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I think this is the worst article i have ever read.


I find this rather odd that one of the poorest country in the Caribbean based on IMF GDP ranking. Is unable to source the money to build state of the art training facilities but can develop sophisticated undetectable BALCONIAN drugs of which only they have access to and of which they are the caretaker of all information concerned, laughable if you ask me. Fraser and the MVP camp trains in a weight room, a space less than 300 square feet at the back of a gymnasium filled with university students completing a phys-ed classes. The average high school in the United States has facilities that are many times “better” and more sophisiticated.

There is poetic irony here lies in the simplicity of this setup. MVP cranks out world class athletes year after year counting on a tight budget, green grass, and campus parking lots.What really baffles the mind is how this poor country turns out gold medal contenders running up university dorm stairs and around grass ovals.
Oh I guess it makes sense to think they are able to line up in-front of the richer countries in the world with GDP seven times more to get or develop these clandestine technology.
And if its not been developed in Jamiaca it must be developed elsewhere with the sole purpose and objective of creating a line of superhuman Jamaican Athletes.

Wow or did i just inadvertently uncovered this wondering conspiracy hmmmmmmm

john one

boring.get a life.your article makes no sense and is full of crap can a country without a proper foresic lab to counter iot's massive crime problems get money for a super drugs lab for a few athlete who make very little money?
are you saying human beigns are not capable of great feats?

john one

boring.get a life.your article makes no sense and is full of crap can a country without a proper foresic lab to counter iot's massive crime problems get money for a super drugs lab for a few athlete who make very little money?
are you saying human beigns are not capable of great feats?


WHAT ABOUT MICHEAL PHELPS???????????????????????????????????????





You are just bad minded and grudgeful!! And quoting Conte is akin to having bank robbers guard the Federal Reserve or Judas saying to Jesus 'it wasn't me'.

You are disingenuous - Ottey's B sample was negative. Ask yourself this question - how is it that Jamaican Athletes have been winning in the NCAA but always losing to the US runners in the big meets? Was it as a result of a man name Conte?

Now the WADA has leveled the play field and you all can't 'juice up' anymore you try to implicate Jamaica who has benefited from tests by WADA. Thank God for WADA...may they stay ahead of the likes of Conte forever. WADA, Jamaica welcomes you to come and stay if you want...test us daily, but test the US too.

14yo Chinese Gymnast

DJ Johnson Please choose:

A: "Here, they have better instruction, we have resources, sponsors,"


B: "By US standards, the training facilities are second class. Jamaica's top sprinters cram into UTECH's tiny gym to pump rusty weights, and they often practice on the school's basic grass track.


"We have to be creative, because we don't have the resources," says Davis, explaining that the lanes of the track are marked with diesel and burned because the school can't afford the machine that lays down chalk lines every week or so. "We had a choice: complain about the resources and do nothing or work with what we have."

14yo Chinese Gymnast

Please ignore the second "OR"


Here's my 2 cents.
Jamaicans do not have to defend themselves. Probably we should stop responding to their uninformed, stupid and sore losers articles. We know how proud Jamaicans are and we would have had many more gold medals if it were not cheats in the US.
Our athletes do not have the luxurious training conditions that the developed countries have. Adversity is the best motivator in life.


Why dont you post more articles on U.S. athletes like phelps, morgan hamm. Why all the focus on athletes from foreign nations. White american athletes are not CHEATERS too??????????????????????Its obvious you people here have an agenda. What kinda PEDS do you think Phelps is on. Why dont you ask Victor Conte for advice about that. Dos evictor conte also think Phelps just has talent.


Please click on or copy and paste the link below to see WADA's response to this American Media campaign of disinformation on Jamaica and Usain Bolt. This should put an end to the trash being published in the American media.

Steroid Nation

1. People need to realize we at Steroid Nation did not write the articles above. We link to them and quote them. Those articles do not represent our opinions which are: achievement is the sum of a complex group of variables including (but not limited to) genetics, environment, culture, training, motivation, medical care, coaching, peers, and yes sometimes doping. Rhetorically one could ask: 'Why does Canada produce great hockey players?'

2. Please read the content of our blog. We have a multitude of articles about USA athletes who dope. We not very kind to them.

3. Michael Phelps has nothing to do with Usain Bolt and Jamaican sprinters. To even bring up a swimmer is a tremendous violation of any logic. It's smokescreen. And we did put in an item about Phelp's 'doping'. Read it.

4. What exactly is t his 'disinformation'?

Again, this would all be solved if the IOC required a standard of biological testing before any country is allowed to compete in the Olympics. Is any country allowed to participate in world financial markets without standard good practices?

We would love Jamaica to prove to the world that the athletes are clean.

When 3 of the last 4 100M WR holders were dopers, it stands to reason fans will be suspicious of new records. Talk is cheap. Prove to the world, that Jamaican sprinters are the real thing!


Bulls...I suppose that in your country you are guilty until you are proven innocent...well that not what we prove that they are guilty...with facts ... not innuendos. Shame on you... choosing to be judge, jury and executioners all at the same time. We do not have to prove we are clean...we are clean prove otherwise and do not judge us by your low standards.

Read the article re the Head of WADA comments on this issue...I guess you are afraid of the truth. That is what is wrong with you think that you are the repository of all knowledge when everyone else are fools.

You are all bad minded because a third world country has 'whupped' you good and proper.


Steroid Nation

Typical WHITE behavior the black amn is gulity but the white man is clean.

"Michael Phelps has nothing to do with Usain Bolt and Jamaican sprinters. To even bring up a swimmer is a tremendous violation of any logic".

SO Phelps cant be on dope bcause he's a swimmer??? Its easy for yo to accuse a black man from Jamaic aof doping but not a white american boy? Your american so you would't dare writ eartciles abou micheal phelps. Karma is a bitch!!! Keep hoping for someones demise and it will come back to you!!


(We would love Jamaica to prove to the world that the athletes are clean.

When 3 of the last 4 100M WR holders were dopers, it stands to reason fans will be suspicious of new records. Talk is cheap. Prove to the world, that Jamaican sprinters are the real thing!)

Why dont you question micheal phelps performance also during the olympics. 8 gold medals and 7 records sometimes with half an hour rest before his next swim. IS that not superhuman? He's white so Phelps just has pure talent while the black guys is the obvious cheater????

Wh dont you do an article on the american swimmers that you suspect of cheating. One of them got caught already. I wonder how many more of them are out there.


World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) director general David Howman says the Americans seemingly building a doping case against Usain Bolt should look at themselves first.

Bolt, 23, has come under scrutiny since his triple gold, triple world record performances on the track at the Beijing Olympics, winning the 100m-200m double plus gold in the 4x100m relay.

Part of the pressure comes from the fact Jamaica has been slow to set up its own anti-doping programme but Howman, a New Zealander, dismissed that.

"Sometimes these doubts are cast but I would suggest some Americans could look at themselves first. They had cheats in 2000 [Marion Jones] and cheats in 2004 so they think no one wins without cheating.

"Why is the emphasis on that fellow and not, for example, on [eight gold medal winner] Michael Phelps? Both those guys are just freakish athletes."



Jamaicans seem to feel insulted. I personally do not believe there is any one who has ever run below 9.9 seconds 100 m without using PEDs at some stage of the career. No one says that Jamaica has invented new drugs. It is enough to use good old steroids during off season. We were told that there is a new HGH test in Peking. Where was it? Or did this rumour work as a deterrent? Mike Phelps has faces which seem to tell a story about using HGH during his career. All in all there were hundreds of drug cheats - in excess of age cheaters and doped horses - in Peking, only handful were caught. Cheaters came from all the continents. Jamaicans certainly were not leading dopers. Bolt has talent.


With regards to Merlene Ottey testing positive, it was admitted to be a lab error!


The comments here regarding racism are pathetic. This website chronicles doping stories throughout the world and has literally had thousands of articles regarding athletes everywhere from China to the USA, to claim that it is singling out black athletes is completely untrue. Want proof?

Here are some links to articles on white athletes that appear on the front page of the blog:

Honestly, still don't believe me? How about these articles on HORSES

Actually read the blog before you insult it's author and start throwing out ridiculous accusations.


U people are real assholes, all i see here is jealousy. So what if they train with rusty weights and run of grass track, even with u ppl great sdvsnce equipments ur still losers.


Fuck unuh we nu have fi prove notiin, unuh favour shit. bet if it was one of ur ppl u wouldnt be writing these things or saying that the person is doping gweh, guh suck unuh self & get a life. Bad mind ppl

john one

i say,get a better computer,with a better keyboard as you will be writing alot more articles about our athletes,because are taking this shit over forever.
jamaica land we love

ps.go get a life

john one

man say he's got a suspicion of every you wheelchair bound?..damn you will be suspecting them in the special olympics
man need to get a life and stop hating other ppl's acheivments


IF BOLT ran out of his lane and the medal was awarded to an American, am sure there would be no drug argument.AMERICANS your kingdom has fallen.Please dont send the Marines to invade the Caribbean insearch of drug.Am sure the FBI and CIA are on the alert.


I've posted several times, and really just want to add this note. In track, to lower your time in a sprint by anywhere from two-tenths to five-tenths of a second is, as another author penned, a huge red flag. Look at the times of the absolute best sprinters over the past twenty to thirty years. Clean sprinters can change their times, once they hit peak, maybe a tenth to two-tenths, depending upon circumstances. More often, they post slower times. Even doped sprinters have inconsistency...but the sudden surges down happen in a flurry...all of a sudden they are posting clusters of sub-9/8's etc. Why? The 200 meters is a sterner isn't by accident that times in it decreased very slowly. Most of us who follow track have a very hard time with M. Johnson's record (and his physique) have Mr. Bolt suddenly drop .37 from his own best time is, well, intergalactic. Yes, he's a tall man, and has a long stride. I ran on track with a guy who had a freakish stride length (and decent speed), but he was unable to translate that into world class times (not bad times though). It was the strength to produce the turnover that was lacking. At that height, it requires great strength (and amazing endurance) to continue the churning necessary. And at 180 meters, the lactic acid is your enemy. So. As I said, maybe Bolt is a new human type...something incredible. But I doubt it.



WHy do you have an obsession with BOLT. Why dont you try to figure out what PEDS micheal phelps is on too??

Its obvious what you people are doing, so obvious lol!!!


A BLACK MAN is guilty until proven innocent in AMERICA!!!


Why do you have an obsession with me? For all I know, Phelps is doping too. My background is in track and field. That's why I talk about Bolt. I knew and saw many worthwhile athletes 'in the day' and respected what they did to get their results. It is (or should be) a beautiful sport to watch, but now looks like a bunch of linebackers competing. As to "you people", what people? Some weird conspiracy? What are we doing? Asking hard questions? Why not look into the issue (which is world-wide, I've already said so) of doping? The fact is that Conte's word turned out to be true, and Jones et al turned out to be liars. Humans, frankly, lie like hell a lot. There was a famous survey some years ago given to many potential Olympic athletes. In it, they were asked if they would risk their health (by using drugs, especially steroids) in order to get a gold medal. A huge number said yes indeed they would. Forgotten the exact percentage, but it shocked me (and lots of others). As for the potential doping scandal stuff viz a viz Bolt...I could have written a similar piece about Powell, or Frasier, or....but Bolt is the one front and center. So he's the lighting rod. Sorry if that offends you. Lots of people yelled about Barry Bonds...but it's pretty clear he abused. I understand hurt pride. I wasn't thrilled to learn that Pettigrew admitted to doping, losing the gold medal for his three teammates. Same for Jones. Etc. They're from MY country. It bothered me just like it bothers you. The problem is this: bottom line, we are in the middle of a prolonged drug issue in sports, and it will only get worse, not better. What can we do about it? Well, complaining and calling people names and murmuring about conspiracies or bigots or .....that won't solve it. As I said elsewhere, I don't care if you are short, tall, fat, green, white, black, orange, from an island, peninsula or the middle of Siberia. I only care whether sports can return to some semblance of reality. If it can't, then we are all SOL.


Webmaster...please post my comments to the correct page. This has been directed to the wrong prior comment...


I have an uneasy feeling that you guys are trying to set up our Jamaican athletes so that you can justify your claim that we are on drugs. It brings back memories of the claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. The American media was churning out its propaganda in full force and many believed the bullsh.. Well, just as there were those who saw through the big lie,so today there are many who see through this big lie again being churned out by the greatest bunch of propagandists the world has ever seen.

There is, however, a huge difference between even attempting to plant WMDs in Iraq (because the entire world was watching) and slipping banned substances to unsuspecting athletes, say in a sweet, a drink of water, some food or some other clandestine way. So I say to all Jamaican athletes, watch your back carefully, the Yanks are trying to get any means necessary. Don't say I never warned you all!!!


Mr Know it all - Wittgenstein please read the article below taken from: is-freaky.html. It may just help to educate you.

Bolt Is Freaky Fast, But Nowhere Near Human Limits
By Alexis Madrigal EmailAugust 25, 2008 | 5:10:34 PMCategories: Sports

As astonishing as Usain Bolt's record-breaking 100-meter sprint was, his time of 9.69 seconds is nowhere near what biostatisticians predict is the natural limit for the human body.

But because he broke the mathematical model that had fit 100-meter record data for almost a century, Bolt's incredible performance could reset how fast researchers believe humans ultimately can run.

"This trend seems to defy simple curve fitting," wrote Tatsuo Tabata, director of the Institute for Data Evaluation and Analysis in Japan.

Statisticians have used a lower limit for 100-meter times at about 9.45 seconds, according to Tabata and other researchers. The exponential curve seen above -- which is drawn from an equation calculated to fit the world record data -- had been quite successful at predicting the steady progress of faster and faster 100-meter times. But Bolt's recent string of world records was clearly not an expected event: The model didn't predict a 9.69 until almost 2030.

Though no statistician we spoke with had recalculated their numbers, the new world record is likely to rejigger the equations they use to calculate the maximum human speed.

"With this new data, [the predicted fastest 100-meter time] would probably go down a little bit," said Reza Noubary, a mathematician at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and author of a textbook on statistics and sports. He had previously calculated an "ultimate record" of 9.44 seconds for the 100 meter.

Mathematicians like Noubary don't use the body's physiology to assess human physical limits. They were merely working with data that suggested that human speed increases were decelerating and would eventually stop completely. Indeed, in some events, like the long jump, the pace of record-setting has slowed nearly to a stop. That record has only been broken twice since 1968.

But it could just be that mathematicians have been modeling the pace of progress wrong all along.

Several years ago, Jonas Mureika, a physicist at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, developed a model using techniques drawn from seismology that predicted a Bolt-like time by 2009. But, he didn't believe his own numbers and decided not to publish the work.

"The record then was about 9.79 and [the model] predicted these crazy times, that by 2009 it'd be down in the high 9.6s," Mureika said. "I thought that's crazy, it's not going to progress that fast. Every day that I think about that, I kick myself. That's my penitence for doubting the numbers."

Despite the success of Mureika's model, Peter Weyand, a physiologist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas who focuses on the biomechanics of running, said that mathematical models could never predict how fast humans might eventually run.

"Predicting it is fine for the sake of kicks, but it's not a scientifically valid approach," Weyand said. "You have to assume that everything that has happened in the past will continue in the future."

He suggested that it's impossible for mathematicians to predict the magnitude of the freakiness of athletic talent at the extreme margins of humanity. Bolt, it turns out, is a perfect example.

Weyand, who has conducted research on the body types of the top 45 100-meter sprinters in the last 15 years, said that almost all elite runners conform to the body norms for their race length, except for the most-recent Olympic champion.

"Bolt is an outlier. He's enormous," Weyand said. "Typically when you get someone that big, they can't start."

That's because muscle speed in animals is generally tied to their size. For example, rodents, being much smaller than elephants, can move their muscles much faster. The same holds true for human beings. Sprinters are short and have more fast-twitch muscle fibers, allowing them to accelerate quickly, but compromising their ability to run longer distances. Four hundred-meter runners, almost always taller, have the reverse set of muscle fibers.

Bolt, though, combines the mechanical advantages of taller men's bodies with the fast-twitch fibers of a smaller man.

"We don't really know what the best form is and maybe Bolt is redefining that and showing us we missed something," said biomechanicist John Hutchinson of the Royal Veterinary College at the University of London, who studies how animals move.

Hutchinson also agreed with Weyand that the human speed limit will remain impossible to predict with any confidence.

For him, it's the International Olympic Committee and other regulatory authorities that will determine how fast athletes will be able to run by limiting the amount of advanced biotechnologies sprinters can use.

"The limits will be largely set by the rules of the IOC," Hutchinson said. "It's kind of an arms race with the regulators of the sport and the people trying to push the technology to the limits. At some point here there must be a détente where technology can't push us any further and the rules will restrict it."

With techniques for gene therapy likely to become available at some point in the not-too-distant future, Weyand said that its use by athletes was "inevitable."

"You could see really freakish things and we probably will," he warned.

Stephen Gunter

re: your comment "- Bolt and the Jamaicans claim they have been extensively drug the Games."

I suppose you missed:

IAAF: Bolt Tested At Least 11 Times in 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competes in the 200-meter Olympic final Wednesday night, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track and field federation (IAAF).
Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee--including three blood tests--since he arrived to China, Davies said.
Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track and field athletes included in the IAAF's targeted testing program. The IAAF spends $2 to $3 million annually on the program, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programs get tested frequently. Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year, six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.
Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes' blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.
Bolt's and Powell's results "look OK," Davies said. "If it didn't, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that."

Your bias is so obvious it is disgusting. You do not even pretend to research a topic before making a snide comment about it. Pathetic.


most jamaicans are born athletes.we run to school,church,shop up hill down hill we are always running.when we are picking our fruits we dont use a ladder we climb or fling (throw)no matter how high it is.come down and look at our training program we start them at basic school(3YRS OLD) thing i can say if we can create a drug that makes Bolt run so fast LOOK OUT, WE ARE GOING BE THE FIRST COUNTRY TO DISCOVERY THE CURE FOR AIDS. "BOLT SELL OFF"(HE IS THE BEST)

john one

are you american mongrels claiming you have met every human beigns?
stop this bullshit data fact and anything you call it.some people are fast,some people are fat,some people are very bright,some are not,some can hold their breath for for minutes,some drown in seconds.there are no rules,human beigns have no envelope.we can push past any limit set by some guy who wrote some book somewhere.

jamaicans are very gifted,americans are not..get used to it..


To those screaming about Phelps, please do your research. Since the Balco fiasco, US athletes have been put under a microscope. Not only are they subjected to constant and random testing, Michael Phelps went out of his way to do more tests and make himself and his training available and a wide open book. The same cannot be said about Jamaican Team and Bolt. There are no standard tests done in Jamaica. Many of the drugs which are being discussed are used for training and during training. Without access and testing of the athlete during this time, it can no longer be proven that an athlete is 100% clean. History dictates otherwise.
How many of you were defending Marion Jones? Do you know where she is now? Again, do your research. So until you put your facts together and/or earn an M.D. like the author, I suggest you keep your obviously biased and racist mouths shut! Athletes who use drugs are white, black, American and otherwise. There are no boundaries. Get it straight! It's not about YOU! It's about sport.


JULIEN Dunkley?? Got a defense?

If Jamaice is simply and naturally far superior, then please do explain their lack of success and domination until now?

Yeah- and one physicist, with one untested theory about genetics does not add up to Usian Bolt. Nice try though...

Okay, I'm going to go watch my Ben Johnson documentary now. Oh wait... Ben Johnson was BORN IN JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That ass whipping that we gave you all in the olympics was really painfull huh lol. I know it HURTS !!!! but the pain will go away someday. that migrated from Jamaica when he was a teenager. Julien dunkley was an NCCA athlete that NEVER represented coached by Jmaicans and stopped sprinting in track and field for four yeras before he suddnly decidec to join the Jamaican team. ASk your self this moron if our tested didnt work. How did that fool get CAUGHT. BEN JOHNSON LEFT JAMAICA when he was 15. And ran for CANADA. I wonder where he got his dope from? I guess when he left Jamaica at 15 he took some with him LMAO!!!!! Get used to Jamaica kicking your asses because it is gonna happen from now on that america cant dope lol!!!!!!

Its funny that Little ole Jamaica can egt away with dopign but big bad america cant lol??? What are the odds of that???

Usain Watch your food some psychos o n here would really love to put something in it LMAO!!!!



If usain is doping ten what the hell is phelps on. You americans are so biased and pathetic. Bad mind will kill all a unuh. Jamaican athletes have been tested in and out of season more thna the american athletes. Every damn body knows this except the bad mind american that cant take the ass whipping because its too painfull. Karma is a bitch you keep wishing for Bolts demise you better watch out for your own athletes LOL. They always disgrace you all anywayz onyl a matter of time LMAO!!!!!!!!


When are you gonna ask good ole vic conte why he dosent have a list of caribbean athletes??? Why didnt the caribbeans get the clear too?? It just dosent make sense LOL!!!!!!!! What are the odds we?? caribbeans are big time DOPERS according to you all but we pass up on oppurtnity to get the clear from graham?????????

LMAO you all are pathetic!!


We caribbean have been getting or asses kicked in the past from all the balco lab rats and as soon as balco gets busted. Track and field athletes are under serious scrunity We start taking some kinda super jucie of our own. Only the JAMAICANS getting the juice and ONLY the JAMAICANS havent got caught. According to some here the IOC is getting PAID of by the JAMAICANS LMAO. We arent getting out of competition testing THATS A LIE!!! LMAO. William Knibb was giving bolt steriods....Jamaicans are sooo great we dope and get away with it while the rest of the world gets caught. We are the GREATEST LMAO!!!!



Thanks to Clive for that article. I was familiar with this research, and to the concepts he introduces here in general. I'm hoping the 'Mr. Know it all" comments will be lost in future posts...that is the sign of someone who is mad, not debating a post. I think name-calling is useless in thinking through these kinds of things. Please.
I don't 'know everything'. Nor do you. The mathematical modeling and so on aren't based upon physiology. Both physiologists quoted were assuming that Bolt is clean, and that the performances were the product of some outre physical ability. And I stated as is possible, but there are some other issues that I raised that make it debatable. No one knows the limits of human performance, but the transcendentally superior performance of Bolt, which clearly (in the 100 and probably the 200) could have been substantially lower, gives anyone who has participated in and followed track for many years a good 'pause'.
Here are the two options:
1) Bolt is clean, and is simply a new level (enormously different) of sprint performance. Problem: The change is disquietingly huge. Other sprinters, many of whom have potential issues with doping, are not even vaguely in his league. The other problem is the relatively sudden dip in times, from 9.9 or 9.8 range to near 9.5, with no sign that that is anywhere near the bottom. If you know anything about sprints, that is far beyond astonishing.
2) Bolt is augmented by performance enhancing substances. "Problem": with what is now available, and with off-season abuse versus in-season performance sans doping (but with the benefit), how can he be tested validly? This, of course, could be argued in reverse..he's tested with what is available now, and seems clean, so...
Third issue....the problem of large numbers of absolutely top times from a very small geographic area. This also includes some dramatic (third to half second) drops in last year. How? Why not Haiti? Dominican Republic? Bolivia? Freakish gene pool? Why weren't there three Otteys and three Quarries in previous Olympics over and over again? Or more? Sweeping sprints and so on and so on. Statistics cut both ways.
I'm not sure, physiologically, one can do at six foot five what Bolt does, but perhaps it is in the potential range of human beings. I would be more comfortable with this idea if a) the dip in times came over a much longer time frame, with others nearly in his range, and b) if other taller athletes were to show similar abilities. The latter is very rare (in sprints). I mentioned Martyn Jones as one kind of in this category, but he seems to have come near a physical limit so far as I can tell...
Bodies can do amazing things. Bolt may be at that top, top potential range. If he is, more power to him. The issues I raise however are ones that need to be addressed. The last time we saw this sort of sudden, amazing change, en masse, it turned out the East Germans were madly doping whole groups (sometimes involuntarily) of athletes. And they were decidedly white and from an industrialized nation. The Bulgarians seems to have a long tradition of doping their weightlifters. Nobody is sacrosanct on this.
I don't mind debating points, and I don't mind at all being wrong. But I do mind personal attacks.


I forgot:
Would someone address the points I have raised? Really address them. How do we get the sudden dip in times, especially the incredible changes, how do we confine group hyper-performance to a small geographic area, and why aren't other tall athletes performing at this level?
Question for the 'other side' to ask me: have we missed the other tall athletes because they are in other professionally lucrative sports? How would we know they were clean? How would we measure their performance potential?
Based upon the change in physiological type (above and beyond better weight-training et al) it appears that everything from baseball to basketball has grown a new type of human being. This is also meshing with those who have been caught cheating with drugs. But perhaps humans have evolved faster than I thought. This is my conclusion. Prove me wrong.



It is YOU the accuser that most come up with a FACTUAL evidence that USAIN BOLT is cheating. Stop the wild accusations. You need to prove that you are not just some MORON hell bent on seeing the Jamaican athletes demise because of pure jealousy or whatever irrational emotions you maybe feeling due to the SEVERE ass whopping you endured during the olympics. I assume you are not a moron because you seem to KNOW more than a biostatisticians and physiologists.

"Both physiologists quoted were assuming that Bolt is clean, and that the performances were the product of some outre physical ability".

I guess your the only person in the world thatKNOWS when athletes are on dope? They dont need WADA. They should just use your sixth sense lol.

physiologists are of course men of science who know better than to jump to conclusions. Thats the differnce between a moron and eduacted men of science. A moron is a person with a mental age between 8 and 12 and an IQ of 51-70. You my friend are a moron.


I guess this is my final post. Mr. YEah, thanks for your thoughts. Instead of addressing a single issue I raised, you call me a moron. In debate, that's an ad hominem argument...of course, because my IQ is so low, I wouldn't understand what I just said. And the following of course would be beyond me too, but I'll wing it.
Your sixth place finisher in the sprints tested positive for doping. That is on your island nation, not overseas somewhere. So it's happening right where Bolt trains. Steroids are on your island.
The idea that your equipment and training areas are primitive and therefore show that only superiorly intrinsic (big word, not sure what it means) genetic material could produce amazing times is self-defeating. Unless YOU can prove the superior genetic argument, what this issue points to is the opposite result...inferior logistical support means poorer results. Of course, that big word in the prior sentence might not be something I understand with my tiny smarts.
The three issues I raised were put forth as the core of a debate.
You, assuming you are a different person from some of the other posts with different identities ('nother big word I'm not sure I understand), have dodged my questions entirely. At least Clive put forth some arguments from sources that require some real thinking. Or are you Clive too?
Look. At my age, carrying this anger thing around is too much work. You have clearly pissed me off as well. Your assumption that I was attacking Jamaica from some weird hate thing is utter rubbish. I don't, repeat DON'T, care where you are from, or Bolt is from, ....I just care about the sport. Some of my greatest track and field heros are both black and from the Caribbean. Get it. The racism and nationalism issues that keep getting raised are bogus, smokescreens to avoid dealing with something very real. You sound like someone who has issues, not me. And that is as close as I'm getting to calling you a 'name'. As far as I know, you could be from Italy, and just blowing smoke up our collective shorts.
To prove something on the scale I'm talking about would require extensive overview and testing of a locale over a period of time. And that IS needed, everywhere. Not just Jamaica, but over all sport venues. Money and pride are the two 'cancers' that are ruining sports.Lots of nations are cheating. You just happen to be at the top of the list right now in track. It will be someone else someday, probably soon.
Someone else, please address the following without capital letters, name-calling, or other junk. I'll let someone else burn up mental calories now.
1) Prior performances as a junior champion level sprinter equal what in terms of later performances, statistically, for a large selection of sprinters. Is there a one to one correlation with one to the other. How often. To what degree? Numbers and names.
2) When these younger sprinters segue to older competition, how fast and how much do their times drop? Numbers and names please.
3) At the 'non' junior level, how fast do times drop, and by what percent? How do these changes compare to pre-1968 times and performances and changes? Numbers and names.
4) A physicist and two physiologists were quoted as support for the possibility of a hyper athlete emerging. What is the correlation between the mathematical predictions and actual human ability? Does anyone actually know? Did any of these three address or were aware of the effect of drug enhanced performances, and did they include this as a possible variable in the numbers and predictions? If so, where are the attributions? If not, why not? Do any of them address the issues of height, weight, and why there are a paucity of performances of high level from very tall athletes in sprints? Do they deduce from outside observation that Bolt (and others) have some mechanism or tissue development that is unique and therefore allows him to perform at the level he does?
5) Can the times and clear potential times Bolt is (and can)producing, in terms of percent of change, amount of time of change, and change (both categories) in relation to other world-class sprinter, both contemporary and old era, be quantified and then compared in graph form? Do these differences show something unique to Bolt? Adding in the variable of size, what other athletes of his bulk and height have exhibited similar changes historically or contemporarily?
6) Statistically, how anomalous is it to have six finalist in the 100 meters (and the total in all the sprint finals) from a geographical locale of 2.8 million people? Historically, how have other nations fared in this regard (in relation to their population)? Did it turn out that there were extenuating circumstances, including doping, that affected that number for these other countries? How do these numbers, incluing Jamaica's, compare with their prior performances, that is, did any of these countries historically show such large percentages of finalists in sprints? How did this change over time? For other countries? For Jamaica?
7) The claim that steroid (and other drug) use by Jamaicans is purely an exogenous phenomenon: is that belied by the fellow I described in the first point?
8) Off-season use versus 'on'-season performance: Can an M.D. explain Conte's point that testing during the season is meaningless since the enhancement is already there sans traceable drug? This covers many athletes, not just Jamaicans. How are we to deal with this?
9) The contention that Conte is unreliable factually: how do we account for the fact that three athletes he accused of doping and who denied same turned out to be the liars? Not him. That points to the opposite notion, that Conte knows what he is talking about.

There are other points that can be made, but these would be a good start. You will notice that ultimately, they are general in nature, although Bolt (and the Jamaican team)has (have) triggered some due to his (their collectively) unusual performances.

I have one final comment to make. Sports are, to some extent, just entertainment. But there is a limit to watching them as though we were watching trained seals or magicians or singers. They are also a mirror of who and what we are, and can be, as a species. To corrupt them makes us less. And even the suspicion that that is happening is enough to require that we clear that suspicion up, or risk living in a fantasy.
Bolt's personal demeanor made me uncomfortable (as did Merritt's, and others). Winning is one thing. Preening and posing are another. I felt, uncomfortably, that he knew perfectly well what the outcome of the races would be. From the look on Powell's face, I think he knew too. That is my own opinion, and has no basis in fact other than my own instincts. Take it for what it is.
If you wish to address any of these issues that I have raised, I may respond. Otherwise, if you just want to hurl names at people and avoid dealing with a real problem in athetics internationally today, I'll have nothing to say in response.



You state that you KNOW the man is doping. Why are you writing an eassy with a bunch of theories. Prove that the man is doping! Where is the PROVE LMAO!!!!

You are a moron!!!


You are accusing the man of taking dope. You MUST provide PROVE. Where is the PROVE that the man is taking dope??? IF your accusing some one of soemthing you MUST have evidence to back up your statements and YOU DONT.


(9) The contention that Conte is unreliable factually: how do we account for the fact that three athletes he accused of doping and who denied same turned out to be the liars? Not him. That points to the opposite notion, that Conte knows what he is talking about.

Conte stated that he suspects caribbean athletes of doping. IF the caribbean atheles are dopign why wasnt he their dealer. Why dont you people ask conte why he didnt sell caribbean athelets dope. YOU MORONS are FAILING to LOOOK at that OBVIOUS FACT that MAKES VICTOR CONTE accustaions BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!


1) Prior performances as a junior champion level sprinter equal what in terms of later performances, statistically, for a large selection of sprinters. Is there a one to one correlation with one to the other. How often. To what degree? Numbers and names.

Usain Bolt has been runing spectacular since he was 15. You know if you look at his performance on the junior level it reflects what we are now seeing as an adult. How could their be alot of athletes to compare BOLT with. That is ludacris LOL!! Your desperate. Athletes like him dont come around ever damn day. Look at his past performance as a kid. You totally see how he is running the times that he is now. But of course your ANSWER for EVERYTHING is gonna be he is on dope. SO whats the POINT of having a DEBATE???

Your the only person in the world with super powers that can DETECT when athletes are on DOPE. We dont need WADA. We can just use your special abilities lol!!!!!!

2002 World Junior Championships Kingston, Jamaica 1st 200 m 20.61
2002 World Junior Championships Kingston, Jamaica 2nd 4x100 m relay 39.15 NJR
2002 World Junior Championships Kingston, Jamaica 2nd 4x400 m relay 3:04.06 NJR
2003 World Youth Championships Sherbrooke, Canada 1st 200 m 20.40
2004 Carifta Games Hamilton, Bermuda 1st 200 m 19.93 WJR
2005 Central American and Caribbean Championships Nassau, Bahamas 1st 200 m 20.03
2007 World Championships in Athletics Osaka, Japan 2nd 200 m 19.91
2008 Reebok Grand Prix New York City, United States 1st 100 m 9.72
2008 Beijing Olympics Beijing, China 1st 100 metres 9.69
2008 Beijing Olympics Beijing, China 1st 200 metres 19.30
2008 Beijing Olympics Beijing, China 1st 4x100 metres relay 37.10


I guess we were on steriods from 1948 huh LMAO!!!!!!

A trip down memory lane takes us to the London Olympics in 1948, nearly 60 years ago when Jamaica placed first, second and fifth in the 400 metres. Thats THREE JAMAICANS in the finals for the 1948 olympics.

How many athletes did Jamaica send to the 1948 OLYMPICS????? LMAO I bet it was waaay less then 52. Thats what we sent to the 2008 Olympics!!! WE STILL MANAGED TO HAVE THREE FINALIST IN THE 400 METERS!!!!!! YOU BET YOUR ASS WE WERENT ON DOPE!!!

Arthur Stanley Wint (May 25, 1920 – October 19, 1992) was the first Jamaican Olympic gold medalist, winning the 400 m at 1948 Summer Olympics.

Arthur Wint, known as the Gentle Giant, was born in Plowden, Manchester, Jamaica. In 1937 he was the Jamaica Boy Athlete of the year, the following year he won a gold medal in the 800 m at the Central American Games in Panama.

In 1948 Wint won Jamaica’s first Olympic gold for the 400 m (46.2) in London, beating his team-mate Herb McKenley. In 800 m he won silver after American Mal Whitfield. He probably missed his third medal in London Games by pulling a muscle in the 4 x 400 m relay final.

In Helsinki 1952 he was part of the historic team setting the world record while capturing the gold in 4 x 400 m relay. He also won silver in 800 m, again coming second to Mal Whitfield.


Again helsinki Finalnd we BROKE the world record in the 4x400. Were we doping then when we broke the 4x400 world record. What was the population of JAMAICA in the 1950's LMAO????? Arthur WENT was 6'6".
Guess how many athletes we brought to the olympics during the

Back then we were under the british rule so we didnt have Jmaaican team. We just brought INDIVIDUALS to represent us.


In the 1952 Helsinki Olympics Jamaican heroes Arthur Wint and Herb Mckenley were back along with George Rhoden and Leslie Laing. Together these four made up the gold medal winning 4x400m relay team team becoming the only team other than the Americans to hold a 4x400m world record by running 3:03.9 in the final.

George Rhoden led a Jamaican one,two with Herb Mckenley in the (individual) 400m and Mckenley won his second silver in the closest 100m in Olympic history.

Wint won another silver in the 800m.
13th!!!!!!!!!!!! What that crazy for such a small country with less Thats amazing!!!!!!!



George Rhoden AND herb mckenly came 1st and 2nd in the 400M.

arthur wint 2nd the 800M.

Jamaica finished a remarkable 13th in the medal table ahead of the likes of Japan, Great Britain and Canada. Not bad for such a small country with sooooooooooooo few sprinters!!!

I guess we were juicing then huh LMAO!!!!!!!!!!






how do we confine group hyper-performance to a small geographic area

The 1952 Helsinki Olympics Jamaican heroes Arthur Wint and Herb Mckenley were back along with George Rhoden and Leslie Laing. Together these four made up the gold medal winning 4x400m relay team team becoming the only team other than the Americans to hold a 4x400m world record by running 3:03.9 in the final. George Rhoden led a Jamaican one,two with Herb Mckenley in the (individual) 400m and Mckenley won his second silver in the closest 100m in Olympic history. Wint won another silver in the 800m. Jamaica finished a remarkable 13th in the medal table ahead of the likes of Japan, Great Britain and Canada.

How do you explain this MORON???? We dominated the 400M event in the olympics? Were we doping back in 1952 when we dominated the 400m?

I bet your dumb ass will say that we were doping. That seems to be your asnwer for everything lol!!!



in 1941, the year when Jamaica's Women Amateur Athletic Association was formed, that she started training seriously. Guided by GC, she quickly established her reputation as Jamaica's leading female sprinter. In 1947, she equalled the world record of 10.8 seconds for the 100 yards in an international meet held in British Guiana. But her crowning glory came a year later in the White City Olympics. The 200 metres for women was introduced for the first time at these Olympics. Fanny Blankers- Koen of the Netherlands established the Olympic record by winning the first heat in 25.7 seconds. Thompson ran in the following heat and lowered the record to 25.6. Unfortunately, she fell ill for the finals and placed sixth.


While Donald Quarrie did not break a world record before leaving Jamaica, his claim for membership in this exclusive hall of fame is irresistible. He made his first major athletic appearance in 1965, winning the Class III 100 yards at the Inter-Secondary Schoolboys Championships, despite suffering cramps 20 yards from the tape. In 1968, when he ran his last race at the schoolboy championships, he had broken the record in every class and had only lost once. At the trials to select the team for the 1968 Olympics, Quarrie ran 10.3 behind Lennox Miller who ran 10.2 seconds in the 100 metres. The following night, he ran the same time as Miller in the 200 metres and secured his place as a member of Jamaica's Olympic team to Mexico before his 18th birthday. Unfortunately, Quarrie got hurt in Mexico and was replaced by Errol Stewart. When we recall that Jamaica's 4 by 100 relay team broke the world record with a 38.3 second clocking in the semi-finals, we can safely conjecture that this mark would have been even lower with a fit Quarrie on the team.


This was the 1948 olympics. Arthur wint won in 46.2

1. 400m Arthur WintJAM-46.2 World Record
2. Herb McKenleyJAM-46.4
3. Mal Whitfield USA-46.9

Here comes george rhoden with a blasing world record of 45.90!!!

How much time did he shave off arthur wints record???

1.George RhodenJAM-45.9
2.Herb McKenleyJAM-46.20
3.Ollie MatsonUSA-46.94

Rhoden went on to set a new world record in 400 m of 45.8 s. I BET YOU WOULD HAVE SAID HE WAS ON DOPE TOO LOL!!!


In the 1952 Olympics George Rhoden took 30 seconds off of arthur wints W.R. 46.2 is that right?? Then he broke the world record AGAIN On August 22, 1950 at Eskilstuna, Sweden, Rhoden set a new world record in 400 m of 45.8 s. This dude on some SERIOUS dope lol!!


I think what was asked is something like from a lot of countries and a longer history of all Jamaican year by year, not just olympic stuff. What are these folks who are yelling so loud doing reading Steroid Nation? I'd think maybe they wouldn't even know of if they weren't a bit worried. How do they know of this site?
The language sounds similar in the postings here. Same guy?


*30 milli seconds




Just found this online:

Two Jamaican hurdlers implicated in steroid ring Story Highlights
• Delloreen Ennis-London and Adrian Findley allegedly received shipments of drugs
• The drugs were obtained through an Internet distribution network
• Both Ennis-London and Findlay were part of the Jamaican team in Beijing

Jamaican Delloreen Ennis-London, who finished fifth in the 100-meter hurdles in Beijing, allegedly received shipments of performance-enhancing drugs.
Bob Rosato/SI

Documents obtained by SI state that Adrian Findley, an alternate for Jamaica in the 400-meter hurdles in Beijing, received a shipment of steriods in 2006.
Jose Luis Roca/AFP/Getty Images
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By Luis Fernando Llosa and L. Jon Wertheim,
Two members of the 2008 Jamaican Olympic track team received shipments of performance-enhancing drugs through an Internet distribution network, according to documents obtained by SI.
The documents state that between June 2006 and February 2007, two shipments of Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone, HGH) and one shipment of Triest (Estrogen) were sent to Delloreen London, at a Texas address that traces to the athlete Delloreen Ennis-London; the birth date on the document matches the athlete's as well, though the document lists the person's gender as male. Ennis-London, 33, is a Jamaican hurdler who won the silver medal in the 100-meter hurdles at the 2005 World Championships. In Beijing, she finished fifth in the event, but came within .01 of taking bronze. Though the information only pertains to receipt and not actual use of performance-enhancers, both drugs are banned for Olympic athletes.
The documents also indicate that in November 2006, a shipment of Testosterone, Testosterone Aqueous, and Oxandrolone (an oral steroid) were sent to Adrian Findlay, an alternate on the Jamaican Olympic team in the 400-meter hurdles. The drugs were sent to a North Carolina address that traces to Findlay; the birth date on the document matches the athlete's as well. Findlay, 25, was also a member of the Jamaican team that placed second in the 4x400 meter relays at the 2008 World Indoor Championships. Findlay attended St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, N.C.
Multiple attempts to reach Ennis-London through a variety of contacts, family members and organizations was unsuccessful. According to Ennis-London's husband, Lincoln London, his wife is racing in Switzerland and is unreachable until mid-September.
Reached Tuesday in North Carolina, Findlay forcefully denied the allegations. "I've been running stable all my life," he said. "Trust me I don't use steroids. I guarantee you it wasn't mine and I didn't order it. I have a theory how this was sent."
The prescriptions written in the name of Delloreen London were reportedly obtained through the Anti-Aging Group, a network of clinics that advertise HGH and testosterone treatments on its Web site. According to the document reviewed by, the prescribing physician was Victor Shabanah. On his Web site, Shabanah advertises himself as a "hormone therapist."
Reached through the Anti-Aging Group in Miami, Dr. Shabanah asserted, "Make an appointment if you want to see me," before abruptly ending the call.
Findlay's prescription was reportedly obtained through the South Beach Rejuvenation clinic, a Florida facility through which Major League baseball outfielder Jay Gibbons, who was suspended by Major League baseball last December for violating the league's drug policy, received banned performance-enhancing drugs. According to the document, the prescribing physician was Daniel J. Hauser of Hollywood, Fla. Hauser did not return calls seeking his comment left at a home number and through South Beach Rejuvenation.

Food for thought.

Stephen Gunter

Quote: "Your sixth place finisher in the sprints tested positive for doping. That is on your island nation, not overseas somewhere. So it's happening right where Bolt trains. Steroids are on your island." End Quote.

The above is in relation to Julien Dunkley.

It is a pity that the writer did not do more detailed research on Dunkley before posting. To be specific the assertion that "That is on your island nation, not overseas somewhere. So it's happening right where Bolt trains." is entirely inaccurate.

Julien Dunkley has not lived in Jamaica since he was a child. He has never attended a High School in Jamaica; he attended East Carolina University (ECU). He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and is currently listed as a member of the Executive Track Club. The IAAF had listed Justin Gatlin and Shawn Crawford as training partners of Dunkley in late 2003 as members of Trevor Graham's Sprint Capital group.

Dunkley flew from the USA to Jamaica just days before the 2008 National Trials.

In summation Dunkley lives, trains and supposedly took PED's in the Good Old US of A. He came to Jamaica to try to make it to the Olympics and was caught by the very same drug testing procedures that many on this web site question and vilify on a daily basis. His only connection to Jamaica is the fact that he was born here before moving to the USA as an immigrant when he was a child. He shares no coaching or training facility with Usain Bolt, and any such assertion is false.


Stephen Gunter

YOu obviously didnt read the article moron. SHE TRAINS IN THE US. Thats besides the point. They need to PROVE thta she was on steriods. NOt that she recieved shipment of ssteriods? I suspect you people will stop at nothing to sobatage our athletes. I suspetc next you will try to put something in their FOODS!!!

This incident happen from 2006 so why is it comign up NOW. She didnt even win a MEDAL? I thought steriods was suspose to make you FAST???????? LMAO LOOk at her times??? Fopr somebody thats taking HGH and god knowsa what..why the hell isnt her performances better than AVERAGE LMAO!!!

So the steriods didnt work for her huh LMAO!!!!


I think they asre going to try and black mail the jamaican athletes...they better get food tastes etc. No joke these people are desperate. Aftyer all the Jmaiacans can take away THEIR SPONSORSHIP MONEY. THATS WHAT IT BOILS DOWN TO. YOU TAKE AWAY SOMEBODYS MONEY AND THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU LMAO!!!!!


Stephen Gunter

As a post script to my post above:

For those that like to recite a list of Jamaican-born athletes that have tested positive for PED's, please consider that ALL listed have lived and trained outside of Jamaica. Some, like Julien Dunkley, are caught as cheats when they come to compete in Jamaica; caught using the test procedures the JAAA relies upon for all athletes. You can add the names of Steve Mullings and Patrick Jarrett (two that detractors love to list, as they are relatively recent) to the list that Dunkley is on, as they were caught in Jamaica although living and training in the USA.

Viewed objectively and based on the facts, the truth of the matter is:

Live and train in the USA, you get PED's.

Come to race in a meet in Jamaica, you get tested and caught.

The history does not lie.

Stephen Gunter

!!!!!!! wrote: "Stephen Gunter

YOu obviously didnt read the article moron. SHE TRAINS IN THE US."

And you obviously did not read my post at all. I directly quoted words from a post written by someone in this thread, regarding a comment made in reference to Julien Dunkley. No part of my post has anything to do with Ennis-London or the article posted about her.

Check yourself before you accuse anyone of being a moron. Your reading and comprehension skills are obviously lacking.

Stephen Gunter

!!!!!!!!, by the way, in your post to me you referred to me as one of "you people" who "will stop at nothing to sabotage our athletes".

FYI, I am a Jamaican, sitting in my office in Jamaica as I type this. If you took the time to actually read my post you would have seen that I was writing in defense of Jamaican-based athletes.


This subject sure pisses off people.

Mail-order or other methods of delivery are not exclusive to only areas outside of Jamaica. Whether Jamaicans become part of the drug enhanced performance scandal outside of or inside of Jamaica is immaterial. They are not immune.

The question asked repeatedly and never answered is how do the times go down so quickly? That is always, as we have painfully learned in the past few years, a sign of doping.
I'm sorry that some folks seems only intent on doing the name-calling game. Doesn't do your case any good. This isn't just about your island. Plenty of athletes historically did wonderful performances in and out of the olympics, and they were indeed Jamaicans. We're talking about now. Now, athletes from Russia, USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, everywhere, are getting caught using drugs to enhance performance. In all sports: cycling, tri-athletes, basketball, track, football (both kinds) and on and on. It is a subject that isn't only about Bolt and company. The reason people are so suspicious about his running is obvious. It isn't the where he's from, it's the phenomenal change in times for him and some others, and we're talking times that are in another time zone.
We'd be interested in some posts that talk to the real questions being raised here. The lame shouting matches are for teenagers.

Anton Wilson

You want to know the real secrets.

Running is what we do from birth. While other countries have expensive equipment and push kids into a million sports Jamaica really has only 3: track, football (soccer), and cricket, of which track is the first learned and most popular. Jamaica has cranked out so many track stars, many of which have run for other countries: england, canada, and even america (Richards). It has an will always be a fact, that he who starts first has a greater chance of success.
All Jamaicans are basically forced to run recreational track from a primary school level. It is the first sport I remember.

Jamaican culture instills a certain mental confidence. It is a part of our culture, and Dr. Herrb Elliot is partially right. Jamaica's ancestors come primarily from the Asante peoples of Ghana, which was a great and proud empire at the time. I believe a certain amount of pride and mental focus was transmitted by means of that culture.

Cheat or Beat

Carl Lewis is now questioning the validity of Usain Bolt's accomplishments. Somehow I trust his opinion on track feats more than I do the opinions of Jamaican fans. See his comments on my blog :


i guess carl lewis would know about steroids right? cause he was on them...and that is documented -fact- that was ignored by american testers.

Steroid Nation

Carl Lewis tested positive for stimulants before the Seoul Olympics. Some say it was 'inadvertent'; some -- like Dick Pound -- implicate the USOC for that omission. The director of the USOC at the time -- Dr Wade Exum -- became irritated, then resigned because many athletes were given free passes.

Track was extremely dirty during those days. Things have improved to a degree. But make no mistake that the elite level of runner was doped.

Lewis never tested positive for steroids. His physique doesn't have the muscle density of a steroid doped athlete. We could never say for sure he doped with a AAS....but the odds are lower than Ben Johnson who was caught doping twice.


Today, Andrew Fox is launching the sequel
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And I have to say, personally, I think it's a joke...

Look at it this way: even if you've been online
"forever", ever heard my name 2 years ago?


I found this on a blog be fair, there are others besides Jamaicans, Bulgarians etc. who may cheat:

...I know a guy whose parents attended the '88 Olympics in Seoul and one evening they sat next to Mr. and Mrs. Ashford, who evidently told them that the only clean sprinters (400 meters on down) on the team were their daughter Evelyn and Edwin Moses...

It is pervasive.


I am sorry to tell you as a person who has used steroids myself and has a lot of experience with all types of illegal steroids that there is not one person at the olympics who doesnt take either steroids, HGH or some kind of other performance enhancement. You cannot ccompete at olympic level without these drugs and thats why so many people take them, to stay competetive. Both Micheal Phelps and Usain Bolt are undoubtedly on performance enhanced drugs, every olympic finalist (people who qualified from their countries trials) is doping. There is a simple way to catch these people random tests are not enough, competetive tests are not enough. These people have to be tested all the way through the season if the IOC wants its games to stay legitimate and trustworthy so people know they r not doping. The test dates and times have to be kept secret, that is the key. And that means corruption in the testing system must be observed so the testers or who ever else is doing it, cant get the messages to clubs, trainers and athletes that there will be a test on such a date and time, so they can prepare. Testosterone is the most widely used steroid/androgen and test. comes in may form, long acting(stays in the blood for months) and short acting (which can be cleared out of the system in 3-5 days. In the off season these athletes take the longer acting Testosterone cos they are not being tested at that time. Then, when the event comes, they change to the shorter acting version for the lasst 3 monthsof training so when the competition comes around the long acting ester testosterones are already well out of the system. Then 3 days before the competition starts, or maby 1 week before it stats, they cease to take the shorter ester testosterone and usually do the competition without the drugs in their system, so they dont get caught, the only ones who get caught r those that mistime the coming off period and over shoot it, hence the drug is found in their system, Ben Johnson was treated so badly after that 100m gold. I guarantee u that Carl Lewis was also doping!!! The fact is that some people say that only muscular athletes use drugs, very bad mistake to make, because there are many many drugs which add power but no muscle mass, no water retention and also are short acting in the system. So to say that only muscular athletes are dopers is utter loonacy, slim and tall athletes dope as much as muscular ones. Usain Bolt has talent and Micheal Phelps does and Dwaine Chambers does, but to stay competetive hey followed the crowd, like every olympian. Also, this problem is not just a bodybuilding/powerlifting/athletics problem, it is also in boxing, endurance sports, cycling, swimming and alot of other sports. Even archers and snooker players or pool players can dope with such things as beta blockers and other compounds. The fact is that sports today at top level or someone aspiring to top level has to take steroids, HGH or other mentioned compounds, thats how high the bar has been set since this started with the Russians and the East Germans in the 70's. I am sorry to say that not much sport can be trusted anymore, it is a sad state of affairs but it is pressure on athletes to get better and better that has done this and also drug testers not doing one simple thing, test secretively and randomely the whole season through, especially off season. Also you have to remember that the olympics are about people improving, beating records(which r set by dopers)and if the olympians/athletes were all natural there would be no gain in performance year after year and that would make for very bad olypic games, people watch tthese games for spectacular stuff which they would not get if the athletes were natural. So the drug testers that could so easily catch these dopers in the offseason willnot be put to work by any sports governing body because the sport would not be as exciting with natural athletes and that particular sport would lose alot of athletes through bans and people who watch the sports will stop watchiong because the athletes are now natural and its not amazing anymore. I do not know if anyone tested positive for growth hormone at the last olympics but I would say that is what Micheal Phelps uses(as above was mentioned his gigantism featureswhich is a side effect of HGH). I am British and our athletes suck pretty bad these days but that doesnt mean none of them are doping, it means we just have no talent at the moment worth doping up lol. And when it comes to training facilities, often the best training facilites are those with no airs or graces, rats running across the gym floor and metal on lioud as hell in the background. The one thing that a rich country, coach or person can do is buy better undetectable steroids with less chance of getting caught. And the guy above who says that Jamaica is very poor and cant afford drugs, trust me they will make money for labs or buy from abroad, its simple. ROmania are one of poorest Euro countries yet they still plunge massive amounts of money into an armed forces when they should be feeding their people, like north korea. Don forget these athletes are also representing a country who wants them to make their country look good and a governemtn or sporting body set no price for such publicity so they will easily find money for labs, imported steroids and such things, its not hard. You can go into any gym today and put on 14lbs of muscle and water and get great strength gaines in 12 weeks for less than 100 pounds sterling. Doping is so wide spread so what makes you think that richer athletes will not purchase them? Anyone that thinks drugs in sports is negligable, in any sport, is very naive to the fact that their naivety also fuels doping in sports. Just my "2 cents"

Nubian Inc

Jam down taking on the USA!

Watch out Yardies, the yanks have been raised on pro American propoganda either looking for the great white hope or promoting the fight against tyrany (They backed Jesse Owens because Hitler was the enemy! (Black people were still riding the back of the bus!))

Raw talent and commitment (I know its a film but think Rocky) doesnt seem to mean a thing unless they are winning. This goes for a number of other top sporting nations.

A Sugar to Shit approach should be in place here. Innocent until "proven" Guity as a result of real evidence and not rumour, hearsay and conjecture. The man is a Don Gorgon, even if he eats McDonalds (which he ate because he didnt want to eat food that could upset his stomach (nyam food whe run im belly!)) causing him to not perform to his full ability.

He is still being tested and hasn't failed us yet.


clearly people here don't give a shit about swimming and that is why we're not talking about him so give it up

Actually has an IQ over 100

I think all of the Jamaicans on this board need a brain tranplant.
Yams? Home cooking? Pathetic. Try educating yourselves instead of smoking pot.


Steroid nation you are a bunch of unintelligent crap. You do not

know anything about Jamaica. Did you Know that the athletes are tested regularly? Stop printing nonesense. Carl Lewis is a big time

cheater for over the years. He is also a hypocrite. How dare he can

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Also in 1981, Lewis became the fastest 100 m sprinter in the world. His relatively modest best from 1979 (10.67 s) improved to a world-class 10.21 the next year. But 1981 saw him run 10.00 s at the Southwest Conference Championships in Dallas on May 16, a time that was the third-fastest in history and stood as the low-altitude record.[13] For the first time, Lewis was ranked number one in the world, in both the 100 m and the long jump. He won his first of six National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) titles for the University of Houston and won his first national titles in the 100 m and long jump. Additionally, he won the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States.[14] His loss to Larry Myricks at the TAC Indoor Championships in February would stand as his last loss in the long jump for more than a decade.

Since it was rare for an athlete to compete in and dominate both a track and a field event, comparisons were made to Jesse Owens, who dominated sprint and long jump events in the 1930s.[15]

In 1982, Lewis continued his dominance, and for the first time, it seemed someone might challenge Bob Beamon’s world record of 8.90 m in the long jump set at the 1968 Olympics, a mark often described as one of the greatest athletic achievements ever.[16][17] Before Lewis, 28 feet [8.53 m] had been exceeded on two occasions by two people: Beamon and 1980 Olympic champion Lutz Dombrowski. During 1982, Lewis cleared 8.53 m five times outdoors, twice more indoors, going as far as 8.76 m (28 ft 9 in) at Indianapolis on July 24.[18] He also ran 10.00 s in the 100 m, the world’s fastest time, matching his low-altitude record from 1981. [ibid, p. 20] He achieved his 10.00 s clocking the same weekend he leapt 8.61 m twice, and the day he recorded his new low-altitude record 8.76 m at Indianapolis, he had three fouls with his toe barely over the board, two of which seemed to exceed Beamon’s record, the third which several observers said reached 30 ft (about 9.15 m). Some say Lewis should have been credited with setting a world record with that jump, claiming the track officials misinterpreted the rules on fouls.[19]

He repeated his number one ranking in the 100 m and long jump, and ranked number six in the 200 m. Additionally, he was named Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News. From 1981 until 1992, Lewis topped the 100 m ranking six times (seven if Ben Johnson's 1987 top ranking is ignored), and ranked no lower than third.[9] His dominance in the long jump was even greater, as he topped the rankings nine times during the same period, and ranked second in the other years.[8]

[edit] 1983 and the inaugural World Championships


Lewis escapes doping punishment

Lewis has no case to answer, says the IAAF
Former Olympic champion Carl Lewis will face no further action from athletics' governing body after revelations he failed a drugs test in 1988.

The nine-time Olympic gold medallist has been given the all-clear by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF), despite being named as one of eight athletes to test positive for banned substances in low concentration at the US Olympic trials in Indianapolis.

Lewis was one of 19 American athletes named by Dr Wade Exum, the former US Olympic Committee director for drug control, who released evidence of more than 100 positive drug tests involving US athletes from 1988 to 2000.

In all, the documents implicated 19 Olympic medallists from 1984 to 2000.

Lewis was one of three gold medallists at the 1988 Olympics who Exum said tested positive for stimulants at the 1988 trials.

But the IAAF said in a statement: "The IAAF Medical Committee felt satisfied, however, on the basis of the information received that the cases had been properly concluded by the USOC as 'negative cases' in accordance with rules and regulations in place at the time and no further action was taken.

"For this reason, the athletes concerned ... who went on to compete at the Olympic Games in Seoul were eligible to do so in accordance with IAAF Rules."

The USOC first disqualified Lewis before accepting his appeal that he had taken the stimulants inadvertently through an over-the-counter herbal remedy

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