I appreciate hearing what you said that your main expertise is in the other sports. That explains a lot about your post, which seemed out of character with the long history of accuracy and fairness that I visit your blog keep me coming back with information, insight, humor, and cutting edge "prophetic" calls for honor in sport.

It would be very easy for any but the fan of cycling to not realize the change in team...but having said that, I emphasize again that there are plenty of questionable riders and managers on the current team, questionable in the sense of past allegations and practices. On that basis alone there is some "smoke". If you were to do research similar to what you do in your other areas, you would quickly discover the whys and wherefores of what I am saying, and it is not something only cycling geeks would get, it is pretty straightforward regarding the questionable things.

As I do not know any of the riders personally, I am not saying that they are dirty, but I am saying that based on a long history of following cycling avidly both on and off the bike, witnessing denials turn into admissions, reading extensively on the subject, it is clear to me the genie is out of the bottle, and nothing will get it back in unfortunately, especially when it is fueled by the flow of fame and fortune.

I have similar thoughts about professional football, major NCAA football, and virtually any other sport that has money in it...the things available for use will be used, sad but true.

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