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« Minnesota Vikings ship taking on 'water' as Williams boys -- Pat Williams and Kevin Williams -- look to be facing suspension for diuretic | Main | Brazilian swimmer Rebeca Gusmao -- alleged steroid user -- to be two sport athlete »




I was kind of surprised by Glazer's take on this issue. He's very good at getting stories out no matter what the consequences. In this case I wonder if he soft pedaled it to protect his image with NFL insiders (players, trainers, etc.) to keep open his sources that allow him to frequently scoop his competition.

sal m

the NFL has no interest in having their dirty performance enhancing drug laundy aired in the media. therefore, the guys who cover the NFL will not dig or question the nonsense that they've been spoonfed and regurgitated. the NFL will allow their individual knuckleheads/criminals to be brutalized by the press because the league recognizes - and is at a point where - they recognize that they don't need any individual. they are all just replaceable cogs in the machine.

however, when their "machine" becomes the target they circle the wagons and control the flow of info. their lapdogs in the media follow, thus ensuring that the story will go away.

Millard Baker

I think you've missed the point about diuretics and "weight loss". Irregardless of how medically unsound, illegitimate and ineffective the practice of using diuretics for weight loss, the general public continues to buy dietary supplements (with diuretic ingredients)that are marketed as "weight loss supplements".

One such weight loss product - StarCaps - has been shown to be contaminated with bumetanide.

This is the reason the connection between diuretics and weight loss -- and bumetanide and weight loss -- are repeatedly made in the press.

Marc Lewis

Regardless of how many times you use it, 'irregardless' is not a word!

Steroid Nation

Millard is correct, there has been reports of diuretic contamination of OTC weight loss products.

We have not missed the point at all. Abuse of medicines on the street and misrepresentation of drugs does not define medical practice.

We are returned to 'caveman justice' in the courts, but let's hope we do not return to 'caveman' medicine where a person can take whatever they want for whatever reason they want...

Steroid Nation

In the last twenty-five years, irregardless has become a common entry in dictionaries and usage reference books. It appears in a wide range of dictionaries including: Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged (1961, repr. 2002),[4] The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology (1988), The American Heritage Dictionary (Second College Edition, 1991),[5] Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary (2001), and Webster’s New World College Dictionary (Fourth Edition, 2004).[6]

Australian linguist Pam Peters (The Cambridge Guide to English Usage, 2004) suggests that irregardless has become fetishized, since natural examples of this word in corpora of written and spoken English are greatly outnumbered by examples where it is in fact only cited as an incorrect term.


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