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We were talking about when they doped and I wonder if there is a book with a comprehensive history of the old AFL because though, I might have expected us to talk of the '60s/'70s NFL in regards to steroids, that old AFL was when the Raiders got that wild aura they still have a bit of to this day though not in the same way, the Old orange crush were the Broncos, the Chiefs (the Dallas Texans originally), the Jets/Titans, the Boston Patriots (not New England for awhile), the Miami Dolphins (established about 1967), Buffalo Bills when they had one Jack Kemp as their quarterback (I think in the earliest years of the new AFL, the Bills and the Chargers were the best teams, more or less), am I mentioning most of those teams? and of course, the San Diego Chargers.

Ron Mix, that's a trip! I've heard of him but see, this really does go back, this is a good article. I think when the Chargers were real good was... at least before 1965 for him to be talking about them being in the Championship game off the top of my head. That is fascinating. Somehow in the '60s, the NFL was much bigger until Broadway Joe passed the AFL to near parity with the big boys and I've seen so many of the old bubble gum cards from back then and it is football lore about the Raiders/Jets game of '69 or whenever it was... you know the Heidi game.

Fascinating, Ron Mix, keep kicking! Of course, I'd heard of Tony Mandarich, another big name from back then.

Sorry, this is a blast from the past, even if not exactly my time, I'm familiar with it.

StevieG Oh, here is the wikipedia entry on Ron Mix: I think I've seen a football card of him.


Full version interview of Tony Mandarich in which he talked about steroids and which is not shown on TV, I watched here:
After watching it becomes clear why is not shown on TV
Highly recommended!

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