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carl lewis is a hater he fail 3 drugs test in the 1988 who y is he talking right now.he hates jamaicans becuz he didnt want jamaicans to get scholarship to come to the us its a disgrace that carl lewis would say that.


Why is it whenever another country takes a title from an American, they (americans) get so upbeet? Well Mr. Carl Lewis In Jamaica, the only thing we know is hard work and guess what, it becomes apart of us so we learn to mix a little fun with that hard work and it always pays off for us. Go Usain - you make us extremely proud and you only make us wanna go for more.

Steroid Nation

We don't think Carl Lewis or anyone is a 'hater' (which is now the epithet to call anyone who raises doubt). However, Lewis can be a loose canon.


I have one big problem with people like carl he only comes out of the woodwork when athletes from other nations are involved. I am sure that if roles were reversed and it was american athletes who dominated the sprints Carl lewis would have nothing to say outside of USA, USA and to commend the performance of the American athletes.

Its interesteing that there was a deafening silence when marion jones, Tim Montgomerie, and Justin Gatlin turned in great performances. No one dared or had the guts to question their performances.

Lewis himself shrugs off questions about his own failed drug tests and he then calls for the use of drugs to be made a criminal offence??????!!!!!!!!

alyssa   morgan

carl lewis we r praying for u baby. i have spoken to tyson gaye he acknowledges bolt as a good clean athlete. why cant u.

alyssa   morgan

Karl lewis is taking drugs. He and god knows how many more of them cheated. to me lewis won nothing it was the drugs that did it for him. it is because he is an american why nothing came out of it. these athletes make people hate america.

Johnso murefu

I don't know what to say about Carl Lewis. He is really a shame. I wish Bolt all the best in the coming events particularly the World championships. Please break the your own world break record to add some salt into Carl Lewis' words. Lol


I used to have ALOT respect for King Carl until I heard his comments about Usain Bolt. What's amazing is I don't remember him saying anything when Micheal Johnson ran that 19.31??? That raised a red flag to me back then : \

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