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« Brazilian Maurren Higa Maggi, once banned for anabolic steroids, wins womens long jump at the Olympics | Main | Nandrolone load: Ukrainian weightlifter Igor Razoronov deadlifted out of Olympics »




Those scars are hideous. Why, knowing how steroids can damage not only you body, mind and now skin do people continue to use it.

 John Carry

ewww that is nastty and still people use it when they see ppeople like this.
Do people care for there life

Acai Optimum

What can I say? I enjoyed reading this post and will surely come back for more. Thank you!

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When he use the anabolic steroids, he should know that there must be some side effect. He deserves this, while he is really pity.

Dermatology Augusta

Whoa! severe acne sounds so scary. I've heard to several people that steroid is not good for your body, as we see nowadays they're using asteroids as a replacement for a natural work-out in bulking up and body building but the truth is they're just risking they're selves by suffering for the side-effects. nice info!

Vivian Chen

Im impressed. Youre truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. Im saving this for future use.

Marks Web

Reader's Guide

Great one! This is actually beneficial to everyone its very informative and very qualified to read. Im sure there are lots of people looking for this.


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Just learned what the symptoms are. Thanks for spreading this important information.

Susan D. Johnson

Very informative indeed. The acne scars are horrible.No amount of cystic acne treatment could help that guy. There should be more education on steroids among young people. This is another type of drug abuse.

Dr. Celestine

actually he could have recieved help from a doctor, if he would have gone for treatment early, the result of the acne is not only from steriod use but it could be in most people a hormone problem, sever acne happens in teens too. The result of his acne was due to an infection, not from the steriods. As clearly seen in the picture, this could have been fixed easily with cortisol steroid, and some antibiotics, the cortisol would have brought down the inflammation and the antibiotics would have fought the infection, the reason you see it bloody was because he let the infection get to the last stages, which do tend to leave scars. I'm not condoning the use of steroids, but please learn about something before blaming it on the unlikely cause. The guy probably popped a pimple and it spread and got infected, this can happen to anyone including non-steriod users.

Buy Generic Viagra

I think this kind of medical treatments are dangerous for our health and we must to think before do it, by the way I have a friend and hes is with this kind of treatment AND also he had had several problems of health, we haven't see that this could be worse.

Invertir en oro

hello, i would like to read more information about this topic because i think that is very interesting.

Sid Vicious

I bought the Shielo Complexion Scrub item a few weeks ago. I think its fantastic. My face feels clean and and smooth and it doesn't dry my skin out. I bought it with the jojoba microspheres in it and with the complexion moisturizer, they make a great combo ... i will defenately keep buying this Shielo stuff.

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so pretty.You are a good teacher. Lucky student!

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I think your blog is great information source & I like your way of writing and explaining the topics. Keep it up. I'm going to follow your blog.

Replica Jerseys

Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!

acne no more review

Can the side effects from the use of anabolic steroids be passed down to the next generation?
What I mean is, can some of the side effects from anabolic steroids be passed down to the kids that I have? That is just an example, I am not taking anabolic steroids but it is the best way i know to explain it. Here is a more detailed example, baldness, acne or things like that?

get rid of pimples overnight

Various cases in professional sports have brought the matter of doping—the use of performance-enhancing drugs—to the attention of the broad public.

home remedies

FRIDAY, Aug. 22 (HealthDay News) -- Doping with anabolic steroids -- a common practice in professional and amateur sports -- can cause severe skin lesions that result in permanent scarring, according to an article published in the Aug. 23 issue of The Lancet.

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