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cmnsnse charges against this guy Ting. He is a sociopath and a disgrace to the medical community. He needs to be vetted from the profession, and you have the hammer.

John Bartolucci

This physician is supposed to be the 'go to' MD for Sports-related orthopedic injuries in the USA. From where did he receive his MD and where did he do his residency? The DEA is supposed to monitor physicians for possible abuse of prescription drugs that they may have access to. Surely they have audited his inventories and asked him to submit to blood tests... Or no? What is happening to this country of ours? - a concerned citizen.


this case will get lost in the judicial system...its a waste of time, dr. ting is one of the best, if not the best orthopedic surgeon in the country...and he has numerous professional athletes that im sure can vouch for his behavior, i personally have had a surgery done by him, and he is bashing him is pointless, because now we have one of the best doctors unable to practice, if not for dr. ting people like yao ming, barry bonds, and many other athletes careers could have been over. think about that.

Bay Area Friend

Dr. Ting is the best doctor I have ever been to. He has helped countless needy athletes pro-bono. We need more Doctors just like him.


Dr Ting is the best there is, bar none. Eiffert is a little pansy ass who thinks he knows it all and is very jealous of the knowledge and experience that Dr Ting has. I personally know Ting, he has conducted 5 successful surgeries in my knees, 1 on my foot and 1 total shoulder reconstruction and I can move and play as hard as i did before my injuries. He gives so much of his time away for free it is ridiculous. He is a true servant to his community and a master at his profession. John, Youre an idiot, how in the world do you know whether he hasnt inventoried his prescriptions? Are you assuming this? or are you making false judgements worthy of slander and deformation of character? Be careful what you write because you can be brought up in a court of law with out proper proof of the accusations you state. And cmnsnce, youre an idiot as is he a disgrace? Eiffert is the professional who called Ting a ding dong...100% for Ting...look into what he really has done for everyone and then call him a disgrace you uneducated backwoods suit happy people are the true reason this country is so expensive and a joke to others...

Without Prescription

Is possible that two people who were supposed to be an impeccable education and at the university were forging a career in medicine come to blows? they have left education and where is the ethic?

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Leonora Prince

Dr. Ting is a hero.
I was the first person in the US to undergo a hamstring reattachment repair (NOW IT IS COMMON THANKS TO DR. TING). It had never been done in the US and I had been to the "best of the best" for 7 months trying to find someone who would listen to me. SOAR clinic, USF etc.etc. He is the FIRST "best of the best" WHO WOULD EVEN LISTEN TO ME.
Everyone else’s egos were so big they did not want to touch something never done before. Dr. Ting operated on me and only charged what my insurance would cover because this was regarded as "experimental".
He IS MY HERO. I put him right up there under Jesus Christ himself. I DID say right under. Another comment was right the jealous and insecure are the ones who attack him because he IS THE BEST.
You rock Dr. Ting, and I will never forget you.
Leonora Prince
Kona HI

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Dr. Ting has performed two (2) surgeries on me and both were successful. He has a great manor and very caring, giving professional as I have experienced him over 20+ years. In a perfect world, one doesn't get mad over being called a (Ding Dong)...but in most of our worlds...this would be very aggravating! As I do not know Mr. Eiffert, I can not speak about him. However, Dr. Ting is a great Doctor, great friend and community servant and is regarded very highly by both patients and friends alike. I have seen him donate countless hours and work to youth teams that have no medical assistance without him.

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I love these docs and hospitals. They are so cute.

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Dr. Ting has performed two (2) surgeries on me and both were successful. He has a great manor and very caring, giving professional as I have experienced him over 20+ years.

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I shocked how must people be angry to say that words...

grateful patient

There is no better Orthopedic surgeon or doctor than Dr. Ting. He is a hero who dedicates his life to his patients. He has helped so many and works tirelessly often pro bono. He is the most mild mannered and humble man despite his prominence in the orthopedic field. I would not have been able to continue running if it were not for him. Friday afternoon the day after Christmas and Dr. Ting is at the hospital checking on his patient and trying to get a consultation about an issue outside his expertise. Enough said. Eiffert needs to check his ego and become more like Dr. Ting who always puts patients first and goes above and beyond.

ENT doctor

If Ting had been accused of bringing alcohol into the hospital and making cocktails for a patient Eiffert was treating for alcoholism, I don't think he's like that.

Luke Hamilton

Barbara Freitas

Dr Ting ????
These accusations are shocking to me. He did two knee surgeries on me and I was taken care of like a queen. He is a wonderful doctor a wonderful person and by the 3 years I spent back and forth in his office I can only say he was well respected and loved by all. I know if it would not have been for Dr. Ting I can't even imagine what my knee would be like today since he was the doctor that did the 2nd and 3rd surgeries since I went to him because another doctor botched the first surgery I had. He had to clean up the mess for another doctor. So when I hear these things it's amazing to me. I have not see Dr Ting in 9 years plus but have only great thoughts of all the good he did for me. I thank him always for his caring help and wonderful manners. Dr. Ting, to you thank you so much and I hope all this gets taken care of. God bless you. Some day when I am in the area I would love to stop in and say hello to you until your retirement keep up the great work you do for so many.

Barbara Freitas --- It's been many years. Hope you remember me.

John Bartolucci

My apologies to Dr. Ting, (not to you, BB, aka 'rooster'...). I wasn't accusing the MD of anything, but rather responding to the orig. allegations of Eiffert, which if true should have garnered scrutiny by the agencies that are supposed to prevent such things. Dr. Ting is an excellent surgeon by reputation, there is no disputing this fact. Whatever transpired between Ting and Eiffert probably should have remained between them. That's how it looks now, 1+ years after the alleged incident.

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resident  inFremont

Dr. Ting deserves all the respects from my family. My 9 year old son broke his
arm last year. We brought him to a pediatric orthopedist on a Friday afternoon.
This doctor said my son needed an 3 hour surgery as soon as possible, but her
schedule was already full on that day and if we wanted to go with her,
we had to wait until the following Monday.

It was already 3pm in the Friday afternoon. How could we found another doctor
who can do the surgery ASAP? In desperate, we then carried my son's arm X ray
and accidentally (My son's doctor is across street from Dr. Ting's office)
walked into Dr. Ting's office without knowing how famous or how good he is.
We asked if Dr. Ting could give us a second evaluation. Dr. Ting took my son's
case and scheduled the surgery for later that afternoon. It only took Dr. Ting
one and half hour to finish my son's surgery that the other doctors need 3 hours.
It was already 9pm when my son's surgery was done.

A few months later, my husband broke his Archilles tendon one day before Christmas.
This time he went to Dr. Ting's office directly. Dr. Ting cancealled his own
dental appointment and performed surgery right away. Both my husband and son
are not star athletes, but they received immediate and the best care from Dr. Ting.
We want to thank Dr. Ting deeply for working late in Friday afternoon and one day
before Christmas treating my family.

The night after my son's surgery, I googled Dr. Ting on internet and surprisingly
found out he is such a famous surgeon. No matter how controversial he is, we think
he is a great man. We feel so lucky to have him in our community.

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Dr. Arthur Ting is an orthopaedic surgeon and the team physician for the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League and San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League. Dr. Ting is also the team orthopaedist for Menlo College, a small liberal arts school which competes on the NCAA Division III circuit (Northwest Conference) and NAIA circuit (California Pacific Conference), and is well known for his surgeries on two wheels champions such as MotoGP 2006 World Champion Nicky Hayden and AMA champion from Texas Ben Spies.

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He should go on rage

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Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.


Oh he must know from his own experience what he is looking for)

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This article is a prime example of irresponsible journalism. There is absolutely nothing reported in there that gives any credence to the idea that Ting takes steroid. It's all innuendo based on the flimsiest of 'evidence.' You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Roids and sports. People always looking for an easy way out or an edge over the other guys...

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It only took Dr. Ting
one and half hour to finish my son's surgery that the other doctors need 3 hours.
It was already 9pm when my son's surgery was done.


This guy Eiffert must be a jack ass. Ting would not get that pissed at someone unless it was personal.This guy has operated on the countries top athletes in all sport categories. He cant be that bad of a guy. Screw you Eiffert!



Mahidhar Reddy

Don't know the guy....but some people in medicine are so quick to judge others....definitely the mark of a GOOD and ETHICAL doctor....

don pickells

I went to school with Art Ting at Occidental College in the early '70s. Art was one of the " Hawaian gang " who always had a smile on his face and a modest demeanor . I didn't have an inkling that he would blossom into such a major talent . I just remember him hanging out with other Hawaian buds and being friendly to everyone .

happy golucky

Hi Dr. Ting

You were a big help to my boys. You provided me with all the information on how to use steroids and HGH properly. My boys got college scholarships because of you (who cares if their fjaws and foreheads have grown) and beat out other athletes who were unwilling to take the PED's you helped me with. I have 2 nephews who play football and start high school next year. I have already given them "the Talk" and will be introducing the boys to you soon.
Thank You for Everything!


Strange but somehow it is good thing to do. At least he help peoples.


Big help to the guys. great job you have done


I am not surprised by this article. In 1999, my daughter had knee surgery performed by the late Dr. Don Bunce. He was a wonderful, professional, and skilled surgeon. My daughter was experiencing a little pain and swelling that evening and I was concerned. I called the office and the doctor on call who returned my call was Dr. Arthur Ting. I have never experienced such disregard for a patient's concern in my life. He basically told me, I should have expected it and what did I expect him to do about it, that I was wasting his time. It was so extremely rude, uncaring, and mean that I can remember his tone of voice to this day. Now I see that he wasn't having a bad day, but he really is a nut case!

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