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The old Astana-sponsored cycling team had its problems, but it's hardly fair to imply that those issues still exist. The current team is entirely new - new riders, new management, new doctor (the UCI ProTour requires an M.D. to be on each team's staff). In addition, the new team runs a rigorous (and expensive) internal drug-screening program to be sure their riders are clean.

Quite literally, the only thing that the current Astana Pro Cycling Team has in common with the team of 2006-07 is the sponsor, who implemented the changes in the interest of running a clean team.

If the writers at Steroid Nation would've taken the time to do a little research, they'd have learned these things themselves.

I have to question the logic of anyone who would call into question the ethics of the current Astana-sponsored team. Doing so merely damages the good name of a very generous sponsor who's doing all they can to help the sport.

sal m

with all of the teams that armstrong could join, why would he pick one that has a suspicious past? is it because there isn't a cycling team with a clean history? this would have been a great opportunity for a sponsor without a checkered past to step up and create a new team for lance.


I want to believe Lance was and still is clean. With Floyd Landis and other top riders who have tested positive it was harder for me to believe Lance did what he did without substances. But if he can dominate the tour like he did in the past and prove he is not using, that will go a long way in clearing any lingering doubts people still have. I hope he does it.

Cheat or Beat

Lance would join that team because his good friend Johan Bruyneel is the director there. They have a history together, so that is the logical team for him to join. I could also see him joining Team Columbia with his buddy George Hincapie. I find the interesting this here is what Lance has announced is his motivation to returning. He wants to use his return to further promote his fight against cancer. If you were a team director, would you want him on your team knowing that is his motivation? Not that it is a terrible motivation, but it doesn't seem to be in the best interests of the team.


Eric states that the current Astana team has nothing in common with Astana in 2006-2007. However, seven of the riders from those years remain with Astana - Assan Bazayev, Steve Morabito, Dmitriy Muravyev, Andreas Kloden, Maxim Iglinski, Michael Schar and Gregory Rast. When you consider that Astana was previously Liberty Seguros, the team that was not allowed to start the 2005 Tour de France because their Director Manolo Saiz was arrested on doping charges and the team was heavily linked with Dr Fuentes, things get even more sus. Four riders from Liberty are now back with Astana - Alberto Contador, Jesus Hernandez, Daniel Navarro, and Sergio Paulinho. So it all adds up to 11 tainted riders on a tainted team. Why would you chose to ride for that team? Well, there's only one good reason, isn't there...


I've posted Lance's competitive schedule up to the 2009 Tour here if anyone is interested or has something to add:


Lance Armstrong is the Greatest Cyclist ever and the Greatest American CHEATER who probably couldn't even ride in a car without JUICING UP with Steroids. What a PHONY, what a FRAUD, he needs to be stripped of all his Fraud Title and Jailed for all the money he fraudulently earned. Armstrong Makes me SICK to be American!!


Lance Armstrong is a World Class Fraud,Doper-he is the Epitome of everything wrong in America which is FRAUD! We have Fraud PRESIDENT(see Kenya birth certif.), We have Fraud ATHLETES(see Armstrong-Landis; Juicers), We have Fraud DEMOCRACY(see Federal Reserve Bank,all pres assassinations), WE have 2 Fraud WARS;(see Phony War on Terror), We have Fraud Stock markets(see DOW 1000 pt. plunge-FAT Finger), We have Fraud Republicans(see GH & GW Bush-Illuminatti), We have Fraud citizens(see 40 mill Illegal Mexicans), We have MENTORS,ROLL MODELS,(see all Hollywood), We have Fraud WEATHER(see HAARP-Earthquake Machine/see Cap & Trade.) The only thing NOW that is real in America is the Mexican import street Drugs.)

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Lance Armstrong is the Greatest Cyclist ever and the Greatest American CHEATER who probably couldn't even ride in a car without JUICING UP with Steroids.

Although he is great, while I feel pity for him.

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Is it just me or is Joel Corey about the most under-rated player in the comp? No words about him in the blog above but he gets in the team of the year and is a show for All Australian you'd think. More under-rated than Chris Newman and that's a hard thing to do SC wise.

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