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I've read all the congressional interviews with all three McMahons from start to finish, and I think Vince was highly misquoted. The part where he "hadn't considered the question" is misleading. What he was getting at is that perhaps the FDA and other government organizations should be spending time answering these questions for the public, rather than Congress asking laymen heads of entertainment organizations. And McMahon, albeit smug and standoffish, makes a very excellent point in my opinion.

Also, think about it for a second, why in the hell should he have to take a drug test? Is he going to suspend himself? Fire himself? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Also, consider the source. Anyone see Bigger, Stronger, Faster? Waxman, to me, seems very high uneducated as it relates performance enhancing drugs. The half man/half rodent seems to paint everyone and everything with the same brush, but with little evidence or knowledge on the subject. And the accusatory manner in which he makes declarations, all I can say to that is he's lucky he's in the position that he is. If he were an analyst or TV personality instead, he'd have some lawsuits on his hands.


Just to add to my last comment; please don't get me wrong. I think performance enhancing drugs are still a problem in pro wrestling. That being said, I have seen a noticeable difference in the emphasis on physiques in WWE in the past few years, as well as a few key guys losing a noticeable amount of mass. However, TNA and the indies still have an alarming amount of guys with unnatural body building physiques. It all seems so incredibly unnecessary. I know it's a demanding profession, but I just don't see a link between excelling at what is more an art form than it is an athletic endeavour, and looking like a pro bodybuilder.

Old habits die hard.


Performance enhancing drugs has always been a problem to all sports - how it the dismantles the notion of a level playing field, how it degenerates the bodies of people using them, how they circumvent effort and exercise, etc. These are but few of the arguments against using steroids.


I just read the transcript and thought Mr. McMahon handled himself well. He wouldn't let them bully him. They clearly have an agenda against him.

One moment I found amusing was when the committee told Vince they admired his stamina but wanted to take a break because they had been talking for the last two hours.

VInce replied "Do we have to, how much longer is this going to take?"

I feel Vince McMahon outmatched them in every way.

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I just read the transcript and thought Mr. McMahon handled himself well. He wouldn't let them bully him. They clearly have an agenda against him.

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