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Although I read this blog regularly, whether Hochuli uses steroids is not an issue. Abuse in ergogenic aids in sport is one issue. Use of such aids in the use of the public should not be an issue. The NFL overreacted as well to Wade Wilson's HGH use. The role of the NFL, nor the government of the United States, should not be to control what people put into their bodies. If that is the case, start drug testing politicians.

Steroid Nation

We put on the Hochuli thing as a light-hearted piece to break up the Jamaican sprinter controversies.

However, now that you mentioned it, Steroid use by the public is an issue. More people use steroids for appearance enhancement than for performance enhancement. That leads to many problems; in England steroid abuse now ranks as #4 in treatment centers.

Clearly drug abuse is a public issue. The USA long ago determined that certain drugs should be prescribed by professionals, rather than simply dumped out on the market. That is felt to be in the public interest.

We identify with some Libertarian stances, however on this one, we have to argue for regulation.


I believe "Student" is expressing the currently popular Ron Paul view, mostly supported by Marijuana users. One reason Steroid use in sports has garnered so much attention from Congress is because of the example it sets for young people and the public. You may think government should stay out of such things, but I think as long as my tax money is paying for addiction treatment and uninsured junkies, government should care.


Decided to register just in case some attempts to post under my name.

I am happy that both SN and Cheator at least accept my views, even if they do not agree with them. It probably would have been best to not mention the government and bring politics into my post. Though, I will say a few things and then TRY to leave the politics out of further comments. I am not aware whether there are studies pertaining to differences in drug use populations (in terms of crime, treatment addiction rates, etc). However, it is often considered that most people are not breaking into cars to steal radios to feed their steroid habit. I am not saying that steroids should be completely legalized. But, at what point does the government have a say or not have a say on harm to ourselves? Alcohol, tobacco, cars, guns, OTC medicine these are all issues that seem to be bigger problems in this country than PEDs. Yet, when you listen to Joe Biden talk, that guy has a vendetta against steroids in sport. This is an issue that should not be given as much time in Congress as it has been. Should we get rid of fast food or cut out the duration one can watch TV because it can be detrimental to one's health?

I probably would not have posted had I realized the Hochuli piece was light-hearted. That is the trouble with the internet, one can rarely get an accurate idea whether people are poking fun or being serious.

Steroid use is definitely a public issue, especially when considering that a majority of the users are professionals in the workplace (as you mentioned, aesthetics over performance). But how often are these people going to treatment? Once again I do not have any statistics, I am just inquiring.

On a sidenote, thank you Dr. Gaffney for this blog as it is definitely an interesting and fun read.

Steroid Nation

I think it is great to present your view. Never be inhibited about an opinion that is backed up with facts and logic.

It is true that personally we ate Steroid Nation are sick of Govt regulation; we are involved in health care, which about all we need to say about that.

On the other hand, many of the PEDs are dangerous and obnoxious. Take EPO for instance. EPO is frankly a wonder drug. No wonder the pro cyclists consider it the doping agent of risk. Incredible resutls from doping with EPO.

However the risks of EPO are significant: cardiac disease, tumor growth, strokes, death. Insulin, HGH, same difference.

What about legalized PEDs monitored by a physician? Interesting. Considering all the forms of EPO about to explode (some already) one wonders how a sanctioning agency can test for all these PEDs?

Could a doctor prescribe and monitor PEDs? We are looking into that with some simulation software. Anyone interested in a project?

The side effects of PEDs that cause morbidity and mortality do affect us all -- at the health insurance bill, sometimes in public behavior (although 'roid rage is not experienced by all, there is a significant minority who increase their aggression, including some cops)

Do kids break into cares to obtain money for 'roids? I would not rule that out. Certainly the juicers sell 'roids at local support their wit David Jacobs.

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