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« Seven Russians -- including Yelena Soboleva -- banned for 2 years after doping scandal | Main | Dan Dickau: Got your back in doping control...maybe »




Even though I am getting tired of this tainted supplement excuse. Who exactly is advising these supposed professional football players? Since there are actually designer steroids on the supplement market for those who are familar with the supplement industry. Though some have been banned (Desoxymethyltestosterone aka Phera-Plex, etc) that did not stop smaller companies from making clones.

Maybe some of these supposed "tainted supplements" could infact be steroids that these "professionals" believe to be legal supplements. Though, someone would have to be pretty ignorant to assume that a legal ergogenic aid would provide results close to an illegal aid, which is what these grey-area supplements are.


Can the media please stop bashing steroids. You even realize what steroids are, it's medicine! Just like people can legally use viagra to get a hard #$% you should be able to use steroids to gain lean muscle mass. It's our bodies if I want to go pump 2000 of Sustanon , 1000mg of decadrabolin and 100mg of dianabol a day let me! Life is not fair learn to adapt. Funny how much negative attention steroids get. Then you have products like cigarettes killing thousands of people per year. You know how many people died of steroids last year?
None! I have ben using steroids off and on for 10 years never had any side effects , I look amazing 6'0 220lbs 6% bodyfat. If anyone is interested in more information on steroids and good sources check this site out its where I go.
theres also


Everyone, is a SCAM website. They take your money, tell you that your order is ready to be sent out, and you never hear from them again. They took $600 from me and $400 from someone else I know. Don't let this happen to you. The website is set up really well but it's all bogus. Don't get robbed like I did.

I second that, is a SCAM. I ordered, they told me my order was on the way and never heard back from them.


same thing happened to me


same thing happened to me. thats what ruins this sort of thing.

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a fullback and special teams player who tested positive for a form of the steroid nandrolone and received a four-game suspension.

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A failed drug test is a bigger black eye than a DUI

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