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Chicken nuggets and Yams.

If he hadn't messed around over the last 30 meters of the 100, that record would have been 9.5

Brian Crossland

There is an old saying..."if it seems to good to be true, it usually is?" More power to ya bolt if you worked hard and earned it on your own. But, I have spent a fair amount of time in kinda know how you all role in Jamaica and the fact that you guys don't even have proper testing for your athletes only puts further questions into my mind. Lets hope you are all that and a bag of chips....but I doubt it. Not since 1900 has somebody beat the field the way you did today. Something that I'm reminded of when I was receiving my BS in Exercise Phys years ago. A survey went out to high schoolers and they were asked one question. If you could take an illegal steroid and be a world champion, yet in two years you would die, would you do it? A startling 80% said they would. I rest my case. Sooner or later he will be found out.

Teddy Atlas

Which PED do you think he's using? Anavar? D-bol? Stanozolol? Some are hinting that he's gone high tech and began a gene-doping regimen. What say you?

Stephen Gunter

IAAF: Bolt Tested At Least 11 Times in 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competes in the 200-meter Olympic final Wednesday night, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track and field federation (IAAF).
Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee--including three blood tests--since he arrived to China, Davies said.
Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track and field athletes included in the IAAF's targeted testing program. The IAAF spends $2 to $3 million annually on the program, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programs get tested frequently. Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year, six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.
Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes' blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.
Bolt's and Powell's results "look OK," Davies said. "If it didn't, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that."

Steroid Nation

We should put up a post on this: how to develop superhuman sprinters. Two ways:

1. Great genetics with incredible training and nutrition.
2. The above, with drug-cheating.

The following is not scientific. You will find no studies on this, but here it goes anyway. And we are not saying any athlete practices these techniques.

There are 2 blueprints for developing world class sprinters with drugs:
1. The GDR
2. BALCO based on the GDR.

1. Identify talent.
2. Construct a testing lab, or contract with a lab to implement blood testing
3. Use off-season anabolic steroids. Monitor blood values, and testosterone, and drug levels. Keep out of site of testers say in the NCAA or other track meets.
4. Implement a rigorous weight lifting program.
5. Do not compete much, to avoid uncontrolled testing.
6. Taper down the AAS when getting ready for competition. Run the blood through your lab to monitor T:E ratios, blood parameters, etc.
7. Test for anabolic steroids too.
8. Compete and win

This was BALCO and the GDR. Balco took it further:

9. Use HGH for repair and regeneration
10. Use insulin for anabolic effect
11. Use Thyroid hormone
12. Use a stimulant or modafinil for stimulant properties during competition.
13. If you have an undetectable anabolic steroid (the clear) or a AAS that fools the testers (cream) throw that in during competition.
14. Set world records.

Obviously THG and modafinil are now detectable. HGH may or may not be, but it exits the body rather quickly anyway.

One can use IGF-1 rather than HGH, or one of the other peptides.

How many GDR athletes tested positive? How many were doped? 2000? 3000? 10,000? That program works.

How many BALCO athletes tested positive? How many never tested positive?

The blueprint is out there.

Bunny Breckinridge

I wish people would stop talking about passed tests. Half of the f'n point is to stay ahead of the tests. The testers are woefully behind the designers and that ain't gonna change any time soon. WADA didn't discover what THG was until someone sent them a vial of the stuff. That was years after BALCO labs started producing the stuff.

Smart guy

Which test did Marion Jones ever fail????????????????


Steroid Nation

Who the hell in Jamaica got access to this LMAO...your a moron to say the least. You want bolt to get busted so badly you probably SPIKE his food just to prove a point. Idf he's on PED'S so is MICHEAL PHELPS but why no article on PHELPS LMAO!!!


Steroid Nation

Why dont you also do a post on PHELPS how to biuld super human swimmers. PHELPS just has raw talent HUH???????????????


When american athletes post phenomenal performances their accomplishments are trumpeted around the world. There is no scepticism then. Are there any issues with Michael Phelps performances. "Eight gold medals" maybe he is just naturally bouyant. There is also clear evidence that the US authorities turned a blind eye to doping I seem to recall a Doctor who was part of the US testing agency publicly making allegations about cover ups of failed drug tests by American Atlhletes.

With regard to Ben Johnson, Linford Christie and Dwain Chambers they are ex patriate Jamaicans whose careers developed in the countries they migrated to. Some of those guys are second generation Jamaicans whose main contact with the country is spending a vacation. But if Christie Chambers and Johnson are "Jamaican" then so is Jermain Mason silver in the high jump and Sanya Richards and Donovan Baily. Its interesting that people's jamaican heritage is only mentioned when something goes wrong.

Some of the other names mentioned were exposed as a result of testing at Jamaican trials. And one other observation if Jamaican success is based on drugs then the program must start in Kindergarten.


Why is whitey only giving bolt hell but phelps is getting a free ride? WHitey dose not want to see a black man successed. Dope is a common thing in most professional sports but whitey gets in a RAGE when its a black man lol. Whitey only cares if its the black man thats cheating and making them look inferior.

I see tons of articles on barry bonds, usain bolt and marion jones. BLACK athletes. What about Jason Giambi, Bill Romanowski,Roger Clemens. All these people are cheaters but whitey plays special attention to the black athletes.

Dont get me wrong whitey dose do an article on their athletes if they get caught. But as soon as it hits the news, we wont hear about them anymore. But barry bonds will live in infamy. Who cares about roger clements. As far as whitey is concerned, Barry Bonds was the BIGGER CHEATER so he deserves all the attention.

You think whitey will drag Micheal Phelps name through the mud EVERY DAY if he gets caught? They probably already have an excuse for MICHEAL PHELPS. His ADHD was flaring up. I wonder what "medication" is he taking for his ADHD. It becoming quiet the trend!


WHY DONT YOU HAVE A TAG FOR MICHEAL PHELPS? Steriod Nation is missing the opportunity to say I told you so if phelps get caught. But they arent really interested in phelps. Usain Bolt is the bigger cheater of the two. I say so because whitey KNOWS that usian is cheating.

Why dont you people at steriod nation give unbiased negative attention to white athletes as you do the black ones? I dont me write one stupid article and call it a day. Give micheal Phelps his own tag. Write at least one or so article about him a day like you do bolt. Try to figure out what possible drugs they used to "build the perfect swimmer". You had that idea previously on bolt lol!!

You people at steriod nation need to be equal opportunity haters!!



Good point. Personally, I think Phelps was given a fair regimen of growth hormone "therapy". I mean, look at him...he looks kind of deformed. A doctor once told me that the boxer Valuev was given growth hormone during a large part of his life. His big nose, ears, hands and feet give him away. Same with Phelps, if you ask me. Now, wouldn't it be very benificial to have big extremities to be a good swimmer?


Tyson Gay thinks Bolt’s time is possible and he intends to match or beat it in the not too distant future. Are you going to be saying “drugs” when Tyson Gay runs 9.69?
For some bizarre reason posters here NEED to believe that he is doping for whatever those reasons are. Incidentally there is no performance level that is statistically or empirically verifiable for a 6' 5" athlete with talent under the influence of PEDs or not because none like him has ever competed at this level before. There just is no basis for comparison. Also BOLT absolutely does NOT have a "steroid look" to his physique. You can find in Jamaica (and other parts of the world to be sure) on any given day youths a dime a dozen with Usain Bolt's lean, hard, sculpted physique (especially in farm country which is 80% of Jamaica anyway) who have never known the inside of a gymn or know what a protein shake is. The assumption that someone his size cannot sprint is not an empirical or statistical conclusion rather an assumption that most coaches make without regard to the individual athletes biomechanics such that they discourage track and field for such athletes period. Bolt is lean, sinewy, and tall - come on, 6' 5" and only 195lbs at Beijing. The answer to bolt is first 6' 5" and then talent. 37 - 41 strides over the distance to 43 - 47 of his closest rivals. Also in his own words prior to a year and a half ago and perhaps his after his early junior athletics career Bolt performed on raw talent alone and very little training to the point where two of his former coaches became fed up with him and stopped training him. Then he was challenged to work hard and discipline himself to make adjustments on an event by event basis, with enormously improved results. Glen Mills his coach has said they repeatedly adjusted and worked on his knee height and shortening his natural stride length a little in order to produce similar turnover (which is a rate) as say Asafa Powell with drastic improvement in his splits in the 5 months leading up to Beijing. Even so Usain Bolt does not produce anything near the turnover of Tyson Gaye.

Gullible TV Head

Bolt defintely has a "steroid look"--all the sprinters in the 100m finals in Berlin 2009 had that look! That's because all of them are using PED's. They are ridiculously muscular for running a short sprint. There's no advantage to carrying an extra 10-20 lbs of muscular upper body weight from weight training--it would just slow you down. But they can't help developing the bodybuilder look because they are jacked up so much on steroids.

Who gives a crap about if a steroid cheat is from Jamaica or the US? Only some kind of nationalist/racist, that's who. Steroids have been all over track and field since the late 1960's, in just about every event. Holy crap, get a clue already!

Usain Bolt is a chemistry experiment. So are all the 100m champs since Carl Lewis at least. The guy is a cheater--they ALL are! Find some other role model or way to feel proud about yourself. These guys in T&F definitely are not it.

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