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Why is there no blood-testing for drugs at the World Swimming Championships?

There is no problem if you don’t go looking for it! This could be FINA’s latest catch-phrase.

At the current FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) World Swimming Championships in Melbourne there is no blood testing for drugs. Why not?

They only blood test them at the olympics? Well I guess that gives the american swimmers plenty of time to get juiced up. Sprinting is dominated by BLACK athletes and SWIMMING BY WHITE athletes. Thats why whitey dosent care about proper testing in swimming.

But MICHEAL PHELPS dosent have to get blood tested at the World Swimming Championships. NOW I SEE HOW HE OT ALL THOSE RECORDS AT THE OLYMPICS!!!!




Why is whitey only giving bolt hell but phelps is getting a free ride? WHitey dose not want to see a black man successed. Dope is a common thing in most professional sports but whitey gets in a RAGE when its a black man lol. Whitey only cares if its the black man thats cheating and making them look inferior.

I see tons of articles on barry bonds, usain bolt and marion jones. BLACK athletes. What about Jason Giambi, Bill Romanowski,Roger Clemens. All these people are cheaters but whitey plays special attention to the black athletes.

Dont get me wrong whitey dose do an article on their athletes if they get caught. But as soon as it hits the news, we wont hear about them anymore. But barry bonds will live in infamy. Who cares about roger clements. As far as whitey is concerned, Barry Bonds was the BIGGER CHEATER so he deserves all the attention.

You think whitey will drag Micheal Phelps name through the mud EVERY DAY if he gets caught? They probably already have an excuse for MICHEAL PHELPS. His ADHD was flaring up. I wonder what "medication" is he taking for his ADHD. It becoming quiet the trend!


WHY DONT YOU HAVE A TAG FOR MICHEAL PHELPS? Steriod Nation is missing the opportunity to say I told you so if phelps get caught. But they arent really interested in phelps. Usain Bolt is the bigger cheater of the two. I say so because whitey KNOWS that usian is cheating.

Why dont you people at steriod nation give unbiased negative attention to white athletes as you do the black ones? I dont me write one stupid article and call it a day. Give micheal Phelps his own tag. Write at least one or so article about him a day like you do bolt. Try to figure out what possible drugs they used to "build the perfect swimmer". You had that idea previously on bolt lol!!

You people at steriod nation need to be equal opportunity haters!!



"There is no problem if you don’t go looking for it! This could be FINA’s latest catch-phrase".

This blog wouldnt get any attention if they were to suspect micheal phelps and others of cheating. They know whole heartdly that micheal phelps is clean. Its much easier to LOOK at Usian Bolt and lable him a cheater.

They dont need to test the white swimmers like they do the black sprinters. They can LOOK at them and tell their clean lol.

14yo Chinese Gymnast

Oh Dear Lord, yams!!
"USPlabs is the first and only company to discover the extremely detailed process that activates these natural steroidal glycosides."
Yes, all these science labs in universities and governments worldwide have failed to sport this-- oh, wait this company website makes it look on the up and up.
Well, at least Bolt's dad is making some money off his son.


Truth is, nobody knows about any of these athletes. The difference between Phelps and Bolt is mostly a matter of the extraordinary shift in the record times, not the overall performance. Phelps may very well be 'dirty'. Nothing would surprise.
The racist accusations need to end here, however. This is not about race. Plenty of white folk have been caught 'on the needle', from baseball players to swimmers. Asians etc too.
This is a universal problem. Many substances now cannot be tested what are we to do?
I think we've seen, decades ago, the last of the performances that are not suspect. Maybe time to take money out of athletics. That is the worst culprit.
Slinging racial accusations is worse than bad form. It just avoids the real issue.


Silly. Yam is just like Potatoes. I am an African and eat Yam a lot. It is the exact opposite of what is being researched. I can't eat more than a slice or two of yam or cassava and the likes as they are heavy meals. No serious minded athletes will take yam as regular meal. Instead of indulging in issues that you are not aware of, people should simply go to any African shop, buy yam, cook it and see if you are stronger or not. Believe it or not, if you don't exercise after eating yam, you'll become obese.

Ronald Ace


How can Yam overcome the potential of "years of training and efforts"... Yam may be a source of "superhuman powers", but it still wont work if there is no proper exercises and drug free bodybuilding...

Robert Peterson

Regarding the double standard in swimming v. track and field: Your argument has zero backing. The reason white people dominate swimming events is because white people have more endurance than black people. White people, as a rule, have more slow twitch muscle fiber. Black people have, as a rule, more fast twitch muscle fiber... Google it, you can learn alot from Google...


USA is the biggest producer of doping and doppers in the world.


2Robert Peterson, yeah, that's probably the reason why kenians rule long distances.


You idiots commenting on race are the problem. YOUR the racists. Phelps was tested for steroids. Get your facts straight and leave race out of it.

Baseball Workouts

Yams on the banned substance list...that wouldn't surprise me at all.

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