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Two comments:

1) On extending the lives of dogs. Dogs are an interesting case, especially larger dogs - they really do just "lose all the muscle" at a certain point, and while they may otherwise be completely healthy, can't get up to go to the bathroom. For me, I have no problems with trying to resolve that issue (old dogs will still die - but it'll be organ failure, or disease, not just muscle/bone loss), anymore than I would have a problem with humans shooting for the same thing (for health/medical reasons).

2) The main problem with sports doping is the specialized (and individual) nature of the sports. There will be NO END to enhancement and modification. It's unstoppable. But, what can be done, is to modify the sports to take this into account. Why not just make olympic teams much smaller, and force the athletes to participate in a range of individual/team events (perhaps not revealing the events until they begin). For individual events, no amount of doping is going to make up for not being fully proficient in the event, and no pure-physical edge will win out against a well-built team of athletes who work well together. Never mind the benefits to the athletes - rather than being locked away in a gymnastics dungeon in the Himalayas from the age of 6, they'd actually have to work on people skills, collaboration, and breadth of experience.

I actually see interesting aspects of this in reality TV - the superlatives that always seem like the favorites at the outset inevitably get tripped up when they step out of their comfort zone... OR, eventually standing out is less safe than blending in. The same idea could "save" natural-performance sporting, and really any other serious but over-specialized endeavor (Survivor Politics, anyone?).



This man has worked for decades to achieve this and you call that an economic windfall. This man may be able to increase the quality of life for all of mankind and you think that a few athletes risking their own health is more of a concern. WTF.

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Here's another kid born with the genetic defect. He doesn't need gene therapy.

"Liam Hoekstra likely has a condition called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, which means his body has very little fat and enlarged muscle fibers that make him exceptionally strong

"Less than 100 cases discovered."

Interesting case report in NEJM

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