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Just because this is the Internet does not mean that slander and liable do not exist. I suggest you look into this story a bit further before posting an ill informed screed against someone who's business reputation is a top priority.

Phil Dirt

How did this bozo ever get through medical school? Univ. of Iowa Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry? Nice.

He talks about deception. Deception? How convenient that he fails to mention that the ESPN "reporter" came to Hornaday's house to interview him about his pursuit of another truck series championship, but instead got him alone and confronted him with "evidence" of his steroid use. And Hornaday's plan of deception worked perfectly when he freely admitted it and told the "reporter" that there was no need to get him alone - his family knew about it. Brilliant!

Go help some kids and stay out of areas in which you have no clue.


This story is a flagrant lie! I believe that the only "story that's unraveling" is EPSN's. Its too bad the Promotions unit of NASCAR signed a multi-year agreement with ESPN/ABC, otherwise ESPN should be barred (again) from NASCAR reporting.

Afan of 33

look he has graves disease jerk get your story straight milloins of people take synthroid including me it is not addictive it's to regulate our thyroid stupid ESPN!!!

ROFL. If you have a medical condition, then you go to a doctor, and they treat it. You don't contact shady people over the internet and illegally acquire controlled substances. Self medicating at home, without informing your boss or racing officials when you are competing at the highest level of the sport is completely stupid and is definite grounds for suspicion and investigation.

I don't mean to offend the Ron Hornaday fan club above, but you are blinded by your love for your driver.

Steroid Nation

Exactly. It is inconceivable someone suffers a serious medical condition then comes up with a solution including anabolic steroids and/or HGH.

What if Hornaday suffered from prostate cancer? He injects a androgenic anabolic steroid that PROMOTES growth of the tumor.

This is wrong on so many levels.


Wow, its embarrassing that such a moron is from the University of Iowa.

NASCAR doesn't "ignore" doping. They knew he was taking them for health concerns. It was either take them or die in his personal health problems. ESPN failed to state that though, even though he told them that.

And to, you are wrong on one thing. His boss and NASCAR knew. NASCAR drivers have to get physicals every year. He told his doctor each year during listing medications he is currently taking. The doctors report that to NASCAR and Kevin Harvick (hiss boss). Plus, Harvick even began random drug-tests of his team.

Sorry, man, the only moron here is a guy who takes testosterone or HGH for Graves Disease. Maybe if he didn't want to 'die in his personal health problems' he might have consulted a competent doctor who could have easily diagnosed and treated his problem.

If NASCAR 'knew' then there are a few more morons running around out there...

thanks for the comments.

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