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John Fahey, the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that Roche planted a molecule in its red-cell boosting product CERA, or Continuous Erythropoietin Receptor Activator, during its manufacture to help anti-doping authorities detect its illegal use. Roche sells the drug as Mircera.

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The Cyprus Football Association called for a disciplinary committee hearing after an investigation discovered that the members of the football team have allegedly violated local and international anti-doping laws which restrict the use of illegal anabolic steroids. Michael Petrou member of the anti-doping committee states that this case is unprecedented. He said that never in the history of Cyprus has athletes together with its coach and manager, faced a disciplinary committee on allegations of possible use of prohibited substances. Included in the group are the two assistants of the Bulgarian manager and two team physiotherapists.

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