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For both sexes, increased aggressiveness, otherwise known as "roid rage," commonly accompanies the use of steroids.steroid-induced aggression is a real human phenomenon that can occur in individuals who take large doses of steroids for extended periods of time. This heightened aggression can lead to irritability, stress, and violence.

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Steroid is very dangerous for health still guys use it for body building and creates problem for their health. This post will be helpful to avoid such things.


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Steroid is no good if taken too much. There is a certain use of it and also levels of dosage.

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Steroids are the health ruiners, and in the current scenario many teens are getting addicted to these drugs which is a big reason to worry.

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Its obvious that using esteroids will increase violence, they are hormones which messed up the mind and stuff


why anyone will want to use steroids? I do not understand it. why not just to workout without any chemicals. you will be strong enough without steroids also.

testosterone itself raises violence behavior so I think that sport in general can lead to this. every person should control himself and do not loose a head

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