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Iowa sports information director Phil Haddy said Mandarich’s generalization did not pertain to the Hawkeyes.

“I never heard of anything back then,” he said today. “Back then, I’m not so sure we even knew what steroids were.”

Your never heard of steroids? Did you live in a cave?

Normie Boy


To the Editor;


The tragic murder of Luish Santos on SDSU campus, if not related to drug dealing, may have its genesis in the free wheeling proliferation of mini dorms in the College area. We are told by the police that four men left a party at 2:00AM ending up outside of the Peterson gym across from the Cox auditorium. The location is far from any residential location, but close to the congregant fraternity structure. The news stories by this time should have information as to where the party was held, whether these young men had high alcohol readings in their blood and what were their ages. The police and news reports are leaving out or deliberately withholding very important facts out about this case and where the SDSU police patrol cars were at the very time of the murder.

Let it be known publicly that in spite of publicity on part of the college to publicize the negative influence of beer and drugs amongst the student population, the community proliferation of minidorms where alcohol, probably source of drugs and sex reign, not to mention the filth and eyesore exteriors of these dens of inequity, have contributed to the demise of family units in the island of homes bounded by 54st and Faber way. It will be only a matter of time till a rape, overdose death or violent murder takes place before the community would finally recognize the evil action of the San Diego City council in its impotence or rather unwillingness to stop the commercial rooming house use in the R1 zone. On any weekend night students are roaming around this island of Kublai Khan Pleasure domes searching for open parties and shrieks of excitement and loud music is wrecking havoc on remaing family holdouts till the wee hours of the evening. Capped houses if successful in noise control, do not stifle the lust for alcohol products served within the ABC ignored Mini Dorms.

This island of homes with its diminishing family occupants will gradually become an alcohol, drug and sex zone with so many minis that complaints will grow weaker and weaker. SDSU may be forced to reduce its alcohol advertising with pressure not from within but from the NCAA, but it still seems to glorify Louis Bar and beer garden at the entrance to the campus. There is an urgent need for better use of SDSU police to patrol the adjacent area of campus extended to 54th st mini dorm sites, the elimination of Louis Bar, better ABC surveillance of beer parties in mini dorms, greater liability for the owners of the dorms and having the San Diego Grand Jury investigate how the city failed to implement the controls of the single family zone in allowing commercial rooming houses to flourish. The proliferation of crows in the neighborhood as a result of food trash and increase of rats makes it imperative that S.D. Co. Vector control immediately play its role infighting disease inroads from vermin. Must we wait for more tragedy to strike? I say action is needed now.

Dr. Norman Mann

Mac G

Two words: Ross Verba

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