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The Finanancial power of Armstrong, an interesting term, I am almost surprised Lance does not have his own team altogether and I guess, the former, Slipstream was something like that.

I understand that a big issue in the Astana camp, seems to be with Astana having Contador who is only the fifth man in history to win all of the big 3 week tours, the Giro of Italy, the Tour de France and the Vuelta of Spain and of course, who won last year's Tour de France.

Still, with Spain having their woman competitor sent home from Beijing and with 2 Spaniards busted at this tour de France and with Spain being the home of the Operacion Puerta affair, there is reason to harbor doubts on Spain.


How do LeMond's cajones taste? Is this supposed to be journalistic or just useless online Lance-bashing? We can get that anywhere.


This, like everything LeMond has done recently is pathetic. He's the Jimmy Carter of cycling. Hasn't aged gracefully at all.

StevieG The Bike Radar article is a tad bit difficult to read if we aren't scientists ourselves, the NY Times boils it down a little. This story is going to be evolving for a long time, we will have to see what forms it takes.

Lemond certainly grilled this Catlin fellow and seems to already have his suspicions. Lemond can't tell us, but I'd think he'd be enough in the know to know some information that maybe he can't discuss because it'd be libel and stuff.


Lemond is absolutely correct about the true insignificance of P/E ratios being used over power/watt figures. I'm a scientist at UCLA. Making performance conclusions on P/E ratios is perhaps somewhat equivalent to basing investment decision on market forecast reports, as opposed to actual real-time evidence.

Steroid Nation

I think you mean T/E ratios. :-)/ P/E is what's screwed up on the stock market.

The T/E ratio isn't a bad screen for doping with testosterone. However BALCO proved you can manipulate that ratio. Furthermore an athlete simply times his use of the drug.

LeMond has a great point. However, the issue with longitudinal monitoring of lab values lies in the odds of popping out an outlier based on the number of lab tests run.

dave purtee

No argument from me, Lance is a great TDF rider. That said, he's also a one trick pony. All the great racers raced, all season, every race they entered. Like Lemond did...


It's spelled "cojones." The word "cajones" would refer to drawers in a piece of furniture or some large boxes. :)

Steroid Nation

Noted and changed



If samples are frozen to be investigated in the future, why then does Armstrong now refuse to do a retest of the 1999 Tour de France blood samples? It's the same principle, isn't it?
If he really has nothing to hide why not cooperate with the French laboratory and anti doping agency?
It's this kind of trickery that keeps the doubts alive!


Arnold: good question, but the Armstrong camp would want us to question the integrity of the custody and keeping of these samples, etc. Armstrong and Landis too, would like us to believe the French are not hospitable towards the 2 American riders. Of course, the lab that has the samples is endorsed by WADA - World Anti-doping Assoc.(a lot of technical talk, I hope I basically say what it boils down to).


Please let's give Mr. Lemond his due. he was is and always will be our first Tour De France Champion and our plankowner for cycling. Lance Armstrong is a media darling and a product of a rebuilt body scientifically after cancer. What did he win before that? the Tour Du Pont? A worlds time trial? both of those are skewed because the
world's best wasn't even at those events. let us not forget how Big Mig blew his doors off during the TDF time trial. please whether armstrong is guilty of doping, I don't think anyone will ever know, but the real truth of the matter here is that in a matter of 1 year after Indurain's final victory doping in some form has become rampid in the peleton. Most of the big power's since then have either been caught or confessed to such actions. Lemond is simply upset at what has become the face of cycling, and cycling is being destroyed by drugs. his agenda I feel certain is to try and help clean up the sport by asking tough questions and expecting tough answers. Livestrong is a great message to cancer fans i agree, but lance armstrong battle with greg lemond or vice versa isn't good for the sport either. Lance is a doper of some sort in my book simply because of what I have seen happen in the peleton over the last ten years. Conditioning training etc. hasn't changed that much and all things considered equal if any one doubts greg lemond isn't a whiz at figuring out that you can classify yourself as a LieStrong peep. go make your money mr. Armstrong and your fame., but remember this it was mr. Lemond who opend up those doors long before you with a clean hand.

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