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Karen Miller

I am quite amused by the ignorance and audacity of the author of this article. Should I assume the writer is Gary Gaffney or another "expert" If weight were such an "easy" thing to control, the weight reduction industry would not be a multi-billion dollar industry as it is. Just ask Oprah---she has every opportunity these guys have and more.. According to your logic, considering the on-going battle of Oprah against weight, she must also lack the determination and whatever other absurdity you have offered. Let's think about this, the guys made weight because of a diuretic... a water pill. What does that have to do with overeating? Hum...Oh, no, sorry, it is just that these guys are slackers, I get it. Maybe you should try their workout for a week - I'll even give you a day, and see what kind of muscle weight you gain...Oh, yes, and by the way, don't tell The Donald that Star Caps is a women's weight loss supplement, he may not appreciate it!!! Your comments are just proving the negative effects of the steroids you have tried; however, these guys didn't use steroids, they used a water pill. Case closed.

Steroid Nation

We are left wanting to binge on some chips and cheese after reading the above comment. We are left wondering what is being talked about?

Of course weight isn't easy to control when the fast food industry pushed absolute grease disguised as food. The wasted money on the weight loss industry is only equaled by the wasted money of the fgast food and worthless nutrition junk food industry.

Where do the comments about Oprah fit in. In fact we now feel like showering for having mentioned the word 'Oprah' on the blog in association with athletes.

Who is 'The Donald'? What does that have to do with anything? If he uses StarCaps then someone should tell him he is using a bogus weight loss supplement marketed to women who buy that nonsense.

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That prevents players from using any illegal drug. It's a part of disciplining these players.

Mulberry Alexa

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