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« Barry Bonds's doctor -- Arthur Ting -- goes roid rage on another doc at hospital | Main | UK Heptathlete Sotherton to Ukranian Blonska: "You cheating cow" »




When you say, toss out the records, I wince,

It's like when the Mick played, we know alcohol problems but still, when they played, Killebrew, Brock, Yaz, Clemente, Stargell and even Charlie Hustle for a lot of the time, these guys were venerated and I guess that's why in the Graduate a line is "where have you gone Joe Dimaggio": i may be wrong and Joltin' Joe obviously is before these others but that line carries the same sentiment.... and then, fast-forward, I see that Brett non-home-run and things just changed, they changed around the time Mr. October became dominant, fine player he was without any questions on him.


I'll bet he "cheated" from 1996 to 2003 too! 'Cause those numbers he put up when he was twenty were surely tainted and, you know, 'cause he's clearly a horrible player and all. Please grant this issue the depth and explanation/analysis that it merits.

Since this website seems to surround itself in the whole steroid mantra, I'd like to ask how you define "cheating"? And who are the "cheaters"? Seriously, is Mickey Mantle a cheater for being doped up on speed for who-knows-how-long during his career? Gaylord Perry gloating about his spitballs and ball manipulation? Or, is the cheater the player who took something defined as a steroid prior to 2004?

Primobolan. That going to be your choice?



Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that steroids, speed and other illegal drugs were banned in baseball by either Fay V. or Bart G. long before testing and defined penalties were introduced. I seem to remember this from a letter that was included in the Mitchell report.


The 1996 and 1999 Yankees were on roids. That's how they beat the Braves,who were not.

John Foley

"The 1996 and 1999 Yankees were on roids. That's how they beat the Braves,who were not."

Oh my god, that's hilarious. Yes, I'm sure Ryan Klesko and John Rocker never touched the stuff.

Hunter Medine

i undrstand that everyone is kind of upset that A-rod did steroids hell even me i look up to him, but we gotta go in further details about steroids and policy of it being used. Alot more players are usng them and they are not getting caught, A-rod made a mistake in his life just like everyone else does so why dont you give the man a break. He is still a very good athlete whether he used steroids or not because you got to have good technique to be as great of a player as him.


Haha hunter guess who this is!

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Rocker said a doctor hired by the Players' Association pulled aside himself, A-Rod, Ivan Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro following a spring training lecture and candidly told them how to use steroids.

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